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Optimize Your Distribution Process with Tailored Software Solutions

We build custom software solutions to streamline inventory, quickly create orders and improve customer communications. Our developers provide inventory management solutions for wholesale accounting, invoicing and order entry systems.

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ERP For Wholesale Distribution Management

We program end-to-end distribution management software designed specifically for Food and Beverage (F&B) distributors and logistics professionals. Our advanced distribution systems include features for ERP software with lot numbers traceability, orders management, automated picking, catch weight management, assembly management, inventory management, general ledger software, and customer database software. We program APIs to interface with vendor, dispatch, warehouse management, and delivery systems in order to streamline communications between logistics management staff and wholesale distributors, as well as, maintain inventory visibility.

Food Delivery Dispatch Software

Delivery Dispatch Software

We integrate order management, distribution, and dispatch software for automating or manually scheduling deliveries, with options for planning staggered, multi-site, and continuous deliveries. We leverage AIDC tracking technology and manual scanning devices to maintain real time visibility of F&B products. We engineer custom lot tracking solutions for large retailers, with kitting, culling, and re-packaging functionality. We integrate with GIS/GPS systems for planning deliveries based on the most efficient routes, traffic patterns, and fuel efficiency.

beverage distribution software

Specialty and Grocery Store Logistics Software

We develop customized logistics software for supermarket and grocery store chains that facilitate enterprise-wide management of inventory control and transportation processes. In addition to full-line software for F&B distributors, we design logistics management systems, customizable for the needs of niche F&B segments, including fresh produce, frozen foods, seafood, alcoholic beverages, and meat. We also develop integrated system solutions for producers who handle their own distribution.

food distribution software

Wholesale Database Management Systems

We utilize best-in-class database management systems when designing scalable, customer-specific product catalogs. We program point of sale systems with multi-tiered categorization, responsive order prompts, multiple units of measure, and decision support based on order histories. We optimize workflows for Distributor Sales Reps by enabling them to analyze customer orders, adjust unit prices accordingly, and manage customer relationships and commissions.

Cloud Based Distribution Accounting Software

Cloud Based Distribution Accounting Software

Chetu creates a cloud based wholesale distribution accounting software architecture that integrates with ERP tools, business intelligence engines, report generators, and APIs. Additionally, we develop apps with single-entry functionality to populate general ledgers, tax prep modules, and bidding platforms.

food distribution software

Food Processing Automation Systems

Our experts develop custom food processing automation systems for wholesale distribution businesses. We program custom solutions that automate inventory management, quality control, compliance, and product tracking processes. These solutions improve efficiency, minimize waste, and increase productivity. We work closely with clients to deliver seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.


Chetu's F&B software experts comply with regulatory standards enforced and recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

Food and Beverage Software Development

Our expert developers customize software used in the F&B industry, we specifically design flexible and configurable software systems to boost delivery efficiency, sales, and profitability.

Food Distribution Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Food distribution software is a technology that helps wholesale distributors manage and streamline their business operations, such as order processing, inventory management, and logistics. It automates and optimizes tasks, reduces errors and delays, and provides real-time data insights to help decision-making.

The key features of food distribution software include order management, inventory control, route optimization, delivery tracking, reporting and analytics, vendor management, and customer relationship management. These features help food distributors to optimize their supply chain, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

The benefits of using this type of software for customers include faster and more accurate order processing, improved order tracking and delivery times, better customer service, and access to real-time product availability and pricing information.

Food distribution systems are the networks and processes that move food products from producers to consumers, involving various actors and stages to ensure access to food for all.

AI can transform the distribution of food by automating tasks, enhancing quality control, reducing human error, and improving food safety.

AI is revolutionizing the food industry in various ways, from optimizing supply chain management and enhancing food safety measures to developing new products and predicting consumer demand. Additionally, AI is helping with cost savings and improving efficiency through applications like sorting fresh produce, cleaning-in-place systems, and other innovative technologies.


Drop us a line or give us ring about food distribution software development. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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