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Shopify Development Services

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Professional Shopify Development Services to Boost Your Sales!

Shopify is a secure and reliable platform for building an online store. Our Shopify back-end experts are able to make your eStore unique and easy to manage with custom Shopify themes and apps, or help you customize any plug-in or extension you are looking to sell in Shopify’s marketplace (Exchange Marketplace). We have years of ecommerce industry experience and specialize in almost anything ecommerce related. Shopify has mature a great deal and currently has gained a substantial amount of new features, and functionalities that continue to expand its capabilities as an ecommerce platform.

If you need to hire Shopify experts to get all the programming heavy lifting for you, we are here to help. Our team build a robust storefront or API by giving you a team of dedicated programmers and shared resources for other important pieces of the process like quality assurance, ensuring the process is smooth and cost is predictable. Augment your team to improve your solution’s capabilities, or your plug-in performance and features.

Shopify E-commerce Software Solutions

Chetu's experienced certified Shopify store developers provide custom B2B and B2C e-commerce store development and solutions including responsive websites, mobile applications, custom business automation, scalable multi-channel platforms, integrations to custom payment solutions and multiple shipping options from FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS platforms including dropship plugins.

Shopify Web Design

We design visually stunning Shopify stores or utilize 3rd party templates with e-commerce responsive designs to support Shopify theme for multi-store, multi-site, multi-vendor, and multi-lingual platforms. We program site optimization tools including SEO, social media tracking, cart abandon reports, marketing automation tools, and more.

Shopify E-commerce Platform Integrations & Migrations

We work with programming platforms such as Magento, Wordpress, PrestaShop among others to build customized interfaces to develop the sites. We enable e-commerce site migrations from other e-commerce platforms to Shopify to ensure data integrity and compatibility. We build interfaces to third-party applications and services through the Shopify API, web services, and SFTP.

Shopify Payment Gateway Integration Services

We provide integration with all payment platforms and gateways including PayPal, Skrill, Ingenico,, First Data, Amazon Payments, and more to comply with PCI standards. Development of custom multi-channel shopping carts, integration of third-party modules including OpenCart, Zen Cart, X-Cart, OsCommerce and more.

Shopify App Development

Our developers customize Shopify apps for extended functionality and features. We also build mobile cart applications on Android or native iOS platforms with intuitive abilities and capabilities to display content uniformly on a wide range of devices, platforms and screen sizes. We also create mobile complement websites for iOS, Andriod and Windows devices.


Our Shopify Back-end Development Services

We deliver a broad range of services to assist your needs. There is nothing you can’t accomplish when you have the right team of Shopify experts back-end programmers at your side. At Chetu we will make sure you thrive. Interested to elevate your team? Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about your project, we are here to help you!

Shopify App Development

Shopify API Integration

Payment Gateway Setup and Integration

Maintenance and Support

Custom Third Party Integration

Plug-in Development

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Shopify Featured Content: Find out how our holistic approach can help your organization to become more agile, efficient, and profitable.

Why You Should Go For Your Own Payment Gateway?

Blog: Why You Should Go For Your Own Payment Gateway?

Should you build, or buy? This is the million-dollar question.

There are several maintenance and developmental costs involved in building your own payment gateway from scratch. You’d be paying much less to use an external payment gateway system than you would if you were to create a payment gateway system yourself.

It can get very expensive to create your own payment gateway system from scratch. However, opting for a custom platform will provide you with the solutions that you require without breaking the bank. So, if you were to invest in a custom platform rather than a newly developed platform, then you’ll be investing in a long-term product that is optimized to meet your specific business needs.

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Leverage The Customer Experience (CX)

Blog: Leverage The Customer Experience (CX) By Integrating Your Social Media Data

The main objective of retail enterprise is to satisfy a specific consumer need. By now, we know that consumers are dynamic and, they expect a fast and unique experience every time they buy online or at the store.

Retailers have refocused their strategies to outfit a new model of commerce-unified commerce. Unified commerce transmits a consistent, brand message, campaign or promotion across on all media channels, platforms and points of sale. When customers see a product they like on social media, they have the capacity to place an order online.

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Unified Commerce – An Integrated Retail Infrastructure

Blog: Unified Commerce – An Integrated Retail Infrastructure

A few years back, m-commerce traffic surpassed desktop traffic and since then, we've been sprinting toward total mobilization. What we've failed to recognize are the residual effects that such one-dimensional thinking can have on a multichannel network of commerce.

The result: system dissonance and an intercommunication deficit that has created a giant gap between merchant and consumer. Merchants now have the technology to transition from desktop to mobile, but the dialogue between the technologies is rudimentary, making for a less than ideal user experience (UX). The global marketplace invents and abandons trends more rapidly than the seasons change, but one trend has developed into a marketplace imperative: unified commerce.

In theory, unified commerce is the cure-all to the disharmonious IT infrastructure that is plaguing retailers and offers merchants assurance that their business will come out on top.

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Online Sales Rise With Custom Ecommerce UX/UI

Blog: Online Sales Rise With Custom Ecommerce UX/UI

With the holiday season in full swing, the e-commerce market is once again saturated with eager consumers. Digital savvy shoppers are continuing to spend more and more money through online channels. Retailers can suffer greatly if visitors cannot navigate a site, find specific items or easily check out. Ultimately, companies with outdated e-commerce platforms risk losing customers if they lack a well-developed User Interface (UI).

A sleek, well-designed and easy-to-navigate interface plays a significant role in the viability of a site, and directly relates to the number of sales. Ensuring that a website has intuitive controls, an organized catalog, easy check out processes, and editable shopping carts contributes to positive User Experiences (UX). Studies have shown that delivering a favorable UX influences customer loyalty, evokes pleasant customer attitudes, and will have measurable results by driving conversions up.

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SAAS VS. Custom-Built Ecommerce Platform

Blog: SAAS VS. Custom-Built Ecommerce Platform

It is no secret that in a modern world where many people have the option of shopping from the comfort of their homes that having a high-quality e-commerce platform can help a business stand out from the crowd and increase revenue. Once a company decides to establish an e-commerce platform, they must face an important decision: will the platform be an off-the-shelf solution or one that is custom - built?

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