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Custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Accelerate your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrations. As a Gold Microsoft Dynamics partner, Chetu is a trusted leader in Microsoft Dynamics integration. Our experts will provide you with a fast, flexible and future-proof integration solution that will increase your overall sales and improve your marketing efficiency, streamline your operations and reduce costs.

Improve Customer Experience

Generate Leads

Empower Business Processes

Drive Sales

Chetu Experts Will Help You Transform Your Business

Chetu professionals provide seamless integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365, accelerating transformational success.

Leverage Microsoft’s leading solutions and Chetu’s expertise to successfully upgrade your business operations, relationships and ROI.

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is far more than just an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). It contains a whole set of Business Application, all hosted in the Azure Cloud. The single applications can be combined like modules and therefore tailored to your individual business industry and to your budget. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines features of its predecessors Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and Navision NAV.

Chetu Makes Integration With Dynamics 365 Easy

Real-Time Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

At Chetu we create real-time integration of your Dynamics 365 data with any third party software your business requires.

Increase Visibility Through Automation

Chetu experts help you make your data even more accessible and visible by seamlessly automating data exchange between Dynamics 365 processes, and other multiple systems.

Built-in a Custom Dynamics Connector

Our professionals will seamlessly leverage the Dynamics CRM with a custom Dynamics CRM connector to create, assign, change and delete entities.

Cloud or On-Premise

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was design to focus on usability and intuitive usage. Dynamics 365 provides the flexibility to run in the cloud or on premise in your data center. Our experts will ensure that your Dynamic solution integrates with all needed systems whether Dynamics is local or in the cloud

Picking The Right Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Our Microsoft Dynamics consultants have industry specific knowledge and extensive years of experience, helping integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems including Microsoft products and non-Microsoft products to effectively automate your workflow.

Get More From Your Data

See your business and customer data in one place—across hundreds of sources—for a single, 360-degree view of your organization.

Connect Your Entire Business

We Create a single source of truth by seamlessly sharing your data across every line of business—breaking through organizational barriers.

Act on Insights For Better Outcomes

Let Chetu help you shift from being reactive to proactive with continuous business and customer insights that guide you to faster results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Services

With Microsoft Dynamics offering an array of CRM and ERP tools and solutions, we’re equipped to help you maintain, upgrade, and leverage your business processes to the fullest.

Custom Automation Solutions

Streamline your processes to save time and money with our custom automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our developers will leverage their expertise in automation technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, to have your system automatically respond to pre-established conditions and automate different workflows and processes.

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Solutions

We’ll use robust troubleshooting tools and methods to locate the causes of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 issues. As a result of our thorough approach, you’ll be able to reap the reward of smooth operations and short downtimes regardless of obstacles.

CRM Connector Version Migration

Ensure your CRM connector versions are up-to-date to fully utilize the benefits Microsoft Dynamics 365 has in store for you. Our developers will use their migration skills and tools to ensure a seamless transition between the old and the new is uninterrupted and secure – ultimately minimizing your company’s downtime and ensuring your data is secure.

Maintaining and Enhancing Architecture

We're equipped to handle any enhancement you'd like to make to the building blocks, or architecture, of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet your growing needs and evolutions in contemporary technologies. Additionally, through our proactive approach, your integration systems can continue to work effortlessly, avoiding instances of performance hiccups.

Ongoing Support Services

Continuous support for your Microsoft Dynamics integration solutions is a must to keep your teams and processes ahead of the curve. We’ll provide the timely and prompt support you’re looking for to ensure that your software is running as intended: stable and optimal.

Monitoring and Alert Tools

As your support partner, we'll provide you with tools to gain real-time, comprehensive insights into your system's data flow, overall metrics, and process completion. With the ability to see concurrent trends and establish output patterns, you'll be able to take a proactive approach to your issue resolution and other practices.

Hire Skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultants

Microsoft Dynamics 365

At Chetu we offer optimal Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization and Dynamics ax customization to optimize your workflow, improve your performance and increase ROI.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Chetu’s developers and skilled integration consultants seamlessly integrate, connect and build on your solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to get the right business outcomes, accelerate results across your business – from employees and customers to products and operation

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Synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics

Case Study: Synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Pre-Existing Ecommerce Architecture

The client approached Chetu for integration services, requiring software engineers who were familiar with SOAP-based web services. They wanted to bridge their preexisting e-commerce architecture with Microsoft Dynamics NAV system and update their mobile payment app to the latest version of iOS. This update served as a migration tool, easing the transition to NAV and preserving data integrity in the process.

Project Details
Advantages of Choosing Dynamics

Blog: Advantages of Choosing Dynamics 365

Customers are one of the most important assets a company has. Regardless of the industry it is important to have a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage customers and growth. With the right CRM, organizations can collect, manage and organize their customer data within one platform to increase loyalty. The best part about Dynamics 365 is that not only is it packed with all the right features but the platform can easily be customized, integrated and implemented to align with your business scope.

Project Details
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Blog: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Retail Overview

In order for retailers to compete in today's omni-channel business landscape, where trends come and go in the blink of eye, they will need to leverage a holistic software system that allows for swift decision making. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud based platform, retailers can leverage as both a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

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FAQs Regarding Microsoft Dynamics Integration

MS Dynamics 365 integration can lead to optimizations within your company’s various workflows. This is possible through centralizing processes and data, making it seamless for departments to collaborate – ultimately improving efficiency and the customer experience.

The impact that Dynamics 365 integration can have on your company’s ROI is often measured by improvements seen with customer engagement and decision-making – all consequences of Dynamic’s improved data accuracy and task automation features.

Common challenges within Microsoft Dynamics 365 include but are not limited to data synchronization issues, lack of open scalability, and customization compatibility hurdles.

Among the various unique features that Dynamics 365 holds the stand outs are predictive analytics, customizable workflows, real-time data synchronization, and Artificial Intelligence-enabled insights.

The different editions include Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Some of the systems that can be integrated involve Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning software. Aside from this, e-commerce platforms and other business intelligence solutions can be implemented as well.


Discover more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration and drop us a line or give us a ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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