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Electric Utility Software

Electric Software

We customize electricity management software solutions for generation, transmission, distribution, and retail entities. We provide Distribution Management Systems (DMS) for network monitoring and operations support.

Electric Operations
Management Solutions

Our developers customize automation and tools to manage switching states of the electric distribution network from the main supply points down to smart meters. Integrations with Outage management applications for fault location, isolation, and supply restoration.

Utilities Network
Information Management

Development of network information management, with interface services, connects and combines data from utility GIS, CIS, AMS, ERP, and other systems, creating a network connectivity which combines technical and financial information on assets, resources, and customers.

Electrical Estimating Software

Programming of electrical estimating software including materials / equipment databases, customizable assemblies, industry-specific quote calculators, dynamic takeoff, symbols recognition / custom symbols creation, and more.

Electric Performance Metrics Tools

We program custom algorithms for calculating electricity functions including load, voltage drops, fault currents / counts, runs, and more.

Electric Mobile App Software

Custom programming of mobile apps for electricians including field-service tools, document management, conversion tools, calculators / estimators, diagrams / drawing tools, reference guides, and other features.

Service Oriented Architectures

We program Event-driven Service Oriented Architectures (SOA 2.0) enabling real-time metering, usage management, automated response controls, and transparent billing tools.

Electrical CAD Software Services

Electrical CAD software development including 2D / 3D modeling, lighting / room design and tools for creating circuit, wiring, conduit, cables, process flow, distribution, dimensions, and other diagrams.

Electrical Simulation Programming

Electrical simulation software programming including features for situational conditions, predictive modeling, and automated suggestions to design / function flaws.

We Ensure Compliance with NEC & ANSI Standards

Chetu's energy and utilities software development experts ensure compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS), and other regulations.

Our Energy & Utilities Software Development Solutions
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Consult with our custom electric software developers now to see specific examples of our work and discuss how our development services will help you.

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