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Innovative and Secure Ingenico Mobile Solutions For Your Business

As certified Ingenico Partners, Chetu creates unique payment experiences for ISVs, VARs, ISOs, MSPs, and PayFacs by extending the functionality of the entire Ingenico POS collection, including the iCT, iPP, iSC, iWL, and iSelf device series.

Point of Sale Integrations

Chetu’s highly experienced team of software developers create fully and semi-integrated POS solutions using Ingenico hardware, providing you and your merchants with a centralized, all-in-one payment experience that seamlessly integrates with essential third-party software systems.

Streamline critical business functions with custom Ingenico POS integrations. Our highly knowledgeable, experienced, and low-cost Ingenico developers offer the following custom Ingenico development services:

Ingenico App Development

Our certified developers create custom apps that are compatible with all Ingenico terminal devices, providing intuitive, feature-rich payment systems that are customized to the unique needs of you or your merchants.

Hire dedicated Ingenico app developers to create or add custom features to your standalone application. We leverage our vast technical expertise across 40+ industry verticals to create custom apps that extend the functionality of Ingenico POS systems. We also ensure that your app meets all of the requirements needed to be deployed on the Ingenico App Marketplace.

We Ensure Your Compliance with PCI & EMV

Chetu's Ingenico Group development experts ensure that your payments software complies with consumer protection standards, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), EMV, Check-21, and other payments standards.

Custom Ingenico App Integration Solutions

As certified Ingenico Partners, we build & integrate custom apps that offer cash discounts, easy online ordering options, loyalty rewards, self-service payment options, and so much more for restaurants, F&B, grocery stores, PETRO, hospitality, and retail industries.

Loyalty-Based Apps

We develop and deploy all kinds of loyalty-based applications for POS terminals, designed to offer customer incentives and branded engagements.

Pay-at-Table Solutions

Our custom payment solutions allow users to browse a menu, order, and pay right from the table and use scan-to-pay features with QR code functionality.

Cash Discounts

Our engineers build Ingenico Mobile Solutions apps that offer cash discount payment flows with functionalities to set service charge percentages and/or flat fees directly from the POS.

Automated Reporting

We develop automated sales and data visualization modules that display feature-rich data sets, including tables, charts, maps, diagrams, filters, and more.

Order/Inventory Management

Our dedicated programmers integrate customized inventory management modules for full visibility, real-time inventory, and order tracking on Ingenico devices.

Online Ordering

We develop custom online ordering platforms for retail companies, restaurants, grocery stores, etc., for online and self-service order placement to POS systems.

AI-Powered Ingenico Mobile Solutions

mCommerce Solutions by Ingenico uses mobile apps or mobile-optimized websites to conduct commercial transactions, including online shopping, mobile banking, ticket booking, and mobile payments. Our experts can integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into this system to streamline transactions, improve security, and increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Ingenico mPOS Solutions

Chetu’s highly experienced team of software developers can create fully and semi-integrated POS solutions using Ingenico hardware, providing you and your merchants with a centralized, all-in-one payment experience seamlessly integrating with essential third-party software systems. AI can be integrated into this software, creating high-performance Ingenico POS solutions that can optimize inventory management by tracking real-time stock levels and forecasting demand. Upgrading to Ingenico POS Systems can help improve the overall payment process for customers.

Ingenico Mobile Payment Applications

Mobile Payment applications provide convenient and secure transactions, enabling users to easily make payments anytime and anywhere. Many of these built-in features can be streamlined with AI to create more seamless mobile payments and improved security. Combined with Ingenico Mobile Payment technologies, AI can analyze real-time transaction patterns and user behavior to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. AI can also provide contactless mobile payment solutions with biometric technologies like fingerprint or facial recognition.

All-in-one Ingenico POS Solutions

The compact, attractive, and scalable solutions for indoor and outdoor kiosks can accept all payment methods, including magstripe, EMV, NFC/contactless, and QR codes. It uses Ingenico POS terminal software, Ingenico NFC-enabled POS systems, and Ingenico cloud-based POS systems to help customers succeed in the payments acceptance ecosystem. It improves customer service with best-in-class features like color screens, cameras, and sound alerts. AI can be integrated to incorporate vision-enabled capabilities, such as object recognition and audience analytics. Ingenico mobile card readers allow easy transportation and use. It simplifies solution integration, operation, and scalability.

Personalized Mobile Payment Solutions

AI-powered innovative mobile solutions can analyze data such as customer preferences and purchase history to provide personalized payment options and recommendations. It can assess a user’s financial situation in real-time to recommend appropriate payment methods based on available balance, credit limits, or spending patterns. This information can also tailor marketing strategies, develop targeted promotions, and create personalized offers that connect with users.

Ingenico Mobile Support Services

Our tech support team is ready to answer all inquiries about Ingenico Mobile Solutions apps. The Ingenico Certified Partner engineers at Chetu build Ingenico Mobile Solutions apps, making Chetu best suited to offer support.

mPOS Ongoing Support

The Ingenico Mobile applications developed by Chetu are designed to run seamlessly on commerce devices like payment terminals. For any issues with the mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) apps, our ongoing mPOS support team is available to assist with mPOS solutions 24/7 for the entirety of the POS life cycle.

POS System Support

The Ingenico POS System can be used on portable devices with EMV Gateway technology . Chetu’s support team offers the convenience of remote POS system support, being readily available at any time, any place. We are committed to resolving issues in a timely manner and will troubleshoot any POS system problems.

Ingenico POS Customer Support

AI-powered virtual assistants can offer customer support within mobile payment apps by offering step-by-step guidance for using the app’s features and resolving issues. AI can also categorize support tickets by level of urgency, and facilitate language translation, enabling diverse customer support in multiple languages and countries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ingenico POS Integration

An Ingenico Certified Partner offers access to dedicated Ingenico sales, technical and customer support teams, access to the latest Ingenico product information and services, and the assurance that Ingenico’s products and solutions are being implemented correctly.

As the first global market leader in POS, Ingenico offers a variety of mobile payment solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses, including mobile point-of-sale devices, virtual terminals, and mobile payment apps.

Because of Ingenico Mobile Solutions' user-friendly technology and the support of Certified Ingenico Partners, like Chetu, sales teams can move more efficiently with seamless POS transactions, closing more deals and sales easily.

Ingenico’s mobile payment solutions employ the latest security protocols and encryption technologies to ensure your data is protected, and all transactions are conducted in a secure environment and adheres to all Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.

Ingenico Mobile Solutions uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide merchants with the tools to securely accept payments through their mobile applications. The AI analyzes customer data, provides suggestions for optimizing the payment process and helps detect fraud.

Chetu offers multiple types of support for Ingenico Mobile Solutions via an advanced ticketing system with 24/7 help. Chetu’s network of support for Ingenico Mobile Solutions is made up of immeasurable resources, tools, and technology.


Discover more about our Custom Ingenico POS Integration services, drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions!

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