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Cutting-Edge Custom Audit Software Development

There are various types of audit software available, ranging from basic software that supports simple financial audits to complex software that integrates with other systems and includes advanced features such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Custom audit management automates the investigative process of systems, reports or entities. Audits can be conducted for compliance, finances, operations, taxes and more. They can be internal or external and cover various tasks. Our custom audit software experts develop a multitude of solutions in one comprehensive framework for the complete audit lifecycle, from planning to recommendation application.

Audit Management System Software

Custom Audit Platform

Our developers create internal custom audit software and external custom audit tools for policy and procedure compliance, finances, operations, IT, etc. We create end-to-end solutions for all parts of the process. Our custom audit management software development solutions include audit systems, mobile audit apps and configurable forms. We develop centralized audit databases and cloud systems with RBAC, encryptions and robust security features. Some key features of legal audit management system include document tracking, electronic signatures, real-time collaboration, and automatic notifications for changes and updates. This software can help team of legal professionals save time and reduce the risk of errors or omissions in their work, making it an essential tool for legal departments in businesses and other organizations.

Audit Planning Systems

Audit Planning System

We program audit planning and scheduling features for the beginning process to ensure that work is properly coordinated and completed. Our developers code features such as calendar integrations, task assignment models, time and frequency-based controls, risk assessment tools, data analysis and reporting. It offers pre-built templates for audit planning and customizable checklists to help auditors plan their work. Also includes collaboration tools and data visualization options to help auditors share and present their findings. We program audit resource management, cost estimators and more with responsive UI.

Mobile Audit Apps

Mobile Audit Apps

Our developers program mobile apps that allow workers to complete audits anywhere, anytime. We create features for photo capture, data collection service, date and location stamping, customizable checklists, automated reports, digital signatures and remote access to auditing forms. We develop software functionality for attaching media files, working online or offline and creating and assigning action plans.

Audit Checklist Services

Audit Checklist Services

We program features for internal quality audits which are composed of questions derived from the requirements and process documentation of the company. Our developers engineer dynamic forms and checklists which include data importing, prefill and autofill functions and embedded training/how-to resources. We program archiving capabilities, integrations with supporting software systems and more.

Audit Alerts Management

Audit Alerts Management Software

Our software developers engineer features for automatic alerts and notifications. Notifications can be for scheduled inspections, user-defined checklists, inspection completion and workflow reviews. We add alerts for observation creation and tracking made during inspections. We also add a view of inspection results on user-defined dashboards and custom notifications.

Issue Management Modules

Issue Management Modules

Our developers will create an ordered, managed process to document and accelerate issues within a smooth workflow. It incorporates sign-off, approval and follow-up. We develop task and issue tracking systems that have real-time monitoring features, progress reporting and nonconformance/exceptions management. The issue management modules we program also include benchmark assessments, issue tagging and more.

Custom Audit Workflows

Custom Audit Workflows

We build customized audit automation software that includes workflow design, custom event triggers and automated filtering. We apply your company branding to portals and mobile apps and integrate the apps with your current IT systems. We program role-based dashboards by assigning custom roles and permissions. We engineer project queues, alerts and notifications and more.

Powerful Audit Reporting

AI-powered Audit Reporting

Artificial Intelligence in audit reporting is a crucial tool to identify potential risks and areas of improvement in an organization more efficiently. AI-generated reports cover various areas, including data management, algorithmic decision-making, and ethical considerations. AI audit reports typically involve a detailed review of an organization's AI systems, including their design, implementation, and operation. This report may include recommendations for improving AI governance, monitoring and control mechanisms, and risk management practices. Our developers build AI-based platform that can generate fast audit reports, in real-time, within minutes. We can also develop audit analytics software and solutions for the management and deployment of centralized analysis systems.


Chetu's audit software development experts comply with regulatory, industry and technology standards including ISO 19011, 9001, 27001, 27002 and more.

Features and Solutions

Frequent Asked Questions About Audit Software Development

Audit software is a computer program that automates various audit tasks and activities, such as data analysis, risk assessment, and report generation.

Audit software development is important because it helps to ensure the quality of software products and services. The software can identify defects, assess compliance with standards, and monitor the progress of software projects. This helps to ensure that software products and services are delivered on time, within budget, and meet the needs of the customer.

Software development tools, audit software development guidelines, audit software development training, and audit software development support.

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the audit process, the use of cloud-based software development tools, and the use of mobile devices to access audit software. Using AI in audit software will increase efficiency and accuracy, improve risk identification and management, reduce fraud and error, and improve data analysis capabilities. AI can also help auditors identify emerging risks and trends that may not have been visible before.

AI can help auditors to identify potential fraud by analyzing large volumes of data and identifying patterns and anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activity.

Audit software can analyze a wide range of data using AI, such as financial data, transactional data, customer data, employee data, and other types of structured and unstructured data. By analyzing this repository, auditors can gain insights into areas of potential risk and identify opportunities for improvement.


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