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We develop custom weather management software solutions combining vast libraries of real-time weather data from a national network of radar and weather satellites with state-of-the-art tracking features & hi-resolution weather graphics built into a single, unified solution.

Weather Tracking App Development

Chetu’s customizable weather tracking & management apps leverage weather tracking information, including live weather satellite, live weather Doppler, and local weather radar data to notify users of rapidly changing weather patterns and conditions.

Operational Risk Management

Companies across all industries utilize weather data to make informed decisions regarding asset protection, business continuity, and risk management. We help organizations mitigate operational risk by providing environmental intelligence from local weather networks.

Always-On Threat Monitoring

We utilize the latest technologies to connect users to a vast network of weather satellites, radar stations, and local weather networks for continual threat monitoring, protecting families, businesses, and communities from hazardous weather conditions.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Receive real-time perimeter weather alerts via SMS text, email message, or audible alarm notifying users of all types of weather conditions, level of weather severity, and potential impacts of weather conditions from heavy rain & lighting to hurricanes & winter storms.

Information & Location-Based Weather App Integrations

Our GPS/GIS programming experts seamlessly integrate third-party mapping solutions with your weather tracking & risk assessment applications to provide users with the most accurate, up-to-date weather forecasts.

ESRI ArcGIS Integrations

We integrate with ESRI’s ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World platform to create customizable maps, fluid graphics/weather animations, road sign labels, and other standard GIS layers designed to provide users with a clear sense of weather & geographical space.

GPS Integrations

To provide users with the most up-to-date weather forecasts based on their precise location, we integrate third-party GPS apps, like Teletrac, which uses computer forecasting models and satellite instrument data cross-calibration to generate weather forecasts.

WIMS Integrations

Integrated with the Weather Information Management System (WIMS) that serves as a host for the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS), our custom weather tracking app allows you to retrieve weather information via satellite (RAWS Gateway).

Industry-Specific Weather Maps

Pre-programmed with default Summer weather maps (lightning, rain, severe storm warnings) and Winter weather maps (snowfall, blizzard, and ice warnings), we implement alternate weather maps for users to monitor different kinds of weather and how they impact different activities.

Marine Weather

The marine weather map is designed with nautical layers such as sea buoy stations, measuring water temperature, wave height, and wind speeds.

Pilot Weather

The pilot weather map is designed with aviation-oriented layers such as airports, measuring wind speeds, temperatures, visibility, and weather fronts.

Ranger Weather

The ranger weather map is designed with outdoor-oriented geographic layers such as national parks, measuring wildfires, forest fire detections, and earthquakes.

Custom Weather Tracking Radar App Features

Your custom weather tracking app will display real-time alerts of changing weather patterns and conditions. With Chetu, you can customize your map, lighting, detection, NEXRAD history, and so much more, providing you with a custom-tailored weather tracking solution that you can trust.

Radar Map Display Options

We program custom radar map display options that allow users to choose between the standard Google road map (street view map), satellite view, custom black county overlay, custom gray county overlay, and dark Google road map.


Built with several radar options, including elevation tilts 1-4, SAILS identifiers, severe weather outlooks, tropical outlooks, and more, we design your custom-tailored weather tracking radar app to alert users of rapidly changing weather conditions.

Radar Data Viewer Tool

We integrate an intelligent radar data viewer tool that allows users to view storm intensity, velocity intensity, storm precipitation rates, wind speeds, and other storm metrics so that users can retrieve current conditions and extended forecasts.

Severe Weather Outlooks/Warnings

Whenever the National Weather Service issues a severe thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado, flash flood, or special marine warning, your weather app will display the location and warning details based on the real-time storm impact statements.

Vast Weather Data Libraries

At Chetu, we believe in providing all-encompassing weather tracking solutions that combine vast libraries of weather data into an easy-to-use singular interface. Our developers retrieve real-time weather data from reliable U.S. government agencies, including the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Here are some of the many pieces of weather data (measured for density, forecast, and damage over 24, 48, and 72-hour periods) that our custom weather tracking & management apps showcase:

National Weather Radar & NEXRAD Doppler Radar

  • Base Velocity
  • Base Reflectivity
  • Storm Relative Velocity
  • 1-Hour Precipitation
  • Storm Total Precipitation
  • Echo Tops
  • Composite Reflectivity
  • Elevated Tilts (0.5° - 3.5°)

Weather Categories - SPC Day 1-3 Outlooks/Probabilistics

  • Tropical Storms
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Hail
  • Wind (MPH)
  • Temperature (C°/F°)
  • Visibility

National Weather Service (NWS) Advisories

  • Winter/Blizzard
  • Snow/Sleet
  • Fire/Red Flag
  • Coastal/High Surf
  • Civil Emergencies
  • Excessive Heat/Freeze
  • MODIS Fire Detections
  • Surface Pressure (Isobars)


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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