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Mortgage Management Software Development Services

Chetu is your trusted mortgage software company that specializes in developing tailored solutions for lenders. Our mortgage lending software optimizes loan origination processes, enhancing efficiency from risk assessment to loan servicing. With our expertise in loan origination software, we empower mortgage companies to seamlessly manage customer data, ensure compliance, and mitigate risks. Choose Chetu for cutting-edge mortgage software development services that drive success.

Custom Mortgage Origination Software

Custom Loan Origination Software

We develop custom commercial and residential mortgage software, designed for Custom mortgage amortization, and loan origination. This software contains features for Online Application portals, Automated Underwriting, Credit Pull, Decision Support, Risk Assessments, Loan Servicing Software, Conditions Tracking, Document Management, Reporting and Analytics, and more.

Mortgage Management Software

Mortgage Management Software

We develop robust loan management software, including features for end-to-end loan lifecycle, portfolio and claims management. We also create portals for amortization schedules, interest calculations, escrow proceedings, insurance tracking, comprehensive reports, and other features.

Mortgage Title Services Software

Mortgage Title Services Software

We program title servicing software solutions, with features for managing appraisals, inspections, lien holders, deeds, and more. We also create legal services modules for managing foreclosures and evictions, and we program in mortgage industry data exchange standards.

Mortgage CRM Solutions

Mortgage CRM System

We create CRM modules, including pre-qualification algorithms and workflows, pipeline management, marketing automation, and rule-based notifications. These modules are designed for regulation compliance and events tracking.

Mortgage Modification Modules

Mortgage Modification Modules

Chetu develops the best loan modification modules, including Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA). These modules have payoff, forbearance plan, deed-in-lieu, and reinstatement features.

REO Asset Management Services

REO Asset Management Services

We develop Real-Estate Owned (REO) service modules. Among these modules are investment, property preservation, vendor, auction, reverse mortgage, escrow oversight, and sales management, and all of them include comprehensive reporting.

Ellie Mae Compliance Solutions

Ellie Mae Compliance Solutions

Our experts implement Ellie Mae Encompass solutions, which enable automation and simplification of mortgage processes. These solutions also reduce risk and gain marketplace advantage. We facilitate an all-in-one process of closing and funding, along with automatic loan management and compliance.

Mortgage RPA

Mortgage RPA

We program and implement scalable mortgage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, designed to transact tedious manual operational processes with intuitive rules-based engines. These engines are designed to execute a high volume and wide array of repetitive tasks with accuracy.

Cloud-based Lending software

Chetu developers design cloud-based platform offering integration according to your company needs, that software is hosted in the cloud, providing a high level of security and accessibility. These products offer a wide range of features and tools to manage the mortgage loan origination and servicing process. Our developers will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to automate and streamline certain processes, such as credit risk assessment and fraud detection using modern programming languages, frameworks, and tools that enable the creation of scalable and robust applications. Developers may use cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform to host their applications and data allowing mortgage professionals to access the software and data from anywhere with an internet connection, making it more convenient and efficient to manage their workflows.

AI-powered Software

Chetu provides AI-powered Lending software development services for a range of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. This allows lenders to offer their customers a seamless mortgage experience across all devices. The mortgage software is specifically designed to automate complex processes, such as underwriting and fraud detection, which can save both lenders and borrowers time and reduce costs. Our Software Engineers incorporates machine learning algorithms that analyze borrower data and determine the likelihood of default, enabling lenders to make informed decisions about lending. Chetu also offers ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the software remains up-to-date and secure, providing a reliable and efficient solution for mortgage lenders on any device.


Chetu's mortgage software development experts comply with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CPFB) and their fair lending standards, including the TILA_RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule, and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).

Boost Your Productivity with AI-Powered Mortgage Automation

Streamlining the mortgage process using AI replaces redundant manual tasks, including data entry and document processing. It uses ML (Machine Learning) algorithms to identify patterns, analyze data, and automate repetitive tasks that often lead to mistakes.

Automated Mortgage Underwriting

AI-powered mortgage underwriting can use data gathered by Machine Learning to replace manual tasks, automating a process that has essentially been the same for decades. AI can analyze vast amounts of data and reduce lenders' exposure to risky loans by making more accurate and bias-free decisions while reducing the amount of time to process loans.

