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Water Management Software Solutions

Our developers build custom water management software to help you manage and meet all of your water and wastewater management needs. Track sampling activities, produce region-specific discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) and ensure continual compliance with all water and wastewater requirements.


Comprehensive Water Management Software Development

The water sector system is made up of drinking water, wastewater and storm water. These are systems that must be maintained in a technical, managerial and financial capacity. Chetu's software developers have the expertise to provide water management solutions for any issue, from utility billing to wastewater management.

Water Utility Management Software

We develop water management software solutions for operations including water lifecycle management, consumption trends and external conditions monitoring. Our developers program solutions for water balance and leak monitoring, energy efficiency management, big data analytics tools and much more.

Water Quality Monitoring

Our developers engineer water management solutions for water distribution. We create software for water quality and testing procedures, tools for samples management, pollutant identification and storm water modeling. We program tracking sources and treatment management plans. We can integrate a dashboard for water quality overview, alarms for changing water conditions, maintenance activities and more into existing software.

Water Utility Billing Software Services

We program water utility billing software for an unlimited number of customers, rate structures and pricing structures. We develop software for metered and non-metered water services. That includes account management, automated billing and invoicing, payment processing, mobile payments acceptance and more. We also develop modules for sewer, refuse and user-defined charges if necessary.

Water Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are extremely useful for water treatment and wastewater management. They make everything from the calculation of chemical dosages to the installation of correctly sized sewage pipes easier. At Chetu, we develop mobile applications with customer engagement platforms including custom interfaces, intuitive UI/UX controls and notifications and alerts. In addition, we program role-based access features, customized dashboards and educational tools.

Water Software Development

Chetu's programmers develop smart water software for network design, distribution infrastructure management and wastewater/sewage solutions that suit any water treatment plant. We develop smart metering applications, sensors and customer engagement applications. We integrate water software with third-party systems/applications and much more.

Water Network Design Software Services

We engineer network design software and distribution infrastructure planning tools that utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and mapping functions. In addition, we use hydraulic modeling, analysis and water simulation applications. Our software is able to determine the location and routing of transmission mains, pumping stations and storage facilities and it protects against risks and costs.

Water Meter Software Solutions

We program water management solutions for meter assets and the analyzation of water system consumption demand, which allows consumers to conserve. We develop meter software and Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors for data collection, analysis and advanced metering technologies AMR/AMI. We develop advanced metering analytics (AMA), operation monitoring tools and reporting functions.

Water Asset Management Software

The aim of water asset management is to achieve long-lasting sustainability and deliver reliable service in a cost-effective approach. Chetu's developers program asset management and maintenance tools. These include preventative and predictive maintenance software, equipment performance monitoring features, and automated corrective action tools for programming field service management applications.

Water and Wastewater Data & Compliance Management Software

Our water management software systems help you monitor and manage your water and wastewater data. We provide technology driven-data collection, automated data management and electronic reporting, to equip your clients with the tools to streamline their regulatory compliance practices and improve data integrity.

Our Water and Wastewater Data & Compliance Management solutions include:

  • DMR reporting tool
  • A sampling planner
  • A formula builder tool
  • Lab data transfer
  • Mobile data entry
  • Mapping tools
  • Chain-of-custody labels and forms
  • Automated data verification
  • Meet and exceed compliance requirements worldwide
  • Mitigate regulatory risks and achieve stakeholders engagement
  • Centralize water and wastewater permits, monitoring and reporting
  • Automated alerts
  • SCADA integration
  • Sample scheduling
  • Data consolidation
  • Permit management
  • Schedule sample-related activities and ensure chain of custody
  • Increase visibility and identify areas for improvement
  • Generate Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) with ease
  • Implement Corporate-wide Workflow
  • Violations and enforcement tracking and compliance
  • Regulatory and ad hoc reporting tools
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