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Our software developers are highly proficient in developing insurance software with custom integrations to automate and streamline insurance processes.

Custom Insurance Software Development Company

Our custom insurance software development ensures success-driven insurance automation to help assurance companies drive momentum and elevate productivity across sales, marketing, and service teams. We integrate your existing insurance management software with policy & claims, quoting, document, commission, and risk management solutions.

Machine Learning & AI

Our InsurTech developers implement machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve business challenges, including underwriting & loss prevention, claims handling, fraud detection, product pricing, predictive analysis, and more. Chetu use advanced machine learning tools to harness the volume data from the Internet of Things (IoT), thus automating the generation of actionable risk insight.

Insurance Quoting Software Development

We engineer custom insurance quoting software that incorporates policies premium calculators and qualitative risk assessment features to boost sales and marketing efforts. We implement multi-carrier quoting modules within the professional quoting engine to always send professional and sophisticated quotes.

Fraud Analysis Software Development

We implement blockchain technology within our custom fraud analysis software to detect and prevent fraud. This software monitors every transaction and claim, enables alerts for suspicious claims, screens & scores vendors to ensure compliance, and halts complex fraud schemes using machine learning and AI tools.

Insurance Compliance Software Solution

We develop a cloud-based, real-time insurance compliance software solution to automate the screening process for business rules and regulatory requirements. Our experts comply with regulatory standards of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD).

Policy Management Software Development

Chetu is specialist in provide an in-depth, comprehensive policy management system to ensure that all of your coverages are renewed on time while effectively automating the process of managing insurance contracts, simplifying policy administration, and decreasing the cost of insurance policies processing.

AI-Driven Innovation for Insurance Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the capability to transform the insurance landscape. This transformation comes through optimizing and automating claims processing, utilizing predictive analytics, and preventing fraud.

Claims Processing Automation with AI

Artificial Intelligence and the subsequent algorithms can help insurers quickly verify information, assess claims, and even accurately predict fraudulent activity. Our custom AI solutions can accelerate the settlement process, improve accuracy, and reduce potential disputes and errors. Additionally, your customers can see the benefits of a smoother claims experience and fast payouts – raising their satisfaction levels significantly. Streamline claim processing with automation and reap the rewards of a more efficient, cost-effective tool.

Artificial Intelligence for Underwriting

Predictive analytics, a feature of custom AI, can be leveraged for underwriting and innovation in the insurance industry. We achieve this by making our AI capable of analyzing historical information and other large datasets more extensively than conventional methods. Consequently, you can then make improved data-driven decisions when establishing premiums, elevating competitive advantage and profitability. Plus, by using predictive analytics, insurers can ID potential risks early and implement proactive risk management strategies. As a result, using predictive analytics enables data-driven underwriting, reshaping the industry as a whole.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

With insurance fraud posing a significant problem within the industry, especially now more than ever, AI can be a game-changer. Through custom AI-driven solutions built by our experts, real-time data can be continuously analyzed through Machine Learning algorithms alongside historical data to detect anomalies and connect them to potential fraudulent activity. Our AI-driven proactive solutions can lead to improved security and cost-savings – patching up those holes in security and achieving a genuine trustworthy insurance ecosystem.

Data Security and Privacy Optimization with AI

Security and privacy have become more important facets of modern businesses. Companies have an urgent need to comply with data protection regulations and protect sensitive customer information. AI can be seamlessly implemented to do just that. With API capabilities, our expert developers deliver robust security measures to safeguard data from cyberattacks and breaches. Plus, we’ll make sure that the AI algorithms are explainable, transparent, and free from bias. Your company can maintain regulatory compliance and build trust with policyholders.

Telematics and IoT in Insurance

IoT and Telematics are innovating and reshaping various industries; auto insurers can leverage these technologies to gain real-time insights into drivers' behavior. Whether that's information on braking, acceleration, or speed, our AI algorithms will study this data and determine risks accurately. Additionally, you can reward your safe drivers with lower premiums thanks to accurate data, benefiting you as the insurer and your customers as policyholders.

Insurtech and AI Integration

Established insurers and startups are working together to use AI and its subsequent technologies to improve the customer experience and their operation. Our insurtech solutions range from personalized products to automated claims; with such an adaptive approach, at Chetu, we'll help you foster innovation and competitiveness, all while remaining agile in the market. While rapidly evolving, we've got the tools for you to stay ahead of the curve and drive transformative change.

Custom Insurance Software Solutions

We integrate extensions and make modifications to your existing off-the-shelf assurance system solution to provide a custom-tailored approach.

Insurance Claims Management Software Solutions

We develop claims management software solutions that manage the entire claims lifecycle, including data collection, database construction, data authentication, carrier submission, and more, all while meeting ACORD insurance standards. This cutting-edge technology includes EDI solutions, auto-adjudication & extensive workflow efficiencies, and ICD-10 compliance.

Mobile Insurance Application Solutions

We develop cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps with insurance claim submission modules and client self-service portals. Our mobile insurance apps allow customers to start, pause, and stop their insurance coverage, report & submit claims, make customer inquiries with interactive chatbots, enable premium payments, and manage policies.

