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Why You Should Create Your Own Fleet Management System

By: Harish Palaniappan

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A fleet management system, also known as a transport management system, is a software solution that allows operators to manage a fleet of vehicles, drones, or even bicycles. The management is easier because all the data is available on one platform making it simple to understand how the fleet is used. Whether its called fleet management or transport management, the conceptual goals are the same.

I usually explain it to people like this – there is a drop-dead simple way of creating a fleet management system by using only one-screen or we can create an elaborate and organized enterprise-level AI powered fleet system. You can decide how big or small you want it. Plus, if you later realize your needs increased, we can build on top of your current system. So instead of spending thousands of dollars purchasing something that may not adequately fit your needs, why not invest in a platform that is designed specifically for your needs.

Pros of Building Your Fleet Management System

Pros of Building Your Fleet Management System

Risk of Building Your Own Fleet Management System

Risks are Avoidable with the Right Software Company

The good news is the cons of software development are avoidable if you have a good software company. They can help you understand how software can address your needs and keep you safe from any unforeseen potholes. Quality software companies like Chetu will provide you with a team of industry experts that will help you manage the software build-out while keeping an eye on the budget.

The Possibilities

Potential features could include:

1. To setup an operator account.

a. This could mean you can setup multiple operators on the same system – i.e. you can have a rental car operator, an on-demand tow operator, and an on-the-field service provider under a single operator account

2. Add and Set a Fleet of Vehicles and Drivers

a. You can add unlimited number of units for free

b. You could temporarily de-activate or activate vehicles based on demand

3. Set Up Rates and Shift Times for Vehicles/Resources

a. You could have different rates for different types of vehicles or services.

4. Search-and-Assign type Manual Dispatch System or Automated Dispatch System based on Pre-Built Rules

a. The Dispatch notifications can be sent to the drivers or to the devices of the personnel to provide clarity of their job details and full trip/itinerary details

b. You may want a map-based view on the screen to show the vehicles on a map

The possibilities are limitless.

The Myth - Note that building a new system is sometimes misunderstood as throwing away the old or re-training everyone on a new system. We have worked with customers to see how we can use what is already working on their current system to keep consistency as much as we can. By focusing on the user-experience we can ensure the software will be easy to adapt to.


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