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Dispatch Management Software Development


We’ve Got Experienced Dispatch Management Software Developers

With years of industry-specific experience, our certified programmers can develop your dispatch software solution from scratch or update your existing system to include custom features and modules to extend your system’s functionality.

Computer-Aided Dispatching System (CAD)

Our experts program computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems with multi-call management, real-time vehicle tracking, scheduling modules, client and field agent databases, automated time stamps, VoIP/RoIP gateways, and so much more.

Dispatch Routing Software

Integrate third-party mapping and GIS software APIs, as well route planning and scheduling as custom features for multi-destination scheduling, geo-fencing, fuel price tracking, and more.

Automated Dispatching Software

Develop and implement an automated dispatch system to free dispatchers and field workers from manual and people-heavy dispatching procedures and allows more field techs to complete more jobs faster and more efficiently.

Streamline Your Operations with Chetu’s Automated Dispatch Solutions

Chetu transforms dispatch workflow and response times with AI-driven solutions enhancing logistics management processes. Our software specialists design and customize dispatch automation software to reduce response times, streamline workflow, and optimize processes.

Smart Dispatch Route Planning and Optimization

Chetu leverages AI to automatically analyze traffic patterns, giving end-users real-time insights into traffic patterns and other obstacles delaying route planning. Our software developers enhance AI to create efficient route planning to minimize travel time, reduce fuel consumption and expenses, ultimately maximizing the allocation of resources to streamline dispatch operations to deploy intelligent fleet management strategies.

Optimize Field Service Operations with AI-driven Dispatch Software

Our AI experts design and customize scalable solutions to enhance end-user satisfaction, streamline workflows, and deploy a comprehensive task assignment strategy to efficiently complete projects and mitigate delays. Chetu facilitates operational efficiency to reduce expenses, elevate customer satisfaction, and fully optimize your operations with AI-driven resources.

Revolutionize Operations with Predictive Dispatch Analytics

Chetu’s analytics specialists customize this modern resource to forecast future outcomes based on error-free data processing. Deployed in dispatching, analytics enabled data-driven decisions and provides key insights into operational efficiency, smart route planning strategies, and provides scalable solutions to revolutionize dispatch processes.

AI Assistant for 911 Dispatch Centers

Reduce response times that are critical for health & safety personnel with AI-driven assistants for emergency centers. Chetu enhances Natural Language Processing (NLP) for accurate transcriptions of all emergency calls, reducing miscommunications and promoting faster response times. Chetu customizes AI for efficient scheduling, fully optimizing resource allocation for Emergency Management Systems.

Integrating Fleet Management Modules with Dispatching Software

We seamlessly integrate fleet management modules with your custom dispatching software system to deliver an all-in-one solution that enables complete visibility and control over your entire operation.

Real-Time Fleet Tracking Software

Design & integrate GIS software and third-party mapping apps, including Google Maps, ESRI (certified Chetu partner), and more to effectively track your fleet, while also gaining a 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations.

Fuel Management Software

Our Field service operations and Dispatch Management developers integrate your fuel data into your custom fleet management system to provide detailed visibility over all of your fuel costs, fuel management features, transactions, allocation, types, MPG, and so much more.

Vehicle Telematics Management

We implement telematics tools that gather speed, fuel consumption, vehicle performance, and other metrics data over all common networks, as well as integrate with existing fleet management systems for seamless information exchange.

TMS Software Solutions

Chetu’s experts develop custom dispatch App for Desktop and Mobile that facilitate simplified and streamlined Dispatch communication tools with built-in Intelligent fleet management, mobile dispatch app, and route planning and scheduling.

Emergency (EMS) Dispatch Software Solutions

We develop computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems with dispatching features like (IAED) protocols, time compliance trackers, and ALI/ANI integrations.

Paratransit Dispatch Software

Custom paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) software solutions incorporate client-scheduling platforms, communication portals, and much more.

Mobile dispatch app

Program native Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps and cross-platform web apps, using Xamarin or Apache Cordova, with built-in routing and mapping interfaces.

Route Optimization & Visual Dispatching Software

We program modules that facilitate automated fleet selection & returns, alternate pickup/drop-off locations, automate logistics scheduling, and more.

