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U-Send Streamlines User Experience With Custom Mobile App

U-Send enlisted the services of Chetu’s software development specialists to streamline its custom mobile app to enhance the user experience and provide seamless shipping services internationally.

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- Muaz Rabah - U-Send CEO

U-send Logo


- Supply Chain (SCMS)

Technology Leveraged:

- PostgreSQL 10.19 (database)

- Rails (web framework)

- Ruby 2.3.3 (programming language)

Project Solution:

- Redevelop web and mobile applications to fully function and create an enhanced user experience.

U-Send is a mail forwarding service that provides a wide range of mailing and shipping services to customers located in the United States and abroad. U-Send provides its members with free, dedicated shipping addresses in the United States, allowing them to shop tax-free online and forward packages using same-day shipping services to anywhere worldwide. This forwarding service is also great for U.S. residents, as they can save up to 9.5% on sales tax on everyday purchases. U-Send also provides various perks to members that include discounted courier services, personal shopper concierge services, package storage, shipment tracking, and more.

U-Send offers these premium services to customers conveniently through their state-of-the-art web and mobile applications, making it easier than ever to check off that holiday wish list, no matter where you may be located.

When U-Send first launched, the software the company had developed suddenly stopped working, making it critical to address the issues preventing the app from functioning. U-Send CEO Muaz Rabah wanted to change the application’s payment gateway, and he knew some bugs needed to be fixed within the customer engagement platform as well. When he began his search for a reliable software development company to assist him with this project, he knew what he was looking for, stating:

“I worked with other overseas companies before, and I wasn’t too happy with their work, so I wanted to try another company that had a presence in the U.S. as well as full-time project management. The business model led me to consider Chetu. I chose Chetu because of its structure; you assign certain developers to the project. Also, the hourly rate was decent.”

Skilled Developers Streamline Success

The development environment used in this project included a Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) operating system and a PostgreSQL 10.19 object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). The Ruby 2.6.3 programming language was used, in addition to a Puma application server, an Apache web server, and a Rails web framework.

The challenge was to redevelop U-Send’s existing app to make it fully functional and create a more streamlined user experience. This included changing the payment gateway, some bug fixes, and resolving two issues on the app’s customer engagement platform, Twilio.

Chetu’s team of developers took an initial approach that began with analyzing U-Send’s current application and providing a tabular representation of each field in the UI with the corresponding database field and business logic used. The team presented the table to the client for approval and direction on modifications needed in the new custom mobile app. From there, the payment gateway needed to be changed from Stripe to SquareUp using the existing tables and schema to make the app more user-friendly and provide additional functionality. Addressing the bug fixes and Twilio issues followed.

Custom App Development

Chetu’s team of developers triumphed over their challenge, and the project was a success. U-Send now has an app that is fully functional, updated, and has everything Mr. Rabah had envisioned.

U-Send’s customers now have an enhanced experience with the ability to log in to their accounts using the web or mobile applications. They can select mailing boxes and supplies for purchase, pick shipping services and methods, and choose between membership subscription packages. They can also add and delete payment methods as well as multiple billing and shipment addresses. Best of all, customers can track all of their shipments – domestic or international – directly from the app. Mr. Rabah had positive things to say about his experience working with Chetu:

“I enjoyed having a project manager I could work with, communicate with, and receiving daily reports kept me assured that work was being done. The timelines that were provided helped me understand the overall project. Chetu met my expectations, deadlines were met, and they were pretty clear. I don’t mind trying them out for another project in the future.”

Chetu delivers world-class supply chain management software solutions. Our custom solutions are built by developers with the skill set to meet the needs of any project, regardless of its size or complexity.

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