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Waste Management Software Development

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Our software developers have a vast amount of knowledge and experience building custom software for the waste industry. They also optimize existing solutions through integrations, connecting all aspects of waste management.

Waste Tracking & Fleet Management

We develop custom Waste Tracking & Fleet Management Software with a leading-edge telematics platform for managing your fleet operations. Whether you require new software created from scratch or modifications to your existing system, Chetu has you covered.

Route Optimization

We optimize your fleet management system by incorporating industry-leading geofencing software to ensure that your fleet follows the most efficient routes.

Camera Integration

We seamlessly integrate your dashcam feeds with your custom fleet management system to stream real-time video footage via desktop or mobile applications.

Reduce Fuel Costs

We implement expense tracking modules so that you can monitor your fuel usage, unsafe driving behaviors, and idling trends to save you more on fuel costs.

Weighbridge Management Solutions

We develop highly advanced Weighbridge Management Solutions to automate your vehicle-weighing processes, offering clear & sophisticated data visualization, customized user controls of scale functions, and detailed records of each weighing transaction.

Data Transfer & Information Analysis

We connect your truck scale & indicator data to your data management systems, backed by an extensive service network, to effectively store your data in a single integrated platform.

Multi-Weight Capture

We implement a multi-weight module to capture accurate net weights for every product within a transaction and whenever products are removed from their load.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

We implement LPR software to automate interim weight collection processes by recording and storing weight information by the truck’s license plate number.

Waste Disposal Mobile Applications

We develop Waste Management Mobile Applications for waste collection, transportation, and disposal companies to access back-office functions, including work order management, fleet management, GPS & locations, signature capture, route planning, and more.

Asset Management Software

We develop Asset Management Solutions equipped with QR code inventory tracking modules to bring all of your asset data into a single, centralized asset management solution displayed on a comprehensive asset tracking dashboard.

Waste Compliance Software

We develop comprehensive Waste Compliance Software Solutions that simplify waste management operations with highly efficient waste storage time tracking, manifesting, and reporting to ensure full compliance with global waste management regulations.

Hazardous Waste Management

We develop Hazardous Waste and Chemical Disposal Management software that is fully compliant with regulatory standards under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Custom Waste Management Operating System

We develop Custom Waste Management Software Solutions that allow waste operations to access their billing & accounting systems, waste inventory management systems, and analytics using one integrated platform.

Waste Management Billing Platform

We integrate sophisticated Waste Management Billing Solutions for your entire operation, focusing on creating electronic billing platforms that support online payments, statements, bulk mail discounts, promotions, price configurations, and invoices.

General Accounting

We develop custom accounting dashboards where you can view all of your business finances in one centralized user interface, simplifying your bookkeeping, time tracking, inventory management, and payment processing.

Powerful Billing Options

We implement all types of billing options from standard to commercial billing, equipped with custom modules that enable label printing, coupon book integration, discounts & promotions, statements & invoices, and electronic billing & payments.

Quick Data Entry

We develop custom, user-friendly dashboards that enable quick and easy data entry using an excel-style spreadsheet model with automatic fill-in bar-coded billing, receipt capture capabilities, powerful reporting & analytics, and workflow automation.

Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Systems

We develop custom Waste-to-Energy Systems that focus on tracking, monitoring, and automating all phases of the waste-to-energy conversion process from sorting, transporting, and storing to mechanical, thermal, and biochemical conversions.

Waste Processing

Our custom Waste-to-Energy Solutions enable full visibility and control over your waste processing operations so you can effectively track the entire energy recovery process, including the following MSW waste processing methods for thermal energy:

Waste Inventory Management Solutions

We design Waste Inventory Management features within your back-office system to deliver extensive control and full visibility of your in-house or subcontractor recycling materials planning processes and waste logistics for hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Recycling Materials Management Solutions

We develop cutting-edge Recycling Materials Management Solutions to manage the intricate recycling process, reprocessing, and refurbishing recyclable materials, equipped with input & output monitoring capabilities for maximized visibility.

Landfill/Transfer-Station Management Solutions

We build Landfill/Transfer-Station Management Solutions to run your billing, ticketing, scale house, and yard management all in a centralized platform for easy outbound material recording & planning, enhanced reporting, and real-time inventory management.

Analysis & Monitoring Software Solutions

We create custom Analytics & Monitoring Software Solutions for your waste management enterprise, built with reporting, analytics, and intelligence tools to provide an in-depth insight into your waste management operations to grow profits.

Waste Management Software Integrations

We integrate third-party workforce management, routing optimization, billing & accounting, electronic ticketing, and other popular tools to drive engagement, enhance service delivery, and optimize waste management processes into one centralized system.

Waste Management API Integration

We integrate industry-leading waste management solutions for residential, commercial, and roll-off waste businesses to manage waste logistics, generate work orders, track workers/drivers, calculate truck weights, and so much more.

Waste Management API Integration

Routing Optimization Tools

We integrate popular geolocation APIs to help your fleet drivers utilize the most effective routes, as well as telematics solutions for real-time communication, dispatching, and asset tracking to improve operational efficiency.

Routing Optimization Tools

Billing & Accounting Software

We integrate smart billing and accounting tools into existing back-office systems, equipped with user-friendly dashboard capabilities, for full visibility and control over your waste hauling business expenses, invoices, statements, and e-payments.

Billing & Accounting Software

Scale Management & Landfill Software

We integrate landfill, transfer station, and MRF scale management software to facilitate company growth using streamlined ticket entry processes, intuitive search engines, and multi-dimensional code tables for superior reporting.

Scale Management & Landfill Software
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