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Shipping & Logistics Software Development Solutions


Get Your Shipping Solution Where it Needs to Go

Shipping is all about moving merchandise from point A to point B. But what if your shipping solution itself needs to get moving? That's where Chetu comes in. Our custom shipping and logistics software provides the solution to your shipping challenges, from RFID to integration with third-party shipping APIs and everything in between.

Shipping Software Solutions

Shipping & Logistics
Software Solutions

Chetu provides custom shipping management software, including freight quoting/estimation calculators and comparison apps, as well as document management systems for the automation of shipping labels, packing slips, manifests, invoices, and order numbers. We implement intermodal/multimodal track-and-trace software for active and passive RFID container/shipment tracking across GS1 standard platforms, Bluetooth, BLE, and more.

Shipping Software Programming

Shipping Software

We program custom logistics management software, for route mapping, ETA, itinerary optimization, automatic asset location, and reverse logistics software, optimized for Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA). We integrate with all third-party platforms and APIs to expedite the processing and shipping of goods, and we program embedded software and firmware for Electronic Logging Devices (ELogs), fully compliant with standard reporting.

Shipping Integration Management Software

Shipping Integration Management

Chetu integrates with shipping and freighting APIs, including those from FedEx, UPS, and USPS, as well as electronic commercial vehicle clearance systems compatible with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). We also integrate with accounting software (QuickBooks, MS Office, Quicken) for profitability management and expense reporting, as well as with regulations platforms for easy reporting of ACE/ACI e-manifests, packing lists, and EEI Certificates. Finally, we integrate with vendors specializing in shipping and logistics (ShipStation, Freightview, ShipWorks) and yard management systems (HighJump, c3 Yard).

Custom Shipping Communication Software

Custom Shipping Communication

Chetu develops and maps EDI management software that conforms to communication standards across X12, EDIFACT, and TRADACOMS standards, communicating common codes such as 204 (motor carrier load tender), 210 (motor carrier freight details & invoice), and 214 (transport carrier shipment status message). We also develop electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) software with signature capture for mobile devices, as well as custom software applications for dispatch, vehicle tracking, fuel efficiency tracking, telematics, and asset location tracking.

Our Supply Chain & Logistics Software Development Solutions


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Apps Built
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