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We specialize in developing customized social gaming applications that enhance gaming experiences, distribute social games to a wide audience, and consistently evolve social games to keep up with changing trends and standards.

Social Gaming Apps Programming

We program game engagement and player acquisition features for in-game communities, virtual currencies, and game monetization using popular programming languages, frameworks, and gaming engines, including Unity, Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, and many more.

Social Network Game Development

Our developers create robust social gaming apps that include messaging capabilities, collaborative actions, and public player stats, as well as provide seamless integrations with social media network plug-ins like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Online Social Gaming Platform Development

We develop fully interactive online gaming platforms that enable in-game socialization within your gaming ecosystem rather than through third-party channels with abilities like embedded voice chat, trading and payment transactions between players, and live events.

Cross-Platform Development

We build social gaming apps to be deployed on any platform or device while delivering the same UI/UX on any system whether it’s Android, iOS, or Web (HTML) with the ability to provide a unique identity players can use across all supported platforms for ease of access.

App Store Compliance & Optimization

We ensure full compliance with Apple Store and Google Play regulations and implement the latest App Store Optimization (ASO) tools and methodologies to enhance your app’s rankings. We consistently evolve apps to stay up-to-date with changing trends and standards.

Social Game Design & Development

Our experts design custom graphics, logic, and storylines for all types of social games including Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Role-Playing Games (RPG), and provide features like big data analytics tools, drop-in/drop-out support, and evolving play/levels.

Custom Social Gaming Solutions

Our social gaming experts develop solutions for all types of social games to meet the specific needs of your organization and successfully cater to your target audience of players.

Monetization Gaming Solutions

We develop game monetization solutions that include in-app purchases (IAPs) of virtual goods, feature upgrades, and extra benefits for players as well as develop in-game advertising systems for you to passively generate revenue with subtle adverts.

Blockchain Gaming Solutions

Our social gaming experts develop blockchain gaming solutions that provide a direct route to the Metaverse and Pay-To-Earn economy, connect multiple NFT communities, and enable the exchange of cryptocurrencies with bridgeless and gas-less transactions.

Hyper-Casual Gaming Solutions

We create hyper-casual gaming solutions that are appealing to a wide audience and easily accessible with simple mechanics, minimal onboarding, aesthetically pleasing interfaces, and satisfying progression models to successfully target and engage the mass market of players.

Online Casino Solutions

Our online casino solutions are complete with randomizer software, integrated payment processing systems, predictive analytics, and personalized player portals. We integrate Bitcoin and cryptocurrency API as well as provide fraud management and protection.

Game Creation System Solutions

We develop solutions that enable users to create their own online multiplayer games with a robust suite of development tools, online storefronts with virtual currencies, and a variety of easy-to-use scripting languages; creating a network for users to develop as well as play.

Sandbox Gaming Solutions

Our developers deliver custom sandbox gaming solutions that allow users to roam freely through expansive worlds without specific goals or objectives, interact with players across the globe in real-time, and construct unique environments with a dynamic range of elements.

Custom Social Gaming Solution Features

Our social gaming solutions are equipped with fully customizable features to optimize gameplay, increase player acquisition, create complex social networks, and generate revenue.

In-App Purchases

We program features to facilitate in-app purchases (IAPs), allowing you to offer users a free game with the option to use virtual currency to purchase bonuses and benefits.

Loyalty & Rewards

We develop and constantly evolve custom loyalty and rewards frameworks with various available mechanics such as points, levels, and missions to engage and retain users.

Activity Feeds & Leaderboards

We deliver features for tracking player statistics and creating leaderboards that show real-time data and provide live feedback to millions of users at a time across the globe.

Audio Visual Features

We create lively and interactive worlds with high-quality customizable graphics, sound effects, and animations to provide a flawless UX/UI for your target audience.

Chat Functionality

Our solutions include features that enable real-time communication through in-app messaging and live voice/video chat functions to grow your gaming community.

Guild Mechanics

We program guild mechanics to enable users to play repeatedly with the same users, share and trade resources, and build teams to increase connectivity and enjoyment.

Custom Social Gaming Platform Integrations

We seamlessly integrate with leading third-party social media platforms, payment gateways, and gaming engines to provide you with customized, robust social gaming solutions.

Social Media Integrations

Chetu provides seamless integrations with popular social networking plugins like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and more, enabling users to share their unique gaming experiences across multiple social channels.


Payment Processor/ Gateway Integrations

We integrate with payment processing software and gateways like Stripe, PayPal,, FirstData, and more to facilitate in-game transactions and optimize a space where gamification meets monetization.


Gaming Engine Integrations

Chetu’s developers seamlessly integrates your social game with industry-leading gaming engines, including Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, Autodesk Maya, Unity, and others to create the ultimate immersive social gaming experience.

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Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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