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Velocify Software Lead Management

Velocify Software is a cloud-based CRM platform designed to help small, medium, and large companies to automate telecommunications, email marketing, sales management, customer/staff management, and calendar scheduling all within one platform. Velocify will automatically generate your preferred reporting and analysis criteria.

Chetu developers provide custom integration with the core functions of Velocify LeadManager. We integrate Velocify with other apps and platforms and automate workflows across them.

Instantly capture and assign leads, respond to phone calls and maintain prospect relationships with automated reminders, texts, emails, and access to call history and notes.

Customer Acquisition

We create platforms to respond to prospects form on your website in real-time. Reply to queries from your PPC ads with instant lead response and web-to-lead capture.

Lead Nurturing

Relationship building is essential to moving contacts from prospects to clients. Our solutions contain contact histories, notes, and have built-in appointment reminders that allow for follow-up calls.

Lead and Contact Management

We automatically route and distribute leads to sales teams. We create admin tools that allow you to assign leads to specific individuals and direct calls to the right departments.

Instant Lead Response

Our solutions allow you to be notified when a prospect submits an inquiry on the web or clicks on an ad. We develop pop-up interfaces that allow for click-to-call instead of dialing by hand.

Velocify Pulse – Sales Prospecting

Velocify pulse is a salesforce tool that automates sales and helps a team to manage calls, compose an email, and send to prospects and recipients using built-in templates. We turn your Salesforce environment into a powerful sales prospecting, closing, and reporting engine.

Prospect Management

We utilize Velocify Pulse to allow you to prioritizes, and distribute leads and opportunities to the right sales person and organize, automate, and update your sales teams’ response processes.

Business Management

We deliver solutions to identify opportunity and isolate bottlenecks from lead source to conversion.

Team Management

We optimize and enforce workflows, tracks and measures activity, and rewards performance.

Mobile Solutions

We develop mobile apps that give loan officers secure, real-time access to prospect data anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device.

Velocify Software to Boost Your Business

Automatically retrieve mortgage leads and distribute them to your sales team. Reassign unworked leads, prioritize all sales communications, and create customized sales workflows.

Increased Production

We utilize LeadManager’s advanced logic to prioritize leads, setup reminders, and trigger follow-up actions. Allowing for greater efficiency and increased production.

Expanded Reach

We utilize LeadManager to automate routine tasks, such as setting reminders and determining contact hierarchy and method of contact.

Faster Response Time

Our solutions integrate texting into a unified, multi-channel sales engagement solution that automatically distributes leads to the right rep at the right time for immediate follow-up.

AI-Powered Velocify Solutions

Velocify is a sales and marketing automation platform that empowers organizations with AI-driven tools to streamline lead management, enhance customer interactions, and improve conversion rates. It has many features that can help improve overall business operations.

Customer Interactions Personalized with AI

Our developer can perform AI-driven integrations that enable Velocify users to create highly personalized customer interactions. By analyzing vast customer data, AI can tailor communication strategies, predict customer preferences, and suggest the best time and channel to engage with prospects. Personalization enhances customer experience and increases conversion rates.

AI-Driven Lead Scoring & Routing

Our team can develop AI algorithms that assign scores to leads based on demographic information, behavior, and historical data. These advanced algorithms help sales teams prioritize and focus on leads with the most potential for conversion. Additionally, AI can automate lead routing by analyzing lead attributes and routing them to the most appropriate sales representative. This ensures that leads are distributed efficiently.

Predictive Analytics Powered by AI

Our developers can implement AI-powered predictive analytics to forecast lead conversion rates and sales performance. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and adjust strategy accordingly. Velocify's predictive analytics can be seamlessly integrated into sales workflows, meaning sales representatives can access lead scores, conversion forecasts, and other insights. It can also generate reports with insights into lead generation, conversion trends, and campaign performance.

Enhanced Communication with AI

Our experts can implement AI algorithms to automate communication with leads and prospects through email and other channels. This automation feature can personalize email content, send follow-up messages at optimal times, and respond using chatbots. Virtual assistants harness NLP technology to handle routine inquiries and answer common questions. This frees up time for representatives to work on more high-value tasks and improve response times, which is crucial for lead engagement and conversion.

Integration with Third-Party AI Services

As a part of Velocify's network of integrations, our team can provide specialized AI capabilities, such as sentiment analysis, speech recognition, and predictive modeling. Leveraging Velocify's seamless integrations, our team empowers businesses to harness the full potential of AI-driven insights and automation. These capabilities enable them to understand customer sentiments better, enhance communication through speech recognition, and make informed decisions by employing predictive modeling.

Customizable Models with AI

Our dedicated AI specialists with industry experience can utilize Velocify's ability to customize predictive models to align with a business’s goals and industry nuances. The flexibility enables organizations to tailor their predictive analytics to their unique needs and preferences to produce more accurate predictions that will equip them in making more informed decisions.

We Ensure Your Compliance with TILA-RESPA (TRID), HMDA & MISMO

Chetu's mortgage software development experts comply with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) fair lending standards including the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).

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Real Estate CRMS

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Chetu engineers underwent comprehensive Encompass Digital Lending Platform™ training, establishing a collaborative connection with Ellie Mae® and an official partnership. Chetu leverages a deep understanding of Ellie Mae's code architecture, recognizing the vast applications this software has within the mortgage sector.

Chetu proudly provides Ellie Mae integration services to encourage mainstream adoption of Encompass solutions, and to satisfy our client's mortgage automation needs with developers fluent in Ellie Mae's platform.

Image showing app with Velocify Software developed by Chetu.

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Advances in technology have allowed countless industries to enhance their business practices and streamline their operations in ways never thought possible. The use of Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS) in the real estate industry has made it so all computer systems that interact with real estate information do so in a standardized language and format the data in a universal style. By being able to securely exchange information with many different MLS systems, RETS-compliant real estate organizations have been able to gain an advantage over their competitors and provide faster, more updated results to their customers.


Blog: Real Estate Valuation Engines – Make Informed Decisions With Custom Analytics

Real Estate Valuation is one of the most important aspects of the real estate industry. Leave it out of the equation, and there would be no use for looking at property, let alone buying it. Why? Real estate valuation is estimating the value of real property for the purpose of financing, investment analysis, insurance, and taxation. Real estate valuation engines (or real estate analytics), however, is the software that facilitates those functions. It streamlines the process between the time a property initially goes up for sale and the time it is sold.


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