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Android for Every Occasion

Custom Apps for Mobile & Tablet

You're only limited by your imagination when creating custom apps with Chetu. Develop games, widgets, Android M-Commerce, Android Pay, & more.

Android for Work

Our developers specialize in enterprise-grade features include security and encryptions, BYOD, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Managed Profiles, Managed Configurations, Single-Purpose Devices, and Single-Sign On (SSO).

Android Wear

Our developers program features for wearables including synced notifications, voice actions, Bluetooth, connectivity, location detection, biometrics, and more.

Android TV

Our developers specialize in supported media formats, content discovery, layouts, graphics, and animation for TV screens, and compatibility with TV hardware.

Android Auto

Our developers program hands-free audio and messaging apps for any supported automobile.

The Chetu Solution

Dedicated developers with expertise in Java, Android Studio, SDK / NDK, APIs, Google Mobile Services (GMS), & more. We also ensure fully compatible apps following the compatibility guidelines.

Industry-Specialized: Our developers are specialized by industries, including Mobile Development, Gaming, Retail, E-Commerce, Payments, Healthcare, Travel, & others. Our services are designed to provide you with the best in technology and industry expertise, for a fully customized development experience.

Concept to Code Development: This means that from start to finish, we are supporting you every step of the way. Consult us, discuss your ideas, get project plans and insights, stay informed with our daily reports, and more! Our developers are your developers, with built-in QA, testing, maintenance, management, and rollout to the Google Play store all included.

Android Development Services from Concept to Code

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When you work with Android developers from Chetu, you receive built-in benefits including integrated QA and on-time, on-budget project management.

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We ensure daily, weekly, and on-demand communications, always during your business hours.

Own Your Code

We release your complete source code with no licensing, no fees, and no obligations!

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