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Unbox VR: Crafting Immersive Experiences Through VR App Development

Unbox VR partnered with Chetu to develop a prototype app for a groundbreaking project that would unlock immersive virtual reality exploration for users.


You guys were responsive and as a developer, you guys gave me all the details I needed and were easy to reach.

- Meuy Xaimuangmonh, Founder

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- Gaming

Technology Leveraged:

- Oculus

- Unity 3D

- Visual Studio

- C#

- Autodesk Maya

Project Solution:

- Cutting-edge prototype VR application harnessing Unity, Oculus, and Autodesk Maya to provide a valuable demo and insights for the Unbox VR team to develop a groundbreaking virtual reality experience.

Many top-selling video games and other forms of entertainment, education, and diverse industries all represent incredibly immersive and optimized experiences within Virtual Reality. It’s amazing to look back and see just how far we’ve come; VR has evolved significantly and this has led to an unsurprising adoption within various sectors – making the once entertainment-only tech “multi-functional.”

Understanding this, many creatives and companies have continued to honor the technology’s roots and lead the way toward immersive and unique gaming and communicative experiences. A prime example of this is Meuy Xaimuangmonh and his company: Unbox VR. Meuy was looking for a Unity developer to create a prototype app that would allow his team to have a better understanding of the limitations and advantages of VR to make their intended project. For an app that allows users to explore a world regardless of era and experience what living in that time would be like – this complex task needed specialized VR app development expertise and Chetu answered.

Leveraging a Family of Tools

Creating an ambitious project such as this one begins with foundational basics that allow for functionality and immersion. The tools we utilized to achieve a plain game environment and create the subsequent play area’s borders were a mixture of software and hardware. As intended by Unbox VR, we utilized Unity 3D and Oculus as our engine and platform. However, we also used Visual Studio as our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) due to the code language chosen for the project: C#.

By using these versatile tools for VR apps, we were able to efficiently write, compile, and debug the code that would then be seamlessly integrated into Unity for the environment’s behavior, movements, and the interactions players would be experiencing. Aside from this, we leveraged Autodesk Maya to develop more complex 3D assets and environments that could be easily exported into Unity.

As an Autodesk and Unity partner, our teams are not only proficient in the advanced 3D design tools and game development capabilities that these programs offer but also are able to leverage it to make an optimized project. We were equipped to take a streamlined approach to the development of the tech demo and work under pressure to deliver the project to immense success.

Creating a Starting Point for VR App Development

Once we completed the project and sent it out to Meuy and Unbox VR, we were happy to be informed that their internal teams are able to improve their understanding of the technical potential VR has to achieve their goals. Meuy stated that “we’re taking what we’ve learned from this demo and building a new application from the ground up […] it was good to have that knowledge.

With the project aiming to release in the first quarter of the following year, Chetu’s VR app development has been able to give Unbox VR a better chance at achieving their intended creative endeavor and their funding goals as well! Chetu provides prototype and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development to startups and companies looking to drive innovation and take technology to new heights. We help transform concepts into cutting-edge solutions, using leading technologies, tools, and development processes.

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