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Geotab Solutions


Fleet Management Solutions

Geotab productivity reports help drivers stay informed by visualizing and identifying fleet and driver activities throughout the day. Drivers can continually improve fleet performance with advanced fuel insight along with driving, speed, and route details.


Geotab's fleet optimization monitors vehicle health and maintenance priorities. Driving habits like rapid accelerations, hard braking, or other aggressive driving practices are recorded to improve fuel efficiency and safety.


Geotab helps manage businesses more efficiently with Marketplace, an online solutions center for all fleet management needs. Chetu provides integration and development services to help customize Marketplace fleet management solutions to suit long-term goals with custom capability and functionality.



Geotab's fleet safety insights give organizations an advanced look into speed, safety belt usage, braking habits, after-hours vehicle usage, turning degrees and overall driver performance to analyze performance benchmarks and more.


Geotab's compliance management solutions increase your CSA rating with useful tools like IFTA mileage, driver working hours and DVIR, making it easier for drivers to log driving time and duty status.


Geotab GO8 is a vehicle tracking device with plug-and-play installation. The device is designed to be compatible with the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, giving companies real-time insight on their operations.

Geotab Implementation, Support and Integration Services

Geotab Installation & Migration

Chetu developers understand the scalability of Geotab fleet solutions to procure any installation your company requires. Our developers migrate data housed on applications, database, storage devices, and other 3rd party sources to seamlessly integrate with your Geotab platform.

Geotab Configuration

Chetu configures Geotab's platform by creating a unique user experience, using tools and applications that have the most impact and competitive advantage suited for your business.

Geotab Customization

Geotab has an extensive amount of tools and applications that can be tailored to meet your specific organizational goals. Chetu configures your Geotab platform with industry specific features that best meet your business requirements.

Geotab Administration & Support

Chetu developers address any Geotab software issues in real-time to ensure important fleet information and business processes are not disrupted.

Geotab Upgradation

If you are looking to upgrade your Geotab software, Chetu protects all data upgradation. Our developers ensure hardware and software compatibility while seamlessly transitioning your database into a new Geotab version.

Geotab Integration

Chetu seamlessly integrates any third-party or proprietary software to improve overall fleet management efficiency and performance.

Geotab Has Solutions For All Industry

  • Oil, Gas and Mining Fleet

    Oil, Gas and Mining Fleet
  • Police and First Responder Fleet

    Police and First Responder Fleet
  • Government Fleet

    Government Fleet
  • Landscaping

  • Waste Management

    Waste Management
  • Construction and Heavy Equipment Fleet

    Construction and Heavy Equipment Fleet
  • Courier and Delivery Fleet

    Courier and Delivery Fleet
  • Field Sales and Services Fleet

    Field Sales and Services Fleet
  • Towing Fleet

    Towing Fleet
  • Transportation and Logistic Fleet

    Transportation and Logistic Fleet
  • Food and Beverage Fleet

    Food and Beverage Fleet
  • Mobility Fleet

    Mobility Fleet


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