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Unity 2D Game Developers: Build Your Custom Casino Games

By: John Bailey


Unity is a game engine and framework system for designing three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) games, simulations, and other interactive experiences. With outstanding graphics capabilities, high performance, and flexibility, Unity has become the leading engine used to develop cross-platform content.

Unity may have begun as a game design platform for 3D games, but now it has native tools to develop exciting 2D products. Unity 2D makes it easy to incorporate game assets, handle collider interactions, and animate exciting top-down or side-scrolling creations.

Benefits of Hiring Developers to Create Unity 2D Games

In recent years, titles like “Cuphead” and “Inside” have allowed 2D gaming to gain global popularity, but because of limited 2D assets compared to 3D assets that are readily available through Unity, they require custom development to be actualized.

Skilled developers who know how to create 2D games and game assets in Unity can utilize the engine for building interactive content due to Unity’s:

Developers can assist with every step of the game building process from initial development to the final production and apply a critical eye to find all inconsistencies and make sure the game is complete before deployment.

Custom Casino Gaming with Unity 2D Game Development

Custom Casino Gaming with Unity 2D Game Development

The gambling industry also stands to benefit from unity 2D game development. It is widely known that casino gaming is one of the best categories to develop a game for as it renders excellent earnings compared to the number of downloads. Risk and reward gameplay is a popular form of entertainment that allows players to earn real-money prizes while engaging with attractive graphics and captivating animations.

While land-based gambling and real-money gaming is as popular as ever, online gambling has gained popularity as an alternative that doesn’t require players to leave the comfort of their homes. Between 2017 and 2020, the online gambling market global revenue rose 13% and stands to see more growth as advancements in technology allow for:

Games must also adhere to strict standards of compliance—particularly for online real-money games—which custom 2D casino game developers can ensure are adhered to. Regulations must be followed in order to ensure that no one who is underage engages with the games, or plays real-money games in countries where it is outlawed. Local and globally accessible online gambling industries have separate jurisdictions that developers can ensure are followed.

Save Money with Custom Unity 2D Game Development

While 85% of electronic slot machines are owned, the themed games played on them are often leased. Casinos require licensing rights to be able to use the game content, skins, and themes.

Rather than paying once for the content, a royalty fee based on regular earnings is paid to the licensee, cutting into casino revenue.

With custom Unity 2D casino game development, game assets can be created and then owned outright by the casino implementing them to avoid excessive costs. Casinos can subsequently avoid paying fees for under-performing titles that require high licensing fees.

Additionally, in the back-office, owned machine themes that aren’t performing well could be changed via a server-based system to increase the amount of revenue a casino makes by switching to more attractive and better performing titles.

Types of Custom Casino Games Built by Hiring Unity 2D Developers

With custom casino game software development for a variety of casino games using experienced Unity developers, can integrate Unity’s numerous tools to create eye-catching graphics and animations by utilizing their state of the art User Interface (UI). Below are the types of real-money 2D casino games that can be created by developers through Unity.

Land-Based Casino Games

Land-based casinos are physical buildings in which casino games are played. Many land-based casinos currently offer electronic games due to them being highly attractive and interactive. Entire slot and video poker arcades are quickly becoming increasingly popular in more modernized casinos.

Custom software developers can integrate Unity’s numerous tools to create aesthetically pleasing graphics, impressive animations, and engaging UIs for land-based casino games. Walking through a physical casino, players can choose from numerous individual themes when choosing which electronic games to play. An electronic slot game based on the aesthetics of ancient Rome, for example, could feature graphics of Roman coins, gladiator helmets, and Roman emperors to entice players and create exciting gambling experiences.

Desktop Casino Games

Unity is able to deliver a highly optimized WebGL API that provides rich visuals and high-performance gambling content at native speed. Developers can ensure that desktop games are able to be played as easily and operate as quickly as their land-based counterparts.

Experiences as dynamic as the ones featured in land-based electronic casino games can be replicated for desktop computer users. An enhanced player experience can be ensured with polished thematic elements and exciting gameplay which makes certain that layers will continually engage with a game.

Mobile Casino Games

Approximately half of the mobile games on the market are currently made using Unity making it the optimal choice for mobile casino games. Casino games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker can all be played from the comfort of the players’ homes in order to win real money prizes.

Unity 2D developers can build, skin, and launch engaging content that keeps mobile players engaged without draining mobile device batteries. The same casino gaming experiences that can be created for electronic slots or for desktop gambling can be accessed by smart device users anywhere and at any time.

Hire Unity 2D Developers for Your Custom Casino Game

Through custom 2D Unity game development, it can not only be ensured that players will enjoy the games and return to play them, but also make certain that casinos can increase profits by paying developers once to create custom games through Unity that are owned outright rather than splitting revenue between the house and licensees.

By ceasing to pay a portion of said revenue for the leasing of in-game designs and skins from third-party designers and developers, online and land-based casinos are able to increase the amount of revenue they make to increase the longevity and success of real-money gaming ventures.


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