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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Overview

Written by Dave Wood
Jaideep Sharma

Dave Wood

In order for retailers to compete in today's omni-channel business landscape, where trends come and go in the blink of eye, they will need to leverage a holistic software system that allows for swift decision making. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud based platform, retailers can leverage as both a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The platform allows retailers to have a complete and accurate view of their business including order history, consumer data, product pricing and inventory from a centralized system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is changing the game for all retailers and driving them into the future by allowing them to derive critical analytics to make strategic decisions.

Deliver customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty with unified commerce.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps retailers drive a unified commerce, by creating a seamless shopping experience for their customers. Dynamics was created to help businesses deliver a constant shopping experience across all channels; whether consumers are visiting a physical location, online or via their mobile devices. Dynamics 365 enables omni-channel delivery fulfillment tools, giving consumers the flexibility and convenience of buying their products in store, getting it delivered to their door steps or picking it up at another location. Sustaining brand loyalty and customer satisfaction across all channels has now become easier, providing consumers with better brand interactions.

Create an exceptional shopping experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses advanced analytics from consumers to create a modern shopping experience, by offering more relevant recommendations and product selections both in-store and online. Backed with the right tools, businesses can now access their products, customers, orders and inventory in real-time, meeting their customers' needs while delivering exceptional customer experience. Dynamics for retailers gives a better understanding data, though business reporting and intuitive dashboards.

Manage inventory more effectively

Retailers can now effectively manage their merchandise by acquiring inventory from the correct vendors at the right price. Dynamics makes it easier to store real-time data on the latest trends, consumer demands and competitive pressures giving insights into stock allocation and replenishment. Dynamics 365 for retailers helps to offer the right merchandise and price, in the most successful channel by centrally tracking all product attributes.

Use insight to optimize business operations

Dynamics for retailers uses consumer and operational insight to manage a business more effectively by maximizing a company's impact, while reducing fulfillment cost and improving inventory utilization. Inventory stock count can be more manageable and used efficiently, providing the stores economic order quantities. Day-to-day activities are now automated, workflows support fort multi brand, company and channel operations globally.

Establish a new and adaptable platform

Dynamics 365 has a wide range of applications that can be used to automate engagement experiences. Third party solutions can also be implemented, making it an extensible and scalable platform. Providing deep insights for the right teams within the company create better business outcomes. Microsoft Dynamics cloud offers plenty of flexible advantages for retailers, including the ability to build and deploy their sites with the tools they want, at their convenience.

Transitioning retailers into Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft has designed Dynamics so that it can be easily integrated to third party solutions. At Chetu, a Microsoft Gold Partner, our certified developers have the technology and industry acumen to implement Dynamics, as well as migrate all current data, applications or programs into the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Furthermore, Chetu customizes and configures the platform to specifically a retailer's needs, allowing them to focus more value-added projects. Chetu is here to support retailers by offering their support, upgrading when needed without the risk of any important data being lost. We also administer the platform, so businesses have a "go to person" at all times allowing work to be more effective without any downtime. Most companies are likely to already be using other software systems, we can integrate existing software whether they are internally or externally owned.


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