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Create Incredible Gaming Experiences with Chetu’s CRYENGINE Developers-for-Hire

Chetu’s game developers & programmers have extensive experience and vast knowledge of how to create high-quality, immersive, and stimulating 2D & 3D gaming experiences using the most powerful game development platform, CRYENGINE.

CRYENGINE game development services

Custom CRYENGINE Game Development

Chetu offers expert-level 2D & 3D CRYENGINE game development services, focusing on delivering astonishingly realistic and highly immersive games to support all of today’s top gaming platforms, including web games for PC or iOS XBOX, PlayStation, Oculus, and more.

Expert CRYENGINE C++ Game Programming

Our gaming software engineers and C++ programmers are the ideal choices for taking on small game projects and giant powerhouse gaming behemoths, providing expert-level C++ programming, designing, plugin development, upgrades, QA testing, and so much more.

Streamlined CRYENGINE Mobile Game Development

Our mobile game development experts design & deploy mobile games for iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Java), Symbian OS (Qt, C++/QML), and Windows (C#, Visual Basic) while utilizing cross-platform development tools such as Apache Cordova, Xamarin, and Titanium.

Seamless CRYENGINE Game Integration

Chetu’s certified CRYENGINE developers seamlessly integrate CRYENGINE technology with your current workflows, wearable technology applications, or other compatible software solutions to deliver optimal functionality, system interoperability, and user experience.

Stunning CRYENGINE Photorealistic Visuals

Our developers leverage CRYENGINE’s robust PBR material & lighting systems, a physically-based rendering model that simulated the interaction between light and real-world materials, creating consistently dynamic visuals that blow players away.

Physically-Based Rendering

Using CRYENGINE’s powerful PBR material and lighting system, we can manipulate and replicate how light behaves in the real world, thus creating a more natural and realistic gaming experience.

DirectX 12 Support

Chetu offers expert-level Microsoft DirectX 12 low-level API development/support, enabling your existing development team to get the most out of your sophisticated, immersive, and visually stunning CRYENGINE game.

Motion Blur & Depth of Field

Whether you want motion blur applied to individual objects or the entire scene of your game, Chetu can implement these features (and many more) using the CRYENGINE platform at a low-performance cost.

Vivid CRYENGINE AI & Animations

Our game designers, developers, and engineers create believable, lifelike characters using CRYENGINE’s powerful special effects, shading & lighting features, and advanced animation/rendering systems.

Advanced AI Systems

We’ll help your game come to life by creating super-realistic animated characters, leveraging CRYENGINE’s fully integrated state-of-the-art AI systems that require no additional middleware technology.

Parametric Skeletal Animation

When creating gory skeletal characters whose movements redefine realism, our CRYENGINE designers blend various default motions, reactions, direction, and speed based on specific user-defined parameters.

Multi-Layer Navigation Mesh

Seamlessly integrated into the CRYENGINE gaming platform, we utilize the Multi-Layer Navigation Mesh (MNM) functionality to access & extend the system’s enhanced dynamic navigational data structure.

Crisp & Clean CRYENGINE Audio

We utilize the full power of CRYENGINE’s audio pipeline, including the highly efficient Audio Controls Editor (ACE) functionality, enabling our expert CRYENGINE developers to create, store, and manage crisp, clean, and high-quality audio events.

Audio Controls Editor (ACE)

Using the Audio Controls Editor (ACE), Chetu’s CRYENGINE game developers can create and connect audio events, switches, and RTPCs, along with maintaining granular management of preloading sound banks.

Audio Abstraction

By utilizing the audio abstraction capabilities, our CRYENGINE experts choose the perfect audio middleware software to agnostically communicate with the CRYENGINE API to deliver flawless, unhindered, quality sounds.

HRTF Audio Spatialization

We leverage the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) feature, allowing our experts to take full advantage of smooth, real-time 3D audio processing capabilities designed to mimic the acoustic signatures of real-world sounds.


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