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Energy derived from nuclear reactions generated in power plants produces nuclear power for citizens across the world. Power plants are a part of industrial sites that include civil, building, transmission and power generation infrastructure. If your business has nuclear facility interests (design, construction, operation management, etc.), Chetu has top quality, custom nuclear software solutions for you.

Nuclear Power Plant Software

Nuclear Power Plant Design Software

Our expert developers at Chetu create custom nuclear power plant software that includes site planning, nuclear equipment design, operations management, and analysis. We develop energy software for asset management, spent fuel analysis and safety management. Our nuclear software solutions simplify plant operations from online core monitoring to real-time training simulation.

Nuclear Site Planning Software

Nuclear Site Planning Software

We create site planning software for nuclear sites. Our developers program tools for terrain assessment, satellite imaging and real-time area data. We produce nuclear power plant 3D models, visualizations and materials and procurement projections. In addition, we develop modules for licensing and legal requirements, tracking, operation simulations and more.

Power Plant Design Software

Power Plant Design Software

We engineer power plant design software with multiple facets. We program Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, piping and structural modeling and electrical systems modeling. We create models for conditions forecasting and testing, rule-driven design guidelines, compliance tracking and more. Our nuclear software solutions for plant design include 3D interface analysis and instrumentation systems.

Nuclear Quality Management System

Nuclear Quality Management System

Safety is always a top concern with nuclear power plants. Our expert developers program nuclear safety and quality management software, including features for Instrumentation & Control (I&C) systems and real-time sensors data logging. We develop software applications for automated corrective actions, configurable alerts systems and much more.

Power Plant Asset Management Software

Power Plant Asset Management Software

We program power plant asset management software that monitors and optimizes usage of all equipment, plant infrastructure and tracks maintenance costs. It prevents and predicts asset failures, improves labor productivity and monitors human capital assets. We engineer Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) software for computerized equipment operations such as integrated user interfaces, real-time data dashboards and reactivity management tools.

Knowledge Management Systems

Knowledge Management Systems

We develop knowledge management systems for nuclear engineers to remain well-informed and trained. We program systems to include centralized repositories, searchable databases and advanced search and filters. We develop content publishing tools, user portals and role-based access controls. We implement security and encryptions programming, integrated analytics and more tools.

Nuclear Analysis Software

Nuclear Analysis Software

Our developers make in-core fuel performance software with features such as production-level run times and full plant transient analysis. We program 2D/3D lattice physics code capable of analyzing fuel in conventional and advanced reactor designs. We program easy to use inputs, among other features.

Power Plant Optimization Software

Power Plant Optimization Software

We develop power plant optimization software, including custom operational workflows, process standards and project management tools. We program Key Performance Indicators (KPI) tracking, prescriptive and predictive analytics tools and more. We offer adaptable solutions for plants of different types and sizes and many more nuclear software solutions.

Optimizing Nuclear Power Plant Operations with AI

With nuclear power becoming a more prominent source of energy, safety and operational processes need to be optimized. With Chetu’s custom AI solutions, nuclear power plants can seamlessly improve their operations while keeping their systems safe.

AI for Radiation Monitoring and Detection

Real-time safety can be very difficult to maintain in nuclear power plants. However, our experts develop Artificial Intelligence-driven radiation monitoring systems that ensure secure operations. By employing neural networks and ML algorithms to identify anomalies quickly and using AI-based nuclear simulations and smart nuclear agents working in tandem, early detection and immediate response to any irregularity can be achieved.

Optimizing Power Generation with AI

AI has played a role in reactor optimization and has transfigured power generation in nuclear plants. Nuclear facilities can attain unsurpassable efficiency with advanced AI algorithms and neural networks. Our expert developers build AI nuclear assistants that constantly monitor and adapt reactor parameters, ultimately enhancing performance, mitigating energy wastage, and leading to a more sustainable and cost-effective nuclear plant.

Human-Machine Collaboration in Nuclear Plants

A crucial aspect of making nuclear power plants functional is human-machine collaboration. With AI nuclear assistants supporting operators when making involved and informed decisions, the aim is to ensure smoother and safer operations. This is achieved by the assistants providing operators with valuable insights from AI condition monitoring and AI anomaly detection. As a result, autonomous nuclear operations benefit from deep learning nuclear inspections and neural networks, improving plant safety and reliability.

Enhancing Safety with AI-Driven Risk Assessment

Conveniently, Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role in maintaining safety with risk assessment. Our AI software experts develop AI-driven risk assessment systems that leverage machine learning for nuclear monitoring to determine possible dangers. You’ll be able to identify and eliminate risks promptly thanks to real-time AI anomaly detection and AI monitoring.

AI-Driven Cybersecurity in Nuclear Power Plants

Cybersecurity is another facet of security that’s essential in bolstering. Chetu’s AI-driven cybersecurity solutions can deliver in-depth defense mechanisms against unauthorized access. Intelligent agents can consistently monitor systems, identifying and eliminating cyber threats efficiently. Collaboration with Chetu to incorporate this AI-driven cybersecurity can ensure the security and integrity of modern nuclear infrastructure.

AI-Based Predictive Maintenance

Accurately forecasting when maintenance is needed for equipment can be pretty taxing. However, with A-based predictive maintenance systems able to anticipate equipment issues thanks to constant real-time monitoring, you can beat issues before they occur! Autonomous nuclear operations can be a reality with the seamless integration of AI-enabled nuclear assistants, minimizing costs and downtime and improving overall plant reliability today!

We Ensure Compliance with DOE & NRC Standards

Chetu's energy and utilities software development experts ensure compliance with standards set by the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974, the Energy Policy Act of 2005, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Our Energy & Utilities Software Development Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions About Nuclear Power Plant Software

Nuclear power plant software’s main functions are managing critical functions like power distribution, reactor control, and data monitoring. As a result, this solution achieves a new level of safe and efficient operations while ensuring operators have control over complex processes.

Software can help you consistently monitor various parameters like pressure, temperature, system statuses, and radiation levels. Equipped with automatic shutdown protocols and fail-safe mechanisms, you can promptly respond to potential risks or anomalies – minimizing the likelihood of accidents in the process.

Software supports next-generation and small modular reactors with versatility and flexibility when drawing up reactor component configurations. Oftentimes, these reactors feature advanced systems for fuel optimization, safety, and the integration of various energy sources; software brings adaptability to these aspects.

Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged by nuclear software to improve efficiency and safety. This is done by AI algorithms analyzing large datasets, detecting anomalies in real-time, and executing the corresponding action to prevent issues.

Some examples of use cases for AI within nuclear plants are image analysis of security camera content and providing early warnings of unauthorized access or suspicious activities. Additionally, with Natural Language Processing, technical documents can be interpreted, making information retrieval significantly easier.

Machine Learning can be leveraged to uncover valuable insights drawn from reactor data. Analyzing historical data allows Machine Learning models to accurately ID patterns and predict trends, leading to improved operational efficiency and performance.

The types of data that are effective for nuclear plant AI are key metrics on the condition of the reactors, corresponding systems, and equipment conditions. Some of these include pressure levels, radiation levels, reactor temperatures, and the states of different systems and equipment.


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