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Custom Flutter Development Solutions

At Chetu, we create custom, on-demand Flutter Development Solutions for both iOS and Android devices. Our experienced software developers scale start-ups, small-medium, and enterprise-size businesses with modification and integration services.

Mobile Application Integrations

Chetu integrates Flutter into your existing application piecemeal, as a module or library, to be imported into your iOS and Android applications.

Native App Performance

Chetu leverages Flutter’s widgets to incorporate all platform differences, including navigation, icons, fonts, and scrolling features to provide a fully native experience.

Expressive & Flexible UI

We utilize Flutter’s built-in Cupertino and Material Design widgets, smooth scrolling features, and rich motion APIs to create an expressive and flexible interface.

Ongoing Flutter Support

We provide ongoing support and maintenance of your Flutter software development to ensure that your app is both aesthetically pleasing and works at optimal performances.

Get Industry Specific Flutter Developers

Our Flutter developers build beautiful, functional, and engaging web & mobile applications all from a single codebase. At Chetu, we configure, develop, and deploy Flutter Development Services for your IT projects.

Fast Development

Our flutter developers deliver fast Flutter software solutions, utilizing Flutter’s hot reload feature to quickly build UIs, fix bugs, and add features.

Code Formatting

We utilize a single shared style of code or can enforce any preferred style through automatic code formatting, like Android Studio, IntelliJ, or VS Code, to develop your app.

URL Launcher Tools

We can enable you to direct users to external URL’s such as webpages, SMS, emails, or phone numbers right from your app by implementing a URL launcher within the Flutter Software.

Dart DevTools

We use Flutter’s Dart DevTools in conjunction with your existing IDE or command-line based development workflow to effectively profile, inspect, and debug your UI layout.

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Flutter Software Cross-Platform Integrations

Flutter uses a flexible system that allows developers to call platform-specific APIs, available in Java or Kotlin code for Android and Objective-C or Swift code in iOS. We use Flutter’s built-in API, supporting a flexible message-passing style of code, to send structured typesafe messages via code generation.

React Native

React Native

Our developers can utilize their existing RN framework knowledge and experience to develop your Flutter app faster, and more efficiently.



Our developers can seamlessly integrate your Flutter app with Firebase to implement more storage, authentication, and data hosting.



Our development team can utilize their extensive knowledge and experience of Python to integrate into Flutter Software for faster mobile app development.

Flutter App-to-App Industry Integrations

We use Flutter Software Development tools to build, develop, and customize mobile responsive apps for all sorts of industries.

GPS Tracking

We use GPS plugins, like Google Maps, to add web mapping data to your existing Flutter application for public transportation, shipping & logistics, fleet management, and more.

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Gaming Apps

Our gaming software developers create game streaming services, like Stadia, that allows users to play video games on virtually any device using streaming technology.

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Google Ads

Using Flutter, we can create a Google Ad platform to help marketers manage, optimize, and track their ad campaigns directly from their mobile Flutter app.

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We develop e-commerce and wholesale marketplace applications, like eBay and Alibaba, to sell any kind of product throughout the globe directly from your iOS or Android app.

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Food & Beverage Delivery

Using the Flutter framework, our software development team can create beautiful and user-friendly food ordering and delivery apps, like Food Express or Uber Eats.

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To optimize your hospitality service, like MGM Resorts, we can develop a hospitality app that allows guests to lock/unlock their room door, book tables, browse attractions, and so much more.

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We build lifestyle apps, like Reflectly or Insight Timer, so that users can unlock personal, actionable insights in a mobile-responsive, beautiful interface.

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We develop finance apps, like Birch Finance, using Flutter Software Development, enabling users to help manage budgets and existing credit cards more effectively.

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We develop entertainment apps, like FunTube, offering a platform dedicated to providing thousands of high-quality videos for entertainment purposes.

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These are just a few of the endless possibilities that can be created using our Flutter Development Services. If you want to create an innovative new app, then hire an Expert Flutter Software Developer from Chetu today!


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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