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Credit histories have the ability to dictate our future and financial endeavors. For this reason, credit bureaus exist to mediate creditor-consumer relationships, ensuring the conditions of these relationships remain transparent to both parties. Our client is a credit bureau comprised of Mexican companies collaborating to nurture positive economic relations, help companies and people meet their financial goals, and establish guidelines to streamline parameters for credit evaluation.

The client curates data flow to form payment profiles through behavioral analysis. Institutions report crediting statistics to our client, and our client funnels this data into useable loaning intelligence. By analyzing consumer credit histories, banking institutions can evaluate financial readiness and reliability for lending and other services. Through consultative lending, we reduce risk for the benefactor, as well as the lender. When low-income benefactors agree to high-interest loans, they jeopardize their credit history; our client helps prevent this from happening.

Not only does the client service individuals, but they also market to credit holders, providing promotional offerings to increase brand awareness.

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Credit check using Liferay portal


In order to provide updated credit profiles, the client leverages the specialized tracking technologies that zero in on a series of predetermined factors—late payments, delinquency, collections, good-standing accounts. For this reason, the client came to Chetu, proactively seeking the software solutions they required to revamp their legacy system.

Chetu's main project objective was to provide the supplier certificate module. The client had a two-way process for supplier registration. The first step was to register the supplier by buyer, and the second, to register the supplier by the client's control desk. Once the supplier registers, they login to the application using a username and password, information they receive through automated email mechanisms. Unifying the certification process was completely dependent on Liferay portal technology, which Chetu integrated with our client's proprietary application.

From the application, the suppliers can upload payment receipts. The control desk module verifies supplier payments and then enables all tools for the supplier—application forms, service orders, and upload document options. After uploading all required documents, the control desk contacts socioeconomic analysts and financial specialists to issue the supplier with the appropriate certificate. There are three possible certificates: silver, gold, platinum.


During the development process Chetu implemented the following technologies…

Chetu used SOA using Talend EDB to configure the service and DAO layer structure in Talend. The first step was to create a site, proceeding from there to create user groups—buyer, supplier, control desk, analyst. We then implemented individual profiles, assigning each profile to the corresponding group. Each user was given two assignments—Liferay internal user and user group module and a custom user creation.

Liferay provides a jumping off point for website development, leveraging the architecture clients need to build a robust desktop-to-mobile experience. Liferay is not exclusive to finance or payments, servicing industries across the board. In using Liferay 7.0, clients receive the infrastructural elements needed for portal, intranet, and website builds. Chetu integrated the Liferay Portal, using Liferay user and user group modules for login and configuration. The Liferay application sends requests to the Talend ESB, analyzing the response provided by Talend.

Considering the ubiquity of credit lines and economic participation, our client required an intuitive user database to remain sustainable in the years to come. Chetu certainly opened the door for sustainability, formulating the bandwidth the client needed to accommodate a widening data current. The new system will also help keep data organized, reducing questions of integrity and accuracy. Overall, the project was highly successful, providing a system that the client envisioned.

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