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IT Infrastructure Support Services

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We Provide Top IT Infrastructure Support Services

Chetu will lead your outsourced IT infrastructure with care, modernizing platforms and technologies for enhanced agility and scalability with top infrastructure managed services.

Data Storage & Database IT Support Services

We offer cross-platform support for cloud-based and on-premise databases, leveraging machine learning technologies to revamp database management systems (DBMS).

Design & Implementation

Our database architects have a thorough understanding of business requirements and infrastructure management, implementing best practices and standards while optimizing data flows.

Performance Tuning

We perform advanced database performance analysis designed to identify potential bottlenecks, find SQL queries, and prioritize actions to deliver measurable results.

Storage Disaster Recovery

We deploy data backup & disaster recovery software solutions to ensure robust, scalable, and vigorously maintained data safeguards for your internal systems.

24/7 IT Infrastructure Help Desk Management

We provide 24/7 support for your business user community to address all technical requests and IT inquiries, infrastructure management, enabling onsite & remote help desk architecture creation & management.

Cloud Support Services

We manage, secure, and optimize your existing cloud infrastructures to enable enhanced business alignment, operational efficiency, and process refinement.

Server Support Services

Our expert server IT support specialists perform server installations, configurations, upgrades, and other infrastructure management services to improve performance & reliability.

Network Support Services

We perform network design & architectural planning, audits, and ongoing support for TCP/IP setup, VPSs, SANs, LAN/WAN & media integrations, and network device troubleshooting.

Secure & Modernize Your IT Operations With Chetu

Chetu secures & modernizes your IT operations by adopting, integrating, and implementing innovative technologies that keep your business systems up-to-date.

IT Infrastructure Security & Modernization

We perform vulnerability scans, SSL/AES encryptions, and other server security best practices for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Informix, Db2, and other databases.

File Systems & Directories

We encrypt your data, ensure PCI-DSS compliance, monitor your file integrity, and carefully scan your server for viruses, backdoors, rootkits, and local exploits.

Operating Systems & Software

We regularly maintain and update your OS, third-party system integrations, and other software systems to avoid security issues caused by outdated systems.

Firewall, IDS, & IPS

We secure your infrastructure using software and hardware firewalls, network-based IDS, or IPS solutions, along with regular audits & vulnerability scans.

Support Integration Services in IT Infrastructure

Application Infrastructure Support

We perform thorough remote app performance analytics, 24/7 functional & technical app IT support, ensure policy compliance, and provide secure app development platforms.

Websites & E-Commerce IT Support

We provide ongoing support and maintenance of your branded websites and e-commerce store POS systems, shopping carts, inventory operations, digital assets, and more.

Enterprise Infrastructure Support

Our custom enterprise IT infrastructures streamline your day-to-day user management, access & security protocols, email & VoIP systems, large-scale data migrations, and more.

SMB IT Support

Our custom small-to-midsize business IT infrastructures promote end-to-end communication through data sharing, document sharing, and video conferencing.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool Integrations

We leverage leading IT infrastructure monitoring solutions for your existing IT infrastructures to maintain the health and integrity of your databases, servers, applications, and resources.


We harness the robust power of SolarWinds server & application monitoring, database performance analyzer tools, network configuration management tools, and more.


We leverage PRTG to monitor existing business systems, devices, and applications within current IT infrastructures for optimized control, visibility, and security.


We integrate DataDog to gain full visibility into infrastructure management performance with minimal maintenance, effortless deployment, and widespread coverage.


We implement Zabbix to maximize our network, server, cloud, application, and business services monitoring, problem detection, security, and remediation.

Elevate Your IT Infrastructure with Intelligent AI Solutions

Chetu harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform your IT infrastructure. Our skilled developers customize and deploy intelligent solutions to optimize your systems and drive unparalleled performance.

AI-Powered Network Intelligence

Our dedicated AI specialists leverage advanced Machine Learning algorithms and data analytics to enhance network intelligence. Our AI-driven solutions continuously monitor network traffic, detect anomalies, and optimize bandwidth allocation in real time. This not only ensures peak performance but also provides early threat detection, allowing organizations to proactively address security risks and maintain a resilient and efficient network infrastructure.

Intelligent IT Security

Chetu deploys AI-driven systems to fortify digital defenses with advanced threat detection. Our security solutions employ pattern recognition and behavioral analysis to identify suspicious behavior and respond to cyber threats in real time. By harnessing the power of Machine Learning, we ensure adaptive and proactive security measures, protecting your organization’s IT infrastructure from evolving risks and vulnerabilities and strengthening its cybersecurity posture. Our IT security enables businesses to stay a step ahead of cyber threats and safeguard critical data and systems.

The Backbone of Predictive Maintenance

Our software innovators empower businesses with predictive maintenance solutions by programming AI algorithms to analyze equipment data and usage patterns. With Machine Learning, we forecast potential failures, enabling proactive maintenance that minimizes downtime and reduces operational costs. Our AI-driven predictive maintenance not only extends the lifespan of critical assets but also optimizes performance, ensuring your network infrastructure operates at peak efficiency while lowering maintenance expenses.

