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geotab fleet management solutions

End-To-End Fleet Management Solution Using Geotab

Written by Pravin Vazirani

Drivers and vehicles are core components of many businesses around the globe. Fleet Management solutions are transforming the way companies operate by monitoring assets such as cars, trucks, heavy equipment and ships. Via highly intelligent GPS devices, detailed reports about speed, braking, fuel usage and more can be generated in real-time. With the data collected, companies have a clear view of fleet operations to drive mission critical decisions.

Geotab, a leading fleet management solution, is known for transforming high-quality data into actionable information. Geotab devices are designed for quick plug-and-play installation into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port in most vehicles. Leveraging Geotab's solution gives real-time insights into operations that are pivotal to a company's success.

Productivity: Designed to improve fleet and driver productivity, Geotab tracks driving performance every second of every mile. Companies can see driving habits that may be deemed wasteful. Trips can also be recreated with information like speed, driving time, locations visited and time of arrival/departure for activity management. Most importantly, there is real-time tracking with visibility of vehicles at all times.

Safety: Geotab devices help drivers improve their behaviors with interactive alerts. Custom configurations let drivers know in real-time via an audible buzz when they are violating company policies including speeding, sharp turning, fast accelerations, hard braking, and not wearing seatbelts. With constant daily feedback drivers are known to improve their driving habits in order to maintain safety.

Compliance: New mandates for ELDs ensure transportation entities comply with records or duty. Geotab offers compliance solutions for hours of service, IFTA mileage and DVIR. Drivers can automatically log their time working, inspect their vehicle before driving and update management with any issues in real time, minimizing the probability of getting fined while simultaneously increasing CSA ratings.

Fleet Optimization:Geotab monitors a vehicles health, informing companies of any maintenance priorities. Additionally, Geotab tracks all driving habits from rapid accelerations, hard braking, or other aggressive driving practices that can be addressed to improve fuel efficiency and safety.

Scalability: Designed to grow with your business. Geotab is one of the leading platforms promoting growth with its telemetric implementations. Geotab provides useful and important information that assist when making managerial decisions and setting long term goals. Most importantly, the platform can easily be integrated with numerous application that help manage businesses more efficiently as they grow and expand.

If you are seeking a custom Fleet Management Solution leveraging Geotab's telematics platform, Chetu has the technology and transportation industry expertise to give companies the software they need to achieve maximum efficiency. To ensure an end-to-end fleet management solution Chetu's developers will implement, customize, and integrate Geotab's platform to achieve any business scope.


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