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Hire Unreal Engine Developers to Create Unforgettable Gaming Experiences

Whether you require Unreal Engine developers-for-hire to augment your in-house development team or an Unreal Engine game development company to create the next big-hit gaming experience, Chetu has got your needs covered.

Unreal Engine Animation

We customize characters, vehicles, buildings, landscapes, and all kinds of objects using mesh and animation editing tools, controlling complex animation behaviors with Animation Blueprints, and record motion capture linked to characters.

Gameplay & Interactive Design

We harness the power of Unreal Engines Blueprint visual scripting, Variant Manager, robust multiplayer frameworks, artificial intelligence (AI) compatibility, and customizable UI elements, graphics, and widgets to create thrilling interactive gameplays.

Simulation & Effects

We harness the extreme power of UE4’s (and UE5 very soon!) built-in elements (fire, smoke, dust, water, etc.), visual effects editor tools, clothing tools to simulate clothing and fabrics, stand-based hair & fur simulations, and Chaos next-gen physics & destruction system features.

Create New Worlds with Experienced Unreal Engine Developers

Chetu’s highly experienced, affordable, and dedicated Unreal Engine developers-for-hire are ready to build the ideal web or mobile game from scratch or extend your current in-house team to deliver your project on time and on budget.

World Building

We develop dynamic environments using Unreal’s built-in editor, including scalable foliage, landscape, and terrain. We utilize mesh editing and asset optimization tools to correct minor geometric problems without having to disrupt the source package.

Lighting & Rendering

We create realistic exteriors and interior lighting effects and advanced shading to create realistic environments using Unreal Engine’s virtual texturing, flexible material editor, advanced shading models, path tracer, and color compositor tools.

Pipeline Integration

Chetu provides expert-level pipeline integration services to include seamless data conversions (from 3DS Max, Autodesk Revit, SketchUp Pro, Cinema 4D, etc.) FBX, USD and Alembic, python scripting, shotgun integration, and visual data prep.

Unreal Engine Game Development Company for All Gaming Services

Our Unreal Engine developers-for-hire have extensive high-tech expertise in C++, Blueprints, and the Unreal Engine SDK to deliver immersive games supported on various platforms, including iOS, Android, PlayStation, XBOX, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, and more.

Easy Prototyping

We build simple prototypes using Unreal Engine’s Blueprint Visual Scripting feature, ultimately resulting in a high-end AAA game or complex VR/AR/MR experience.

Game Porting Services

We’ll take your current application supported on Unity or another gaming platform and transfer it to the Unreal Engine platform for a seamless game porting solution.

Mobile App Development

We leverage robust technologies and the latest game development tools & techniques to develop incredibly realistic, highly immersive, and awe-inspiring mobile games.

Game QA Testing

Our quality assurance experts run a series of tests to identify and eradicate any bugs, glitches, and other errors to deliver a perfectly operating game that players will love.

Unreal Engine Game Development for VR, AR, & MR

Chetu offers full-cycle Unreal Engine game development services, utilizing our Unreal Engine 4 & 5 expertise and proficiency in 3D game development to deliver highly immersive & customizable VR, AR, & MR gaming solutions.

Mixed Reality Solutions

We deliver smooth 3D holograms that interact with real-world surfaces and respond to commands using cross-platform tools, hardware integration, and cloud security.

AR/VR Gaming Solutions

We create cutting-edge AR & VR gaming solutions, showcasing stunning high-def visuals, full-sphere surround sound audio, rich interaction models, and real-time flexibility.

AR/VR Workplace Training Solutions

Our AR/VR workplace training solutions bring together the software & hardware needed to deliver realistic, immersive, and consistently impactful workplace training at scale.

3D Tourism Solutions

Our Unreal Engine developers build VR-enabled 360-degree tours designed to showcase realistic locations in full view and virtual map tours connected to interactive 3D maps.

Unleash the Power of Metaverse Gaming with Unreal Engine

Utilizing Unreal Engine, our expert game developers engineer future-ready Metaverse gaming environments on par with next-gen consoles, transforming graphics architecture and bringing 3D visualizations to life like never before.

Metaverse NFT Development

Our team of Unreal Engine developers will unleash the power of your Metaverse project with blockchain-based crypto assets. We will aid you in generating a thriving virtual economy consisting of custom branded real estate, clothing, skins, weapons, vehicles, and avatars, all of which will be tradable via a secure NFT marketplace.

Metaverse Gaming Applications

Leveraging the powerful 3D gaming engine, Unreal Engine, our highly experienced application developers create interoperable, interactive, and secure blockchain-based Metaverse gaming applications custom-tailored to fit your business and/or gaming needs.

Play-to-Earn Gaming Model

We’ll engineer a customized play-to-earn gaming model within the Metaverse virtual economic infrastructure to enable players to monetize the amount of time spent playing games and trading in-game assets for crypto.

Develop Blockchain-Based Games with Unreal Gaming Engine

At Chetu, our Unreal Engine developers support both the technical and developmental needs of your Unreal Engine-based game using our proficiency in blockchain development, and VR & AR gaming development experience.

Blockchain Gaming Solutions

We create customized, cryptographically programmed blockchain gaming solutions designed to secure and verify tokenized assets, digital items/products, and players’ in-game history, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade digital assets without hassle.

Blockchain Cryptocurrency Exchange

We engineer scalable blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange software for asset managers, brokers, dealers, token issuers, exchange operators, and crypto custody providers to globally trade crypto and other assets protected by a layered security architecture.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

Leveraging the Unreal Engine SDK, our developers create decentralized smart contracts designed to extend blockchain functionality and facilitate fully transparent asset transactions. Our team will construct a comprehensive smart contract capable of rendering increased efficiency and financial security to your Metaverse gaming environment.


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