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Logistics Management Software Development Solutions

Our developers build, customize, and integrate Logistics Management Software that can manage every aspect of your supply chain from manufacturer order processing and inventory management all the way to shipment tracking and distribution.

Logistics and Shipping Software Developers

Our expert software developers deliver AI-driven Shipping Logistics Management Software Solutions that enable you to determine fuel-efficient routes, enhance your supply chain visibility, and optimize scheduling operations. We’ll incorporate logistics ERP and CRM software, GPS tracking & monitoring, Accounting Solutions, cloud-based platforms, Fleet Management Software, and more.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

We integrate your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with overarching SCM software so that you can access your warehouse stock arrangement, track shipments, and view real-time data entries from a single platform. We incorporate a newly developed or existing WMS to access inventory management processes, inventory deconsolidation, labor and yard management, cross-docking support, and more.

Freighting & Shipping

We incorporate custom freight and shipping modules to manage only the functions that you need for TL, LTL, and Intermodal Freight Operations. We create the back-end algorithms that allow you to access third-party shipping provider data, print shipping labels, create reports, access analytics, view direct rate comparisons, measure accurate forecasting, and so much more.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

We complement your existing SCM system with cloud-based software to improve communication, tracking & monitoring, logistics management, transportation management, and automation. We integrate your SCM with a WMS, Machine Learning Software, Cold Chain Management System, IoT Fleet Monitoring, ERP, Blockchain Technology, CRM, and more to optimize supply chain visibility.

Freight Broker Software

Our Software Development Team integrates your existing Freight Broker Software to optimize lead generation, competitor analysis, GPS & satellite viewing, and so much more. We can integrate third-party shipping providers, such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS, improve your GPS and Satellite viewing with Google Maps, and improve communication via SMS or voiceover IP with Twilio.

Order Processing

Our Shipping Logistics Software Development Team implements order processing and fulfillment software solutions within your custom SCM systems to optimize your order processing modules. We’ll integrate a newly developed or existing E-Commerce Storefront, Payment Gateway System, and Reverse Logistics Module to effectively manage purchased orders.

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E-Commerce Automation

We create custom E-Commerce Automation Software for multi-channel inventory control, optimized order fulfillment and processing, and faster shipping to make your customers and team happy. With E-Commerce Automation, you can automate daily tasks based on an algorithm that detects preset triggers and desired actions, saving you more time, money, and manual intervention.

E–Commerce Integration



We can integrate various Shipping & Logistics Software, Like Shippo, with your BigCommerce storefront to help you save on shipping costs from USPS, UPS, DHL, and more.



We can sync orders from your Shopify application to your pre-existing Logistics & Shipping Software, like ShipHawk, for simplified and centralized fulfillment.



We can make freight shipping easier by integrating your existing Magento e-commerce platform with a TMS, like Shipwell, to give you a competitive edge.

Mobile device displaying software for logistics companies.

Third-Party Shipping Integration

Our skilled Shipping and Logistics Management Software Developers can create custom Logistics Software Solutions, automated to streamline the entire transportation management process from shipment processing, real-time tracking, and carrier performance monitoring of parcel, TL, and LTL carriers, and more.

Shipping Providers



We can integrate FedEx software with all kinds of certified software solutions, like Quickbooks and NetSuite, to help you grow your business domestically and internationally



Our developers can connect UPS shipping solutions with your existing TMS to provide seamless integration with host ERP, WMS, and accounting systems.

United States Postal Service

United States Postal Service (USPS)

We can integrate your Multi-Carrier, LTL, TL, and/or Private-Fleet Shipping Solution with USPS Software to deliver all of your transportation management and supply chain execution needs.

Shipping & Logistics Delivery Processes

We customize Logistics & Shipping Software to provide full transparency, optimization, and effective management for your supply chain throughout and after the shipments’ delivery process takes place.

Mapping Integrations



We can implement Waze API with your custom SCM system to access free turn-by-turn navigation on live road conditions.

