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Public Transportation Software Solutions


Trust Our Certified Experts for Your Public Transportation Needs

From route optimization to paratransit dispatch, our certified experts can create your public transportation project from scratch or perform streamlined updates, programming, or integration solutions that are up-to-date with today's tech trends.

Public Transportation Software

Public Transportation

Chetu develops custom end-to-end public transportation software solutions, including fixed and fluid transit planning applications, public transportation mapping interfaces, public transportation ERP applications, Passenger Information Systems and sophisticated payment solutions.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence

We design business intelligence systems that coordinate with public transportation telematics software to ensure regulation compliance and track real-time location, speed, mileage, rolling stock and inventory, and fuel consumption. Data is easily viewable through MDT interfaces designed with seamless UI.

Route Optimization Software

Route Optimization

By integrating transportation routing programs, Positive Train Control software, and traffic and accident report systems, we develop public transportation scheduling software and reduce unsafe travel. Concise, mission-critical reports are generated and shared with dispatchers, route coordinators, and managers.

Transportation Mapping Software

Transportation Mapping

Our experts configure GPS, GIS, and on-site arrival and departure time recording to post estimated times of arrival in real time to back-office dashboards and public transportation Passenger Information Systems (PIS) like phone applications and platform signage in order to improve traveler capacity efficiency.

Paratransit Dispatch Software

Paratransit Dispatch

We provide custom development of Paratransit and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software solutions, including client-scheduling systems, trip-editing platforms, communication portals, route optimization modules, and automated compliance checks.

Parking Lot Security Systems Integration

Fare Collection
System Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) software and self-service kiosk platform designs are integrated with Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for automatic fare collection. Features such as optimal public transit fare calculators and custom pricing strategy software increase ancillary revenue and reward public transportation rider loyalty.

AI-Powered Public Transportation Solutions

Our Artificial Intelligence software development experts can take public transportation software solutions to the next level by leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies for innovative capabilities such as demand prediction, intelligent scheduling, smart route optimization, and much more.

Demand Prediction

Our expert developers can integrate AI into public transportation software for passenger demand prediction capabilities. Analyze past and real-time data to predict the demand at different times of day on different routes. This allows transportation authorities to accurately allocate resources and improve overall service during peak hours. Leveraging AI for occupancy predictions and increased passenger comfort enables an optimal passenger experience.

AI-Driven Safety & Security

Our AI experts develop safety and security features for public transportation, including video surveillance analytics and anomaly detection, driver behavior monitoring to detect distraction or fatigue, and biometric access control to ensure security for restricted areas in public transportation facilities. Our cutting-edge AI technology integrations also enable effective crowd management and in-vehicle safety systems such as driver assistance features and collision warnings.

Predictive Maintenance

Incorporate predictive maintenance capabilities with AI that can monitor vehicle health through sensor data analysis. With these features you can take a more proactive approach with vehicle maintenance as AI can predict when maintenance would be needed. This reduces downtime and prevents breakdowns that could prove very costly by disrupting service. Keep public transportation fleets in optimal shape with AI-driven predictive maintenance.

Intelligent Scheduling

To ensure on-time performance and real-time predictions, we leverage the power of AI for intelligent scheduling capabilities in public transportation software. To provide the most efficient public transportation services possible, our solutions enable dynamic schedules that adjust based on real-time changes and factors such as traffic delays, demand changes and passenger load, as well as event schedules.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Our AI-powered public transportation solutions can deliver cutting-edge Intelligent Traffic Management systems. Utilizing these systems alongside predictive algorithms and real-time data analysis, traffic flow can be efficiently managed. In turn, cities and communities alike can see the benefits of reduced congestion and an overall improved efficiency within transportation. Whether it’s through rerouting or adjusting traffic signals with the use of predictive analytics, commuters have everything to gain.


At Chetu, our AI-enabled chatbots can take passenger engagement and ease-of-use to the next level. By leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, our custom virtual assistants can address queries, provide travel information, facilitate ticket bookings, and provide other fundamental support to passengers in real-time. The simple conversational interface allows for seamless inputs from users and can even be used for them to learn and improve their responses. Elevate customer satisfaction and achieve a more convenient and accessible transportation system.

Smart Route Optimization

Routes can be the determining factor between getting somewhere on time or late. With such an important and unpredictable aspect of travel, we’re offering a tool to optimize it as much as possible. Artificial Intelligence can analyze real-time and historical data to identify the most efficient routes. This is possible by our tech utilizing various aspects like passenger demand, environmental concerns, and of course, traffic conditions. Ultimately, implementing this optimizing solution can enhance operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, leading to reliable and sustainable commutes, all while being cost-effective.

Personalized User Experience

We understand the significance of a tailored experience. This is a concept that you could even bring to a commuting experience through the use of user preference data and AI. Our AI development experts build solutions can deliver a personalized passenger experience. Whether it is as simple as mode of transportation or as complex as targeted rewards, you can foster a unique sense of loyalty within your user base and build a smarter, more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Our Transportation Software Development Solutions

FAQ’s Related to AI in Public Transportation Software

Public transportation software refers to a computer program that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) technology to manage and optimize various aspects of public transportation systems. It assists in improving operational efficiency, enhancing passenger experience, and providing data-driven insights for transportation authorities and service providers.

AI technology enhances public transportation software in several ways:

  • • Intelligent routing
  • • Predictive maintenance
  • • Passenger demand forecasting
  • • Automated fare collection

AI-powered public transportation software offers numerous benefits, including:

  • • Improved operational efficiency
  • • Enhanced passenger experience
  • • Data-driven decision-making
  • • Reduced environmental impact

Yes, AI-powered public transportation software can handle real-time traffic conditions. AI algorithms can provide up-to-date information on traffic congestion, accidents, and other incidents by analyzing data from various sources, such as GPS, traffic cameras, and sensors. This enables operators to adjust routes, schedules, and resource allocation to minimize disruptions.

Yes, AI algorithms can analyze historical data, weather forecasts, and real-time information to predict and prevent delays in public transportation. By identifying patterns and factors contributing to delays, AI-powered software can help transportation authorities take proactive measures, such as adjusting schedules, dispatching additional vehicles, or notifying passengers to mitigate disruptions.

AI-powered public transportation software can enhance passenger safety and security through various means:

  • • Video analytics: Anomaly detection: AI can identify unusual patterns in passenger behavior or vehicle operations, alerting authorities to potential safety concerns or emergencies.
  • • Emergency response: AI-powered systems can automatically detect emergencies, such as accidents or breakdowns, and trigger appropriate responses, including notifying emergency services and providing real-time updates to passengers.


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