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Traffic Management Software Development

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Traffic Management Systems

We design customizable Traffic Management System (TMS) dashboards with modules for Quick Response, GIS-powered map recording and playback, report retrieval, field communication, and control centers for dynamic message signage, variable speed limit signage, route guidance technologies, transit signal priority, emergency vehicle preemption, and intersection control tools including automated traffic-light and pedestrian signal sequencing.

Traffic Management Network Development

Engineering of networks that integrate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with legacy Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN), Commercial Vehicle Roadside Information Sorting Systems (CRISS), and security protocols for data and credential protection. We implement National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP) rules including center-to-center data sharing and standards framework.

Intelligent Transportation System Software

We program software and firmware for real-time traffic monitoring systems including RFID sensors, induction loops, weigh-in motion devices, ramp meters, vehicle-to-infrastructure electronic beacons, automatic number plate recognition, Bluetooth detectors, stop bar sensors, transit audio microphones, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication platforms, and Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS).

Traffic Management Video Solutions

We integrate Networked Video Recorders (NVRs) and Video Management Systems (VMS) with new or legacy traffic cameras including infrared, CCTV, HDTV, speed detection, automated traffic enforcement, and automated incident detection. Video detection processors archive data on lane-by-lane speeds, occupancy, and headway as well as trigger stopped and wrong-way vehicle alarms.

Floating Car Data

We implement xFCD (Extended Floating Car Data) software for speed tracking across standard wireless communications (IEE 802.11) using vehicle re-identification sensors, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), telematics devices, and smartphone-based rich monitoring.

Traffic Information Management Systems

We develop custom algorithms to detect and analyze traffic patterns, including speed, stops, arterial travel times, accidents, and delays due to side streets and left turns. Dynamic intersection sequences and other automated traffic optimizations are archived and cross-checked against other controller databases for analysis.

Our Transportation Software Development Solutions
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