Scheduling & Dispatch Management Software

Engineer automated dispatch scheduling software that enables more streamlined labor and asset management and promotes enhanced operational efficiency.

Incident Management Software

Utilizing machine learning & business intelligence (BI) technologies, we implement advanced modules for generating comprehensive, customizable reports & intuitive, user-friendly dashboards for managers, supervisors, and dispatchers.

Transportation Management System

Chetu implements tons of custom features to enhance your existing dispatching systems, or when creating your custom dispatching solution from scratch. Here are just a few additional features incorporated in our custom transportation dispatch software solutions:

Custom Dispatch Software Integrations

We integrate leading dispatching, fleet management, and GPS tracking/telematics software to create a single, unified solution that meets all of your business needs.

Dispatching software features

We integrate custom features, connect extensions/plugins, and implement modules into top dispatch software solutions custom-tailored just for your business.


Fleet Management Software

We combine feature-rich fleet management software with your current systems so that dispatchers can effectively streamline operations in an all-in-one platform.


Telematics Software

Seamlessly integrate telematics extensions/plugins to provide drivers with more accurate route details and help dispatchers effectively track fleets.

Momentum IoTMomentum IoT
Targa TelematicsTarga Telematics

Mapping Software

Integrate GIS and mapping software for enhanced route optimization, turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time traffic or road obstruction alerts.

Google MapsGoogle Maps
ESRI (certified Chetu partner)ESRI (certified Chetu partner)
Apple MapsApple Maps

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Chetu’s Dispatch Software Services

We tailor our custom dispatch solutions to your business needs and seamlessly integrate them with your existing workflows to reduce unnecessary friction. Our expert dispatch assistance with our 24/7 logistics system assistance ensures that any issue is addressed promptly and swiftly.

Expert Support to Ensure Smooth Operation of Your Dispatch Systems

Our specialist support team goes beyond just dispatch software. We offer continuous end-to-end fleet management services to ensure your operations run smoothly. Our comprehensive maintenance solutions for dispatch platforms include proactive maintenance, regular check-ups, and swift issue resolution to keep your dispatch system running at peak performance.

Real-Time Monitoring and Prompt Bug Fixes for Enhanced Performance

Our IT dispatch service provides real-time monitoring and helps identify and address potential issues before they disrupt your workflow. Experience industry-leading response times with our tech support dispatching service. Our dispatch software troubleshooting ensures minimal downtime for your field technicians.

Reliable Technical Assistance for your Fleet Management Needs

Secure comprehensive fleet management support, including vehicle maintenance scheduling, driver management, and fuel cost optimization. Our custom fleet solutions address your specific challenges and maximize the efficiency of your mobile workforce. We offer prompt and effective fleet system problem resolutions, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Seamless Integration and Migration Services for Your Dispatch System

Chetu’s reliable technical support for seamless integration ensures all systems work harmoniously. We fine-tune our custom dispatch software development to match your workflow, and we offer mobile dispatch app support to maximize your mobile workforce. Secure opportune logistics software with ongoing support services for your dispatch software.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dispatch Management Software

Transportation Management Systems monitor the flow and operations processes within logistics. An enhanced TMS augments logistics personnel by enabling them to efficiently manage all transportation modes and elevate customer service.

Computer Aided Dispatch resources can seamlessly integrate within a call center, a vehicle communication device, and handheld radios. This gives end-users versatile options to ensure no breakdown within the communication chain with its accurate transmission of information and data.

By streamlining dispatch processes with seamless access to data within a centralized platform, automated dispatch software boosts efficiency, reduces expenses, and mitigates delays in response time.

Tasks and assignments can be automatically scheduled based on real time events and personnel availability. Automating time-consuming tasks, such as scheduling enables error-free duty assignments and maximizes personnel efficiency.

A modernized TMS creates more end-to-end visibility during the supply chain process, ensuring enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and mitigation of communication breakdowns that negatively impact operations. Automating processes and providing end-users with data-driven decisions makes a customized TMS a vital part of logistics operations.

Companies seeking to reduce time to market, automate processes, access actionable insights, and promote efficiency should invest in software support for trucking logistics.


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