Google Maps

Google Maps

We enable GIS map layer solutions for vector data, points of interest, and map tiles by implementing Google Maps. We develop advanced geographic features that provide detailed and optimized map navigation on live road conditions.



We apply ArcGIS integrations in order to store manage relevant geospatial information like maps and data.

Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring

At Chetu, we integrate an IoT enabled Real-Time GPS Tracking System within your SCM system to track and monitor your fleets, shipments & deliveries, fuel supply, and more. We’ll implement software that allows you to optimize transit time and management, route planning, product integrity and equipment damage control, RFID/QR Code scanner tools, telematics, and so much more.


We develop and integrate your ERP with your supply chain to help you effectively manage your data at all levels, increasing processes transparency and operational efficiency. We ensure that your Logistics Management System incorporates order management & processing tools, reverse logistics, Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD), route optimization options, and more.

Advanced Analytics

We utilize big data analytics software, enabling operating managers to identify bottlenecks that slow down SCM processes. We integrate third-party manufacturing software and synchronization technologies, like Synchrono, into your SCM system to identify and eliminate production bottlenecks and managing manufacturing constraints in your Supply Chain Network (SCN).

EDI Integration for Shipping & Logistics

Chetu’s experts develop EDI software solutions to seamlessly coordinate transactions throughout the entire fulfillment process to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Our expert team of Shipping & Logistics Software Developers will engineer custom web-based, on-premise, and hybrid systems to enable reliable EDI software communications that conform to prominent standards. Our developers have extensive experience with developing all types of EDI methodologies, including Direct EDI/Point-to-Point, EDI via VAN, Web EDI, Mobile EDI, EDI via AS2, and EDI Outsourcing.

We’ll translate your existing EDI to adhere to ANSI ASC, EDIFACT, JSON, TRADACOMS, or ebXML standards to effectively communicate common codes, including:

  • EDI 850 - Purchase Orders

  • EDI 855 - Purchase Order Response

  • EDI 856 - Dispatch Advice

  • EDI 210 - Motor Carrier Freight Details & Invoice Transaction

  • EDI 180 - Return Merchandise Authorization & Notification

  • EDI 862 - Shipping Schedule

  • EDI 868 – Electronic Form Structure

  • EDI 107 – Request for Motor Carrier Rate Proposal

  • EDI 219 – Logistics Service Request

  • EDI 250 – Purchase Order Shipment Management Document

Supply Chain Software Development

Chetu develops integrated, comprehensive supply chain management (SCM) tools. These cross-platform apps enable inventory management, electronic data interchange (EDI), material requirements planning (MRP), order management systems (OMS), and more.

FAQ’s Related to AI in Logistics Management Software

Logistics management software is a specialized application or system that helps businesses streamline and optimize their logistics operations. It assists in managing and coordinating various aspects of the supply chain, including inventory management, transportation planning, order fulfillment, warehouse management, and more.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays a crucial role in logistics management software by providing advanced data analysis, automation, prediction, and optimization capabilities. AI algorithms can analyze large volumes of data, such as historical sales, customer demand, weather patterns, and transportation routes, to generate valuable insights and make informed decisions. AI can also automate repetitive tasks, improve route planning, optimize inventory levels, and enhance operational efficiency.

Incorporating AI into logistics management software can bring several benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced decision-making
  2. Improved efficiency
  3. Real-time tracking and visibility
  4. Cost reduction
  5. Better customer service

While AI offers numerous benefits, there are also challenges and limitations to consider:

  • Data quality and integration
  • Implementation complexity
  • Cost and resource requirements
  • Ethical considerations
  • Adaptability and scalability

AI is designed to augment human capabilities rather than replace them entirely. While AI can automate certain tasks and improve operational efficiency, human expertise, creativity, and judgment remain crucial in many areas. Humans are needed for complex decision-making, strategic planning, customer relationships, and addressing unforeseen situations. The role of AI in logistics management software is to support human decision-making and enable humans to focus on higher-value activities.


Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions regarding our Shipping Logistics Software Development Solutions. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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