AI-Powered Mortgage Analytics

Mortgage analytics powered by AI and ML is helping mortgage brokers and underwriters alike by providing automation features and capabilities when reviewing and verifying mortgage documentation. It helps speed up the process and eliminates repeated data entry. This intelligent workflow automation improves ease of compliance and regulations, enabling loan origination software to be more responsive and easier to use.

Mortgage Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

AI can also power mortgage chatbots and virtual assistants, empowering clients and mortgage professionals to be “available” 24/7 by using trained LLMs (Large Language Models) to answer customer questions, track the progress of mortgages, notify mortgage teams and clients when key information is missing or incorrect, and can flag potential fraud.

Leveraging AI and RPA for Faster Loan Processing

Mortgage industry professionals, including loan officers and underwriters, can use AI and RPA to reduce loan lifecycle times, understand risk assessment factors, look deeply into credit reports, and speed up residential and commercial real estate loans. AI and RPA can provide real-time customer feedback and personalized experiences, improving the customer journey.

Features and Solutions

Mortgage Software Development Support Services

Chetu offers mortgage software application development & support services that include comprehensive solutions, security management, integration with third-party apps, and strict adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements. Our support team will ensure your software is secure, delivers a positive user experience, and meets or exceeds all system requirements.

Data Protection and Security

Our support services monitor your mortgage software to provide comprehensive encrypted data protection, guard sensitive data, verify data authenticity, and ensure a confidential, secure environment that meets compliance and regulatory standards.

Legacy System Integration

Our team monitors your platform to reflect changes and updates from legacy software integrations. This process continues a seamless and accurate data exchange with your CRM tools, accounting software, credit reporting agencies, document management platforms, and other legacy software or data sources that work in your mortgage process.

Analytics and Reporting

Our engineers continually support robust data analysis and reporting needs in your mortgage software operations so you can enjoy a competitive advantage and use informed decision-making to engage in strategic planning to pull ahead of your competition.

Maintenance and Updating

Our team of experts provides ongoing support and maintenance, including regular updates, bug fixes, and security processes. Additionally, we operate a real-time environment that monitors operating system changes and hardware so you can enjoy full software functionality and 100% uptime.

Third-Party Integration

Our experienced coders will ensure that you continue to enjoy uninterrupted third-party integrations. We support payment gateways, your legacy CRM system, mortgage software, credit bureaus, payment gateways, mortgage calculators, and any other third-party system enabling enhanced functionality.

Compliance and Regulation

Our support team ensures that your mortgage software is updated to reflect the latest regulatory changes and laws so that you remain in legal compliance and seamlessly adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and legislation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Software Development

Mortgage Management Software is a type of software that helps mortgage lenders manage the loan origination process, including applications, underwriting, and closing.

AI can be used to automate tasks such as document verification, credit scoring, and fraud detection, which can help speed up the loan origination process and reduce errors.

By analyzing the large amount of data collected during the mortgage process, Machine Learning can deploy algorithms to identify irregularities. This could mean discrepancies between credit scores, income, employment history, appraisals, property titles, and more in real time.

Mortgage process automation helps loan officers and underwriters process large amounts of data and perform routine tasks using Robotic Process Automation. This automates many processes, including data reconciliations, integrated reporting, loan file checklist verification, data entry, and more.

Mortgage software works by automating highly repetitive tasks, including data entry, lowering errors that humans are prone to make, improving client experience, empowering workers, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Mortgage Management Software with AI can help borrowers by providing faster loan processing times and more accurate underwriting decisions, which can help them get approved for a loan more quickly and at a lower cost.

The benefits of using AI in Mortgage Management Software include faster loan processing times, increased accuracy and efficiency, and reduced risk of fraud.

IT support teams will be able to keep your mortgage software up-to-date with new laws and regulations, market changes, and software, hardware, and operating system updates.

Identify your needs by auditing your services and looking for bottlenecks in your current process. Understand what sector of the mortgage industry you service most and build your app or software around those needs.

AI will automate documentation processing, reducing the need to input the same data multiple times; it can alert officers to any issues or errors, eliminate human error, give accurate risk assessments, and reduce time spent.


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