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Gaming on a New Level Using Unity Software

Written by Sachin Sharma
Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma

In a world of never ending new technology, Chetu developers take pride in providing ultra-modern software technology solutions to businesses and customers in need. Chetu's expertise in the gaming industry has been ongoing through hard work for clients and partners such as Unity Technologies, a video game development company best known for its Unity gaming platform. Chetu provides Unity gaming software development and programming services through: Unity Gaming Architecture, Unity System Integration, Unity Implementation, Unity Mobile Development and Unity VR/AR/MR services. Along the way of providing these services, Chetu published a case study based on a client's realization about virtual reality and its connection to the travel and resort industry using Unity software.

New innovations and advancements in technology have played integral roles in how big the gaming industry is today and how game development is an absolute for seamless user experiences. Specializing in Unity 3D development, Chetu developers provide solutions for various gaming mediums including: casinos, mobile, online, desktops, and game consoles. To help ensure the best end result possible, Chetu also customizes game designs and development of systems including multiplayers games with features such as: game skate, scene management, matchmaking, spawning, and debugging statistics. Chetu also specializes in 2D animations and 3D assets to help provide the user with the ultimate gaming experience via Unity software development.

The architectural design behind the game and its systems are imperative to producing proficient game software. To help harvest a great user-game experience through development, Chetu developers aim to give the customers what they want nowadays, realness. Chetu utilizes motion capture also known as "MOCAP" and BVH files to build realistic character animations to help provide the user with an authentic experience. In addition, Chetu experts design Unity building blocks that track technology and risk management modules for detailed reports for players and administrators in which are integrated into CRM loyalty and rewards modules.

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Chetu Gaming Development and Implementation Services for Unity VR / AR / MR

Chetu developers:

  • Create virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications through Unity VR development and AR development
  • Implement wearable technology with mobile devices for a seamless user experience
  • Analyze and implement monetization strategies for in-app purchases and ad networks to maximize ROI
  • Implement security practices for server-side logic and validation with client-side validation
  • Are always up to speed with ever-changing technology, thus, Chetu offers custom augmented, virtual, and mixed reality app development services
  • Develop AR / VR / MR apps for a variety of platforms including:

Chetu Mobile Gaming Development Services Using Unity:

  • When it comes to Unity programming for a specific mobile device, Chetu is an independent reseller for:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows Mobile
    • Other
  • Chetu also develops cross-platform apps for mobile platforms with the Unity 3D features to the customers desire
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Check out Our Case Study: "How Virtual Reality Applications Immerses Travelers in Vacations before They Book":


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Founded in 2000, Chetu provides its app development service globally, providing both solutions and support services. Chetu's specialized technology and industry experts serve startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies with an unparalleled software delivery model suited to the needs of the client. Chetu's one-stop-shop model spans the entire software technology spectrum. Headquartered in Plantation, Florida, Chetu has fourteen locations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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