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Our Car Rental Software Development Solutions

  • We program custom car rental software systems and fleet management platforms with integrated real-time GPS vehicle tracking capabilities
  • We integrate with any online booking engine / reservation software platform or build custom systems
  • We develop contract management software platforms to manage customer rental agreements, store drivers' license / insurance information and ensure data integrity
  • We integrate with credit bureau reporting platforms (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) to allow instant access to customers' credit history
  • Programming of vehicle issuing and receiving software features including mileage in / out and fuel usage tracking, plus damage logging capabilities
  • We program dynamic rate management software to allow automatic rate and price changes for either daily or seasonal adjustments
  • Integration with insurance platforms for verification and expedited communications in the event of an accident
  • We program recovery service platforms in the event of vehicle theft or misuse
  • Development of custom software-for-hardware (firmware) solutions for handheld scanners and fleet management vehicle pick-up / return devices
  • We create custom reporting tools including software to analyze trip reports by vehicle and driver, plus projected utilization reports for fleet planning
  • We implement marketing automation tools including email messaging and SMS text messaging to remind customers of existing rental agreements or encourage new business
  • We integrate with all back-office accounting software to ensure proper reporting, calculation, and collection of city, state, airport, and other surcharges
  • We program custom car rental software to create reports / dashboards that detail depreciations, registration expirations, maintenance records, vehicle rental status (due, overdue), and other essential information

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