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By Nikhil Koranne

Client Overview

The client wanted to enter the Virtual Reality (VR) industry. They reached out to Chetu with the need to create a resort VR application using Unity to allow users to virtually experience different vacation destinations. Their intent was to provide this app to entities in the hospitality (resort) industry to offer prospective customers the opportunity to virtually experience their ideal vacation before booking. Thus, resort entities stood to benefit from the use of this app as it could potentially increase their business and enhance customer interactions.

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Project Overview

The client needed a fully immersive experience. To do so, Chetu created the Unity Engine for the application's 360 degree video graphics and integrated plus synchronized with hardware including a head mounted device (HMD) and components such as a water spray, essence spray, wind blower and a moving platform. This hardware would be housed inside a booth to create 4D physical effects for smell, wind, heat, humidity, etc. These technologies needed seamless interconnectivity to effectively simulate the environment the viewer is experiencing.

The Result

To bring this idea to fruition, Chetu leveraged technologies like .NET Framework 4.5, C#, Unity 5.6 game engine, Windows 10, Oculus VR headset, Android (APK) & iOS (Xcode), and Web APIs (for retrieving information from the client/resort's database) to create a resort VR app that:

  • Operates on a head mounted device such as the Oculus headset to immerse users in virtual 360 degree videos
  • Synchronizes with several in-booth hardware devices, such as those used to create the effects of heat, humidity, water mist, wind and smell.
  • Leverages information located in the respective resort entity's database to display specific environments/resort locations.
  • Fully immerses users and allows them to virtually experience several vacation destinations before they book.
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