Maximize Efficiency with AI-Powered Automation

Chetu specializes in automating routine IT tasks using AI. By programming intelligent algorithms, our skilled developers streamline processes, such as system updates, data management, and workflow optimization. This automation not only boosts operational efficiency but also reduces the risk of human errors, enhancing network reliability and performance. With our AI-driven automation solutions, businesses experience increased productivity, cost savings, and a seamless IT infrastructure that adapts to evolving demands.

Mastering the Cloud with AI

Our skilled programmers excel in optimizing cloud infrastructure through AI integration. Our custom AI solutions enable organizations to make data-driven decisions, efficiently allocate resources, and adapt to dynamic workloads in real time. We mobilize AI algorithms to manage cloud environments, enhancing network intelligence by monitoring performance, security, and cost-efficiency. This synergy of AI and cloud technology enables organizations to scale with ease, maintain network resilience, and leverage the full potential of cloud services for agile, high-performing IT infrastructure.

Smarter IT Support

Chetu’s digital transformation experts employ AI to provide businesses with smarter, more efficient IT support. Our AI-driven solutions, crafted through custom programming, enhance network intelligence by continuously monitoring performance and security. With AI, we can proactively detect and address issues, optimize resources, and automate routine tasks, allowing our clients to focus on strategic initiatives. This results in a resilient and high-performing network infrastructure that adapts to evolving challenges, providing businesses with a competitive advantage in today’s digital age.

Enhanced IT Infrastructure Support Services

Chetu understands the value of an optimized IT infrastructure and its impact on all business operations. Continuous monitoring of all network and hardware performance enables the development of proactive strategies to reduce and eliminate costly network and server downtimes that hinder all operations and project completions.

Technical Support

Our IT infrastructure experts offer continuous technical support for all of your IT needs. Chetu remains committed to proactively troubleshooting any issues within IT systems. We ensure that we will quickly resolve any network and server issues, eliminating downtime.

24/7 Customer Support

Our commitment to excellence and customer relationships remains unparalleled as we set lofty goals and dedicate ourselves to exceeding expectations. Our 24/7 customer support help desk is powered by an advanced ticketing system that allows us to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely manner.

IT Infrastructure Upgrades and Migration

An efficient and versatile IT infrastructure is paramount for business operations. Chetu’s IT experts seamlessly transfer your pertinent data between systems, completing safe migration with the newest data security resources to ensure protection with minimum workflow interruption.

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

Our software experts utilize the Cloud to design and create a robust resource to streamline workflow, automate repetitive tasks, and implement the newest cloud computing resources to optimize operations by enabling seamless, cross-functionality of business departments and data-driven decisions for efficient project completion.

Zabbix Support and Maintenance

Chetu leverages the power of Zabbix and its unique ability to streamline all network processes and performance. It enables real-time monitoring and alerting of all databases, network devices, applications, and cloud services to provide clients with a powerful tool to transform their network's performance.

DataDog Dashboard Integration Services

We utilize DataDog and seamlessly integrate this resource to proactively monitor all Cloud computing processes, immediately identifying, monitoring, and isolating potential system risks before incurring any critical damage. Chetu’s DataDog experts customize its pre-built dashboards to operate within your individualized parameters.

PRTG Traffic Analysis Support

Excessive network traffic can often cause system glitches, so Chetu’s specialists utilize and enhance PRTG to carefully identify and study traffic by protocol connection, ensuring that all system-wide computers and their networks are performing optimally. Our expert analysts are available to continuously support and monitor your network traffic.

SolarWinds Server Support

Chetu understands the costs and negative impacts of network and server downtime. Our support can leverage SolarWinds to automatically calculate network capacity and proactively adjust system demands, eliminating network downtime. SolarWinds provides fully scalable solutions to protect all network data with nuanced monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions About IT Infrastructure Support

Chetu’s software experts are skilled in troubleshooting, maintaining, and supporting all software and IT technologies to help optimize your business operations.

Our dedicated experts have successfully designed, deployed, and managed customized infrastructure projects, ensuring streamlined workflows.

Chetu’s Cloud migration experts ensure seamless data migration while enhancing its capabilities to offer a robust solution to exceed all your migration demands without costly workflow disruption.

Our adept infrastructure specialists leverage the newest monitoring tools, such as DataDog, Zabbix, SolarWinds, and PRTG, to ensure all infrastructure assets and data are proactively monitored to provide all departments with optimally performing resources to elevate workflows.

Chetu offers continuous asset management to provide proactive strategies to guarantee your critical IT assets perform optimally and receive timely updates to eliminate any system vulnerability.

We can import various types of data from infrastructure monitoring tools. The data may include information on application health, network activity, server performance, system resource utilization, and more.


Drop us a line or give us ring about with any inquiries on our infrastructure management services. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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