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5 Benefits of Integrating GIS with Fleet Management Software

Tyler BoykinBy: Tyler Boykin

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Geographic information system (GIS) software provides access to crucial location-based information, making fleet management easier.

The underlying technology can be used to process spatial data about the position of objects and to display the data topographically on a map. The resulting map-based display enables viewers to identify patterns and relationships in the locations of objects over time. In addition, the display can show information about streets, buildings, and vegetation in one place. GIS software is also useful for identifying and solving transportation-related problems.

Businesses can become more efficient by integrating GIS technology with fleet management software. The benefits of this type of integration include accurate reporting, eco-friendly decision-making, efficient disaster recovery and prevention, geofencing capabilities, and improvements in safety.

Accurate Reporting

By offering GIS integration to fleet managers, software development companies will be able to provide them with valuable information such as real-time data. This data can be used to adjust routes when there’s bad weather or traffic.

Thanks to GIS technology, dispatchers are able to view the exact location of each fleet vehicle, as well as the spatial relationship of the vehicle to nearby objects or geographical features. In addition, businesses can use GIS information to make more informed decisions when purchasing vehicles, making repairs, and working with drivers.

Eco-Friendly Decision-Making

Fleet managers often have no idea how much damage their vehicles may be causing to the environment. By offering GIS integrations, you can provide these managers with access to environmental data about population migration, tree canopy cover and runoff, natural disasters, and vehicle-based pollution. With this information, fleet managers can make any adjustments that are needed to avoid causing environmental damage.

Efficient Disaster Recovery and Prevention

Fleet management plays a vital role in disaster recovery and prevention operations. For example, fleet managers can use GIS data to create hazard maps showing the geographic areas that are vulnerable to damage from hurricanes, mudslides, or wildfires. This data is helpful during clean-up operations after a natural disaster.

Integrating GIS technology with fleet management software gives fleet managers the ability to plan evacuation routes and the ability to design emergency operations centers. This type of software integration is also helpful in scenarios where communications networks have been destroyed.

Fleet managers should use the predictive features and data from GIS software to prepare for disasters, as well as for the recovery process. Doing so will make it possible to minimize damage and save lives.

Geofencing Capabilities

Geofencing Capabilities

Another feature that can be included in GIS software is geofencing, which makes it possible to create custom virtual perimeters around routes, zones, parcels, or other landmarks. Fleet managers can use these perimeters to monitor all activity within specified locations and configure custom alerts indicating when a vehicle has entered or exited an area.

Ultimately, geofencing is useful for tracking deliveries and avoiding restricted areas and danger zones.

Improvements in Safety

Software development companies have the opportunity to use GIS technology to improve driver safety. These companies can use GIS-powered fleet management software to help fleet managers view speed limit data and set custom speeding safety alerts for different vehicles. Fleet managers can also use GIS information to view road construction and help drivers avoid construction zones.

Integrate with Esri

Software development companies should use GIS software from Esri to take fleet management systems to the next level. Esri’s software includes features such as navigation and routing, interactive maps, and location sharing. Businesses can use those features to improve workflows and increase productivity.

Integrating Esri’s GIS software with fleet management systems doesn’t have to be difficult. Chetu is an Esri Silver partner with an Esri Release Ready specialty. Our certified ESRI GIS specialists are able to seamlessly integrate Esri’s ArcGIS platform with any third-party or proprietary business software, system, or application.

By utilizing Chetu’s services to integrate fleet management software with ArcGIS, you can help companies make fleets more efficient.


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