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Written by Pravin Vazirani

One of the most trying setbacks of the digital age has been bringing all the disparate systems we subscribe to together to function as one complete unit. The cloud made this more possible, as it allowed business owners to make their tools more accessible and universal. But still, operators experience IT disorganization, which more often than not leads to setbacks.

This is where ServiceNow comes in. ServiceNow merges both customer-facing and internal operations processes and streamlines them using machine learning algorithms. With greater interconnectivity, ServiceNow systems reduce down-time and cut overhead significantly.

Although ServiceNow began as an IT service delivery network, giving users the opportunity to trade in their manual workflows for powerful automation tools, it has grown into much more. Whereas the rest of the cloud computing services cover the basics, infrastructural improvements, software servicing, data storage, ServiceNow goes above and beyond to self-adjust and troubleshoot without outside intervention. Where other cloud services depend on a multi-tenant model, ServiceNow leverages a multi-instance structure.

With a multi-instance architecture, the system includes a surplus of resources for all users. Alternative systems offer a single resource or instance to serve multiple users. Essentially, with ServiceNow users are never met with questions of availability or system downtime. The hardware is single-faceted, but the applications, middleware, and database are compartmentalized on a customer to customer basis.

Below we discuss some of the ways ServiceNow uses scalability and automation to unify processes and make life easier for enterprises of all size.

IT Service Management

ServiceNow entices users with promises of a low-maintenance IT system that integrates easily and revives legacy systems. The IT service management system modernizes old IT practices and morphs the system to the business structure so unstructured manual practices become obsolete.

In leveraging ServiceNow's IT Service Management system, enterprises gain incident management mechanisms, change management modules, reports and dashboards, asset management, service level management, and configuration management.

In other words, enterprises automatically keep records of all of the digital exchanges taking place and have the ability to obtain repots illustrating these numbers in real-time.

IT Operations Management

Back-end technologies are the enterprise lifeline, and quality ITOM systems support the business processes with ease. This seamlessness stems from truly integrated parts that work together to reduce lapses in service and increase financial gains.

As data excavation increases and business owners are met with an influx of data, a solid ITOM becomes paramount. ServiceNow's ITOM system works in conjunction with the other ServiceNow solutions, and coordinates directly with an existing ITSM system. The intelligence system proactively identifies blips in the system to prevent outage.

This system breaks down into five parts: discovery, event management, operational intelligence, orchestration, service mapping, and cloud management.

IT Business Management

The hallmark of a strong business model is a dynamic timeline. ServiceNow's IT Business Management model supports business evolution through a series of analytics showing users what is working and what is not.

This platform shows business owners how to make resource allocation better and be more organized with how they manage their budget. You will learn more about why your business is preforming the way it is and how to continue having a dynamic timeline.


The internet has opened us up to lots of information, but it has also opened us up to security risks that we never had before. With legacy systems, users cannot tell whether unknown variables in the system are threats or benign.

ServiceNow's security pinpoints threats from suspicious activity and acts on them immediately to avoid further conflict.

Customer Service

This is where automation really comes in handy, as most customer service questions are repetitive and take a while to resolve since they occur across disparate systems. How businesses respond from a customer service perspective defines them as a company in the eyes of the consumer.

The customer service offering from ServiceNow navigates these concerns through the system, helping them arrive at the resource that can resolve the issue the fastest ServiceNow routes requests accordingly.

HR Service Delivery

HR inquiries are the inevitable for companies of all size, whether it be answering questions about payroll or completing the onboarding process for a new employee. ServiceNow optimizes these processes to eliminate inefficiencies.

In general, ServiceNow's HR Service Delivery encourages better employer-employee relationships, improves output efficiency, makes new hires an easy undertaking, delegate processes to other departments, and improve the way the company delivers service as a whole.

Application Development

Last but not least, you can create your own application tailored to your business. This is a big deal for businesses with unique architecture ServiceNow gives you the tools to create the application your operation needs to move forward.

The applications use a shared data system where user records and tasks records are kept and accessible. All platforms leverage workflow modules, business rules, APIs, and security access controls.

When ServiceNow began they did not expect for their system to grow so exponentially, but it has and your system is capable of achieving the same. ServiceNow offerings are best paired with a full-service back-end development team to implement and integrate their platform with your legacy system. Chetu is a ServiceNow partner, meaning we are fully-versed in their code base and best practice coding techniques used to implement ServiceNow solutions.

Chetu's official partnership with ServiceNow authorizes Chetu to regularly receive training directly from ServiceNow. Our program membership also allows us to access ServiceNow's toolbox, using their internal resources to bring their solutions to market in the fastest means possible.


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