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Fleet Telematics Solutions

We develop custom Transportation Management Systems (TMS) that send and receive data concerning all areas of fleet management, including dispatch, scheduling, asset management and vehicle monitoring. Programming sophisticated telematics systems, we make it easier to track asset locations, monitor vehicle lifecycles, and communicate and share forms with drivers and freight brokers. With Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates now in place, we also help ensure vehicles are capable of recording and transmitting Records of Duty Status (RODS) and Hours of Service (HOS) logs seamlessly.

Fleet Routing Software

We integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3rd-party mapping apps (including Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps) to create route-optimization software solutions that allow fleet managers to identify driver capabilities and ensure they're maximizing resources. Real-time analytics dashboards display Key Performance Indicators (KPI), including travel and down time, fuel cost, plus miles traveled. We construct systems that automate complex routing strategies with geo-fences and specific dispatch zone conditions, and provide simple manual rerouting tools.

Fleet Maintenance Management Software

We develop maintenance software solutions that allow managers to monitor the fitness of their fleet and improve safety standards from dispatch centers or mobile devices. We install and program vehicle instruments with Engine Control Modules (ECM) which transmit upkeep reminders and warnings to drivers and dispatchers, alert managers of unsafe driving habits, speed up repair times, and accelerate completion of Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), commercial vehicle clearances, and electronic weight-screening procedures.

Fleet Fuel Management Solutions

Our configuration of optimized fuel consumption modules with telematics data and travel analytics enables dispatchers to adjust schedules and routes in real time to save on gas. We program systems to track fuel from point-of-sale to consumption, monitor fluctuations in individual vehicles' miles-per-gallon, identify speed and gas price trends, track temperatures and oil gauges with meter tracking modules, and ensure compliance with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) regulations.

Fleet Asset Management

Implementation of robust asset management software that allows dispatchers to monitor the location, status and fuel condition of any high-value vehicles or equipment. We integrate motion, power and temperature sensors with track-and-trace software to ensure consistency with asset manifests and prevent loss and theft. Asset managers can establish geo-fences and receive alerts via SMS, email or push when resources move beyond set boundaries.

Fleet Dispatch Software

We integrate disparate dispatching platforms programmed to expedite day-to-day fleet operations and improve scalability, including custom control panels that allow dispatchers to assign specialized categories to products and services, automated work-request systems that assign deliveries to the closest and most qualified drivers, and one-click invoice and billing platforms consolidated with accounting software that records daily expenditures and tracks transaction histories.

Transportation Software Development Solutions

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