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Chetu Takes Fitcom Personal Trainer App From Concept to Code

Fitcom mobilizes fitness training by enabling fitness professionals to provide workouts and fitness plans to their clients through mobile devices. Chetu’s developers were able to bring the idea of an all-encompassing admin interface for personal trainers to life.


Overall I am very happy with the results—it was an ambitious project with lots of pivots and changes, and I'm lucky to have such a great project manager.

- Gary Boyd, CEO



- Sports

- Health Clubs

Project Solutions:

- Fitness App Platform Development

- In App Purchases

- Online Training

- Social Media Integration


- Facebook API

- YouTube API

- Microsoft SQL Server

- Objective C

- .NET

- Java

- Xcode

Mobile Fitness Training

Fitcom mobilizes fitness training by enabling instructors to provide workouts and fitness plans to their clients through devices. Not only does the Fitcom application revolutionize the organizational aspects of fitness training, but also functions without the geographical limitations of traditional exercise training programs.

With Fitcom, health coaches build their own virtual team, continually evolving their social sphere of influence without the hassle of mobile marketing and intensive self-promotion efforts.

In conjunction with offering a platform for mobile training, Fitcom supplies the accessories to make at-home training possible, including an interactive fitstick and various, mobile basketball add-ons. Their approach is comprehensive, emulating the gym fitness session as closely as possible.

Interactive Functionality

When Gary Boyd, CEO of Fitcom, contracted Chetu, Fitcom was purely conceptual. Chetu developers were able to bring his idea to life. His vison: an all-encompassing admin interface that allowed personal trainers to…

  • Create, manage, and interact with their teams
  • Publish workout and specialized fitness plans
  • Share results and comment

Custom App Development

Planning and Development:

After fully incubating the conceptual design, Chetu developers scheduled weekly meeting to ensure that development aligned with the Fitcom vision. Though ambitious, Chetu developers utilized their extensive experience in app development to choose the most effective approach.

Technologies Implemented:

This project required end-to-end development. Chetu used native iOS and android libraries, plus .NET Frameworks to build the Fitcom application. The specific technologies include…

  • SDK—iOS 8.1, Android 7.0
  • IDE—Xcode6.1, Visual Studio 2012 (.NET), Android Studio 2.2
  • OS—Mac OS 10.10.2 and Win8 (.NET)
  • Language—Objective C (iOS) and C3 (.NET), Java (Android)
  • Database—SQL Server 2008r2 (.NET)
  • Framework—Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, MVC5

The app utilized in-app purchase for iOS and android, and in order to approve a build with these features, Chetu developers had to meet the acceptance criteria and implement app purchase and cancellation in the standard manner defined by Apple and Google.

In addition, the project required a dedicated media server to enable live streaming. Chetu chose to integrate a third party service called Sprout Video, this gave administrators the capacity to upload exercise videos through Sprout, which were then synced to the Fitcom database.



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