Omnichannel CRM Solutions

We integrate an Omnichannel CRM to support insurance agents and brokers organize prospects, track business opportunities, and automate specific activities so that they can focus on improving customer experience. We can create a custom CRM from scratch or customize your existing CRM solution for an optimized workflow.

Insurance Risk Management Software (RMS) Solutions

We engineer insurance risk management software solutions with automated real-time data monitoring and analysis modules. We implement insurance risk libraries, risk reports, mitigation protocols, and multiple criteria templates to identify, classify, and minimize risks to help save you time and money.

Insurance Document Management Software Solutions

We engineer cloud-based document management software (DMS) solutions with custom logic and search capabilities for easy policy, contract, and licensing database management. We customize document capture software that connects directly with your DMS to streamline paperwork processes and enhance documentation security.

Billing & Payment Software Solutions

We integrate billing & payment processing services into your existing insurance ecosystem. Our skilled team of software developers can build your billing & payment software solutions from scratch, or we can customize a current off-the-shelf product to create a tailored solution that fits your specific business needs.

Mobile Insurance Application Development

We integrate extensions and make modifications to your existing off-the-shelf insurance software solutions to provide a custom-tailored approach.

Insurance Applications for Adjusters

Insurance adjusters take advantage of the following mobile app features & functions:

Insurance Application Development for Clients

Insurance clients take advantage of the following mobile app features & functions:

Insurance Management Software Integrations

We integrate insurance management software APIs with other tools to extend and enhance your existing off-the-shelf solutions.

Insurance Management Software

We integrate custom features within your existing insurance management software to enhance work and core systems such as sales, distribution, claims management, underwriting, and policy administration.

Insurance Management Software

Document Management Software

We integrate document management software into your existing insurance management software for seamless document generation, distribution, and storage on a centralized platform.

Lab Vendors

CRM for Insurers

We integrate CRM systems into your existing insurance software to optimize workflows, receive smart alerts, track events, utilize AI assistants, track & monitor claims, delegate tasks, and automate work processes.

CRM for Insurers

Insurance Software Support Services

Ensuring you're providing the best service with something as changeable and robust as insurance can be quite difficult. However, our developers are more than ready to help you deliver the best platform and support services to make sure your revenue remains consistent and your customers stay satisfied.

Claims Processing Support

Claims processing is an integral aspect of the insurance sector. At Chetu, we understand this and have harnessed the skills of our experienced developers to provide you with robust support, resulting in significantly streamlined claims processing operations. Regardless of your challenges with your insurance software's maintenance or security updates, we're ready to help you leap over every hurdle.

Policy Management Assistance

We’ve equipped our teams to provide policy management assistance by enhancing your existing software by enabling streamlined policy creation, modification, and other supplementary features like policy renewal and ensuring regulatory compliance. Additionally, with Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can further augment these features to meet your evolving needs continuously.

Premium Calculation Troubleshooting

Our developers can upgrade your insurance software to deliver on such a daunting and ever-changing task as calculating premiums. With our custom algorithm implementation, your software will be capable of identifying key pieces of information to help you determine pricing and keep the calculations sound, as it's able to point out errors.

Customer Portal Navigation Aid

Navigating through a customer’s policy can be as complex as the policies themselves. With online portals being difficult for the user experience, we’ve honed our years of design skills to help ensure that you’re delivering a seamless and effortless experience. We're ready to improve your portal's usability and keep your users informed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Software

Insurance software refers to computer programs or applications specifically designed to streamline and automate various processes within the insurance industry, such as policy management, claims processing, underwriting, customer management, and reporting.

Insurance software helps companies manage their operations more efficiently, improve customer experience, and stay competitive. It streamlines operations, improves productivity, enhances data security, and provides a competitive advantage.

Insurance carriers, agencies, brokers, third-party administrators (TPAs), reinsurers, managing general agents (MGAs), risk management departments, claims adjusters, and insurance service providers use insurance software.

Integrating AI into insurance software can bring benefits such as improved efficiency, enhanced customer service, better risk assessment, fraud detection, and cost savings. AI can automate routine tasks, provide personalized support, analyze data for better decision-making, detect fraud, and reduce operational costs.

The key features of insurance software development include policies management, claims processing, underwriting, rating, billing, document management, reporting, analytics, and security/compliance features.

Software for Insurance is available for both small and large insurance companies. Different software vendors offer solutions that cater to various scales of operations, allowing companies of all sizes to benefit from automation, efficiency, and improved management of insurance processes.

Insurance software often provides integration capabilities to ensure compatibility with other systems commonly used by insurance companies, such as accounting software, CRM platforms, document management systems, and rating engines. The integration allows seamless data exchange and a unified workflow across different applications.

Insurance is the traditional business of providing insurance policies and services to customers, while InsurTech refers to using technology to improve and innovate the insurance industry. InsurTech companies often offer new and innovative insurance products or use technology to improve existing insurance processes.


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