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Public Transport
Management Systems

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Public Transportation Software

We develop custom end-to-end public transportation software solutions including fixed and fluid transit planning applications, routing optimization software, public transportation mapping interfaces, paratransit dispatch systems, public transportation ERP applications, Passenger Information Systems and sophisticated payment solutions.

Vehicle Telematics Systems

We design business intelligence systems that coordinate with public transportation telematics software to ensure regulation compliance and track real-time location, speed, mileage, rolling stock and inventory, and fuel consumption. Data is easily viewable through MDT interfaces designed with seamless UI.

Route Optimization Software

By integrating transportation routing programs, Positive Train Control software, and traffic and accident report systems, we develop public transportation scheduling software and reduce unsafe travel. Concise, mission-critical reports are instantaneously generated and shared with dispatchers, route coordinators, and managers.

Transportation Mapping Software

We configure Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Global Information Systems (GIS) and on-site arrival and departure time recording to post estimated times of arrival (ETA) in real time to back-office dashboards and public transportation Passenger Information Systems (PIS) like phone applications and platform signage in order to improve traveler capacity efficiency.

Fare Collection Systems

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) software and self-service kiosk platform designs integrate with Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for automatic fare collection. Multi-channel sales modules, optimal public transit fare calculators, target market research tools, and custom pricing strategy software increase ancillary revenue and reward public transportation rider loyalty.

Paratransit Dispatch Software

We provide custom development of Paratransit and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software solutions, including client-scheduling systems, trip-editing platforms, communication portals, route optimization modules, and automated compliance checks.

Transportation Software Development Solutions
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