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The Golden Rules of UI/UX Design: Building an Experience No User Can Resist

By: Barrack Diego

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Terms like UX, UI and web designing get thrown around the tech space a lot. We hear about user experience so frequently, it’s difficult to know what to listen in on and what to tune out.

Before you understand the importance of these terms, it’s important to understand how these terms contrast each other.

User Experience: The King of All (Software) Kings

UX refers to user experience. We know how important brand interactions are, and in this digital space, everything revolves around providing the best customer experience throughout the purchase journey. UX designing refers to improving the customer's interaction with the respective website. This process mainly deals with structuring components to maximize customer satisfaction.

UX design

Prior to venturing into the UX designing process, you need to delve into your data. Explore deep market research to get a handle on customer requirements, needs, and most importantly the nuances of their personal preferences – all of which differ from one to other based on geographical, demographic and psychographic components.

In short terms, you have to understand what your customers expect from you and why they have visited your website. This would help you to make a customer's journey seamless and easy. It will also help you design your site in a way to make it easily accessible to all.

Making Back-End UI a Front-End Concern

What do you feel when you see a website that isn't well maintained and least interactive? Or you now landed up in a website where you have no idea where to navigate and go to. Well, I say you would exit from that site and find yourselves in a different platform.

User Interface is all about simplifying complex workflows. UI is the man behind the curtain, the supporting characters in UX’s story, your back-end technology.

UI design helps you understand a brand, and you have to do some consumer analysis to examine the existing gaps in the system.

Application, website pages, and self check out pages suffer the most out of a faulty UI. Not just that it leaves your prospective customer to your competitor and the negative brand image would be created!

What Does It Mean to Have a Quality UI?

You could engineer the most revolutionary software known to man, but if user flow is wonky, you won’t garner any adoption. Software without adoption is, well, pointless.

UI and UX both feed off of ease of us. Usability is their whole purpose of being, or at least it should be. What about content overload? If you’re content-heavy, the best thing you can do is break up content into smaller components and make it more palatable. Saying the most amount of information, in the fewest number of words is an art form all businesses should master. Being concise drives conversions.

So, you implement your new user experience, but how do you tell if it’s working? You gauge effectiveness through analysis. Your golden number is bounce rate, here. Bounce rate is the time spent by a customer before he jumps to another website. These bounce rates play a huge role in the ranking of your websites.

At the same time, if you have a lot of information and pictures loaded to your page, this would increase the loading time, and it would take ages to get your site loaded. If you provide a seamless digital experience, you can be sure that your page is ranked high and this would boost the visibility and website traffic.

UI designer's main objective is to create appealing software for each platform including web/mobile applications, and website pages.

UI/UX Tips to Enhance Usability

There are a plethora of applications in the digital space. In other words, your target market has thousands of options at their fingertips. We’re operating within a highly saturated environment. Adoption boils down to how effective and responsive your page or application is.

Usability helps you attain a positive brand image. Here are a few tips to enhance the visibility and usability of your page:

web design

Following these tips will lead to greater sustainability – you won’t need to continually update, retool, and restart. Superior UX and UI starts with finding a superior web development partner. The better the code, the greater the adoption!

About the Author


Barrack Diego is a professional blogger, guest writer & Influencer. Currently associated with Big Drop as a content marketing strategist.


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