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4 Skillsets to Check Before You Hire Android Developers

Prem KhatriBy: Prem Khatri


Creating an Android app for your business is a powerful way to improve your brand and boost your profit. Many major companies already have mobile apps for their customers to use, so having your own makes you look a lot more professional. You can use a mobile app to stay in touch with your clients and to send discounts and other special offers.

You can create apps that teach your customers how to solve problems or reach their goals. Depending on the business you run, your app can let customers make reservations or contact your customer service team for help with problems they are having. Either way, you want to make sure the Android developer you hire has the required skills to do the job right the first time.

Not checking whether your developer has these skills can result in wasting your money on an app that won't meet your needs over the long run. Although your Android developer should have many skills, you want to ensure they are talented in certain areas:

If you would like to get the best results possible, learn the basics of these coding languages so that you can ask possible developers about them. This process gives you a little insight into the skill of the person you are about to hire. Also, ask for samples of past projects and a list of references.

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Java is one of the most common coding languages in Android development. If the developer you hire does not have experience and training with Java, you can't have much confidence that your project will go far. Some developers create apps without using this coding language, and many of them even have a lot of success in doing so.

But you can't afford to take chances with your project when your business and bottom line are involved. A developer with Java experience can do a lot more with your app and create the custom features you need to reach your goals. In simple terms, Java is a programming language and a platform rolled into one.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that works with web applications, MicrosoftWindows, iOS and more. The universal nature of Java means that you can easily modify your app to work on other operating systems. For example, you can make your Android application run on iOS without much effort.

When you consider hiring an Android programmer, ask how much experience they have with Java and whether it's the main coding language they use. Ask for examples or sample codes they have created to get an idea of where they stand. Someone who has the proper experience with Java can create efficient mobile apps that work well and grow your business.


SQL is another important coding language when it comes to creating Android applications. Whether you want to create a game, booking application or something else, you won't get far without SQL. In simple terms, SQL is a coding language that allows your application to store and access a database located on a server. For example, you own a restaurant and have a mobile app for your customers to download.


This app lets your customers get discounts and earn reward points for each meal they buy from you. For this app to work correctly, it needs a way to store the information of each customer and to retrieve that information when the customer uses the app. A skilled programmer creates an SQL database to achieve that goal and let your customers access the rewards they earn.

XML Coding

Once you have a few Android developers in mind, make sure they can code using XML. This language is similar to SQL in some ways and different from it in other ways. Both languages are used to store and access information from a central database. You use XML when the data you store has more than one layer, such as usernames and access levels.

XML Coding

XML is useful when you want to use a structured system that upgrades the rewards your customers get based on the number of purchases they have made in the past. Your app can use XML to share customer information across your network so that your customers can use their reward points no matter what location they visit. Ask potential developers how often they use XML and if they believe that they are skilled in this area. No matter how simple or complex you think your project is, it's vital that your developer understands how to implement XML if you want the best results possible.

Android SKD

Android SKD is an Android application kit that allows the coder to create, debug and test mobile applications before publishing them to the Android market. Make sure your coder knows how to use this language if you want an app that meets your goals and helps grow your business to the next level.

This developer kit includes tutorials and sample codes that developers use to create programs that are much more complex. In addition to the other features listed in this section, Android SKD includes an emulator that allows your developer to run the program before installing it on an Android device. Running an app in an emulator makes it easy to catch and address problems from the start.

Final Thoughts

Hiring on-demand developers is a great way to grow your business and boost your profit to a whole new level. Having a mobile application makes you look professional and inspires your clients to trust you. You also give your clients a way to stay in touch and access exclusive deals and discounts that let them save money on things they already buy from you.

Before you jump into the process and hire an Android developer, make sure the person you hire has the right skills for the job. An experienced and educated coding expert completes the job quickly and gives you an app that runs well each step of the way. If you put the tips from this guide to use, you will have a fantastic Android app for your business sooner than you once thought possible.


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