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Green Light Our Traffic Management Software for a More Streamlined System

Our traffic management system software solutions will lead you in the right direction, leveraging years of experience from certified developers who will program your project from scratch or update legacy systems. With our services, it will be green light all the way.

Traffic Management
System Design

Chetu designs customizable Traffic Management System (TMS) dashboards with modules for features such as Quick Response, GIS-powered map recording and playback, report retrieval, field communication, variable speed limit signage, route guidance technologies, and intersection control tools including automated traffic-light and pedestrian signal sequencing.

Integrated Traffic
Management System

We engineer networks that integrate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with legacy Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN), Commercial Vehicle Roadside Information Sorting Systems (CRISS), and security protocols for data and credential protection. We also implement National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP) rules.

Intelligent Transportation
System Software

Our experts program intelligent transportation system software and firmware for real-time traffic monitoring systems including RFID sensors, weigh-in motion devices, ramp meters, vehicle-to-infrastructure electronic beacons, automatic number plate recognition, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication platforms, and Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS).

Traffic Camera
Software Integration

We integrate Networked Video Recorders (NVRs) and Video Management Systems (VMS) with new or legacy traffic cameras including infrared, CCTV, HDTV, speed detection, automated traffic enforcement, and automated incident detection. Video detection processors archive data on lane-by-lane speeds, occupancy, and headway, as well as trigger stopped and wrong-way vehicle alarms.

Floating Car
Data Solutions

We develop custom algorithms to detect and analyze traffic patterns, including speed, stops, arterial travel times, accidents, and delays due to side streets and left turns. Dynamic intersection sequences and other automated traffic optimizations are archived and cross-checked against other controller databases for analysis.

Network Traffic
Monitoring Software

Our engineers implement xFCD (Extended Floating Car Data) software for speed tracking across standard wireless communications (IEE 802.11) using vehicle re-identification sensors, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), telematics devices, and smartphone-based rich monitoring.

AI-Powered Traffic Management Software Solutions

From AI-optimized traffic flow to autonomous guidance and enhanced safety measures, we redefine the driving experience. Our solutions set a new standard for intelligent traffic management, ensuring cities are data-driven, adaptable, and safer.

AI-Optimized Traffic Flow

Traffic Flow

We specialize in intelligent traffic management solutions as our AI-optimized traffic flow technology is revolutionizing urban mobility. We empower cities to create efficient and streamlined transportation networks through our cutting-edge automated traffic flow, AI-based congestion management, and adaptive traffic control systems. Our predictive algorithms analyze historical data, enabling our system to forecast congestion and adjust real-time traffic signals.

AI Automated Traffic Guidance and Route Optimization

AI Automated Traffic Guidance
and Route Optimization

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for autonomous traffic guidance and route optimization. Our AI-driven systems, including autonomous traffic guidance, AI-assisted transportation planning, and advanced driver assistance systems, redefine the driving experience. We provide drivers with real-time route optimization based on current traffic conditions, ensuring efficient navigation. Additionally, our software assists in transportation planning through data analytics, contributing to effective urban development.

AI-Driven Traffic Signalization for Enhanced Safety

AI-Driven Traffic Signalization
for Enhanced Safety

Our AI-driven intelligent traffic signalization responds to real-time conditions, optimizing signal timings for safety and efficiency. Our software works with AI-based road safety systems and actively contributes to accident prevention by detecting potential hazards. By choosing our comprehensive solutions, cities can ensure that their traffic signals regulate flow but actively work towards creating secure driving entrainment, making roads safer for everyone.

Traffic Coordination & Self-Learning Systems with AI

Traffic Coordination & Self-Learning
Systems with AI

We are at the forefront of cognitive traffic coordination and self-learning systems, setting a new standard for intelligent traffic management. Our AI-driven solutions facilitate a synchronized traffic flow with cognitive traffic coordination. Our self-learning traffic control systems continuously evolve by adapting to changing traffic patterns. Cities can benefit from an adaptive and intelligent traffic management system that becomes more effective over time. We transform urban transportation into a seamlessly coordinated experience.

AI-Enhanced Road Safety Measures

AI-Enhanced Road
Safety Measures

We are dedicated to providing AI-enhanced road safety measures through innovative software solutions. Our AI algorithms contribute to hazard detection, and our advanced driver assistance system offers real-time assistance to drivers, preventing accidents. We can implement comprehensive safety measures that actively contribute to creating a secure driving environment. We are committed to leveraging technology to make roads safer, and our software solutions demonstrate our dedication to road safety.

Smart Transportation with AI Assistance

Smart Transportation with
AI Assistance

We specialize in smart transportation planning and offer AI-assisted solutions that redefine urban development—our AI processes vast amounts of data for effective transportation planning and infrastructure improvements. By analyzing historical traffic data and current usage patterns, our software provides valuable insights for informed decision-making on urban planning. Cities partnering with us can harness the power of AI to optimize their transportation systems, ensuring they are data-driven and adaptable to the evolving needs of a growing urban environment.

Traffic Management Software Support Services

Chetu ensures efficient traffic flow in software support services, providing dedicated transportation system assistance, traffic monitoring tools, and an advanced traffic guidance system. Our expertise goes beyond implementing traffic guidance and extends to offering urban mobility assistance.

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
and Analysis

Technical support is vital for optimal Traffic Management application performance. Our expert team excels in troubleshooting, including dedicated traffic operation software system support, ensuring uninterrupted traffic operations through continuous monitoring and quick response times.

Proactive Application Maintenance Help Desk

Proactive Application Maintenance
Help Desk

We excel in proactively maintaining Traffic Management applications, providing timely updates, security patches, and performance optimizations. It ensures the longevity and reliability of systems, enhancing overall efficiency.

Flexible Support for Smart Traffic Infrastructure

Flexible Support for Smart
Traffic Infrastructure

Chetu's extended support ensures the long-term reliability of Traffic Management software. We offer ongoing security updates, technology upgrades, traffic optimization solutions, and a system for managing road congestion, aligning with evolving technological standards.

Around-the-Clock Assistance and Troubleshooting

Around-the-Clock Assistance
and Troubleshooting

Exceptional customer service is paramount in Traffic Management application support. Chetu is committed to delivering top-notch service, addressing queries, providing guidance, and ensuring a positive experience for clients relying on traffic management software.

Traffic Management Software FAQs

AI leverages real-time data from various sources, such as traffic cameras and sensors, to analyze patterns and suggest the most optimal vehicle routes, ensuring a smoother traffic flow.

During peak hours, AI adapts to the increased demand in real-time by dynamically adjusting traffic signals and rerouting vehicles. It helps prevent congestion and optimizes overall traffic management.

A traffic management support system is an AI-driven platform that monitors, analyzes, and controls traffic. It integrates data from diverse sources to provide insights and implement strategies for efficient traffic management.

Yes, because these systems collect and analyze sensitive information about individuals' movements, raising potential privacy issues related to surveillance and data security. That's why implementing robust encryption and anonymization techniques is imperative.

Our Transportation Software Development Services


Drop us a line or give us a ring about traffic management center software services. We’d love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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