QuickBooks Transportation Management JavaScript Optimization

By Atit Shah

Client Overview

Our client operates a large shipment operation in South Florida, providing standard car, truck, and motorized recreational vehicle transportation services. Prior to engagement with Chetu, the client utilized a standard transportation management system (TMS), which functioned as a control hub for managing operations and payment exchanges.

Unfortunately their TMS operated inefficiently, and required revamping. Their current system did not properly reflect the client's quality of service, and they sought a more functional system to foster company growth.

Auto transport on a highway
Auto transport on a highway

Project Overview

The Problem:

There was extreme disjunction between the various channels and points of interaction, obstructing information access and storage plus hindering cross-channel functionality. The web application was the most debilitating facet, as it was not correctly integrated with their back office accounting software.

The ultimate goal was to seamlessly integrate their platforms together so that all employees and carriers experienced a uniform interface allowing users to obtain and input accurate information.


This venture is ongoing, existing as a continuous effort to maximize functionality in a way that outfits the client's operation. We're accomplishing this by engaging the following processes and technologies.

Technologies Implemented:

A combination of PHP CORE (Custom MVC), JavaScript, and QuickBooks were utilized in this project.

The Process:

In order to fix existing accounting errors Chetu developers…

  • Developed a channel to enable passing of correct data to QuickBooks, providing better accuracy
  • Optimized database load time to enhance application performance
  • Preformed tests on new technologies to ensure that entry issues were eliminated during system overhaul


Overall, the TMS ran with more cohesively and fluidly. The database experienced a decrease in load times which optimized UX.

Chetu instituted advanced search functions that made searching for carrier, shipper, customer, and locations easier for user.

Overall, the client left with intelligent technology that simplified their existing system, allowing customer and carriers to connect more efficiently.

Auto transport on a highway
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