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Our Waste Management Software Development Services

  • Custom development of waste management and trash software solutions for collection, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal needs
  • We engineer waste management systems for residential, commercial, landfill, weigh station, transfer station, roll-off, recycling, and Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) industry segments
  • Development of containers tracking software including RFID, barcode, handheld scanners, smartphone apps, shipment manifest management, fee calculators, inventory management, and more
  • We develop tools for managing and monitoring sustainability initiatives, integrated waste management plans, and measuring progress towards “zero waste to landfill” goals
  • We program waste profile management tools including databases for waste descriptions, properties, disposal methods, hazard classes, waste codes, and more data
  • Custom waste management fleet and field services applications including in-truck GPS / messaging systems, synchronizations with back-office management, navigation controls, vehicle monitoring, equipment tracking, mobile apps, time / date stamping, and more features
  • Development of collection management applications include waste source locations tracking, fleet route planning, custom workflows programming, and more
  • Programming of weighbridge / scale management software including ticketing, customer / vehicle information, tare weight management, split load management, waste codes tracking, multi-site weighbridge systems, automated transactions, and more
  • Programming of landfill, recycling, and Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) management applications including inventory tracking, sorting schemas, automated workflows management, compliance tracking, and more features

We Ensure Compliance with EPA & RCRA Standards

Chetu's energy and utilities software development experts ensure compliance with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) laws.

Our Energy & Utilities Software Development Solutions

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Chetu is the premier provider of custom software development solutions for businesses worldwide. Consult our software solutions specialists now to discuss how our development services will help you overcome your software technology challenges.

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