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Case Study

Intuitive AI-Driven App Redefines Personal Wellness Monitoring

Chetu worked with a client in the fitness and wellness industry to develop an AI-driven app enabling real-time monitoring of jaw health, bites per minute, and calorie tracking, fostering personalized wellness goals.

  • Industry
    Sports (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Technology Leveraged

    The technology leveraged on this project included:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Facial recognition algorithms
  • Android Studio
  • Swift- 5
  • Python (Django)
  • iOS (X Code)

Project Solution:

An AI-powered app offering personalized wellness solutions for end-users, enhancing individual health goals.

A fitness and wellness industry client tasked Chetu with designing and launching a customized, intuitive app for end-users to self-monitor changes, growth, and the overall health of their respective jawlines. The client wanted to promote self-health and wellness by creating individualized experiences for end-users to independently monitor changes in their facial structures, calories burnt, and jaw bites per minute by utilizing a customized app driven by Artificial Intelligence and the newest advancements in facial recognition software. The end-users will utilize the app in conjunction with the client’s jaw exercise product.

AI-Driven Application

AI enables accurate data collection and monitoring to automatically create detailed, error-free actionable insights for decision-makers seeking to implement new strategies to distinguish their products and services within competitive, modern business landscapes.

AI-driven applications customized by Chetu’s software specialists create individualized app experiences for end-users by carefully collecting and monitoring data to launch personally curated recommendations using robust resources that transform how users interact with their devices. Chetu’s application experts collaborated with the client to create a more engaging process to track and monitor end-user calories and facial structure changes, ultimately launching an individualized wellness monitoring program for all end-users.

Facial recognition software has evolved significantly as skilled developers have enhanced algorithms to expedite the accurate confirmation of images to automate processes, personalize experiences, and strengthen security protocols.

The Approach

Chetu’s software development experts collaborated to design and implement a customized Android and iOS app leveraging Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition technology for the client’s end-users to monitor Bites per Minute (BPM), calories burnt, and jawline muscle development while using the client’s jaw exercise product.

The client required Chetu to develop customized and intuitive dashboards and splash pages for end-users to log in/sign up and log data reports. Chetu enhanced camera software features for accurate facial recognition driven by AI. Our software and application experts leveraged Python, Kotlin, and Visual Studio to accurately detect client videos and images to provide end-users with accurate depictions of their jawline while providing an app with optimum functionality of all customized features. The client wants end-users to utilize the innovative app and jaw exercise products to create a more sculpted, chiseled jawline without relying on face filler products.

How It Works

An end-user will log in to the customized app while utilizing the client’s jaw exercise product to promote full, healthy range movements of the jaw. The app monitors the user and automatically logs bites per minute and calories burned in real-time to provide actionable, data-driven insights to promote individual wellness. The client aims to provide end-users with a robust new resource driven by Artificial Intelligence.

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