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AutoCAD Drafting & Design Services

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AutoCAD Services for Utmost Accuracy

Our experienced software development technicians provide AutoCAD software services including 2D and 3D drafting of commercial and residential projects, AutoCAD customization, and more. We create and transform existing drawings, blueprints, plans and PDF files into a cleaner, accurate and full layered CAD format file (dwg., dws., dwt., dxf.).

At Chetu, we have certified, top-tier drafting CAD software technicians available on-demand to assist with any specific project requirements and deadlines. We have extensive experience drafting all drawings and document types including:

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CAD Drawing Solutions

Using AutoCAD's latest technology our software developers create, convert and inspect accurate 2D and 3D CAD drawings that can be viewed across all Autodesk software including Revit, Civil 3D, and 3DSMax. We ensure that each of our drawings has the exact dimension, multi-side product layout, and project-specific notes, leaving no room for errors.

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3D Modeling in AutoCAD Architecture

Our specialized AutoCAD solutions include a full range of 3D modeling services CAD. We create real-time 3D walk-through models, to have a comprehensive understanding of your product floorplans, building layouts and more before construction begins allowing you to foresee any possible problems before they happen.

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AutoCAD Drafting Services architectural

Chetu provides a full range of CAD services including Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, and Civil Design. Our technicians develop your project ideas into product designs. We convert and transform all our designs into 3D models for efficient planning.

AI-Powered AutoCAD Solutions

Chetu develops AI-powered tools to transform your AutoCAD solutions, unlocking innovative design possibilities and changing how your designs are created, analyzed, and optimized.

AI-Driven Design
and Modeling

Our AI-powered Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and modeling software development services revolutionize the design process for numerous industries. Using machine learning (ML) algorithms, our software automates design optimization, sharpens real-time simulations, and offers intelligent suggestions for improved designs. Engineers and designers can work masterfully on complex projects with streamlined collaboration tools. Our AI-driven CAD software empowers users with extraordinary capabilities, faster workflows, and data-driven decision-making, resulting in highly efficient and accurate designs that meet the ever-evolving demands of the modern world.

Smart Automation CAD Analysis
and Simulation

Our experts engineer AI-powered CAD analysis and simulation software solutions by employing advanced ML algorithms to transform the design and engineering process. These technologies automate design optimization, fast-track simulations, and facilitate intelligent directives based on extensive datasets. Engineers can produce accurate and efficient designs with real-time feedback and error detection. AI algorithms predict failures, prompting predictive maintenance and maximizing product reliability. Collaborative workflows and intelligent recommendations modernize teamwork, increasing productivity. As a result, AI-powered CAD analysis and simulation services mobilize industries with cutting-edge tools for innovation, efficiency, and outstanding product performance.

AI for CAD Building
Information Modeling (BIM)

Our AI-powered CAD Building Information Modeling (BIM) software development services utilize Autodesk with Construction IQ to offer an unprecedented solution for the construction industry. Leveraging Autodesk's Revit, our solution streamlines the design process, improving collaboration among architects, engineers, and contractors. Construction IQ, powered by AI, analyzes construction data to identify risks, forecast issues, and improve project outcomes. By combining Revit's powerful BIM modeling capabilities with Construction IQ's AI-driven insights, our software solution arms construction professionals with the information they need to ensure a safer, more efficient project execution.

Intelligent CAD for Advanced

Our skilled developers integrate AI into Autodesk Fusion 360 to enhance CAD manufacturing as a powerful alternative to 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor. AI-driven features automate design optimization, provide real-time feedback, and support generative design for advanced solutions. Machine learning analyzes datasets, suggests improvements, and fosters informed decisions. AI-powered collaboration tools improve teamwork and error detection, aiding precision and efficiency. We program AI into Fusion 360 to provide a comprehensive CAD services, enabling users to optimize designs, bolster productivity, and innovate in engineering and product development.

AI-Automated for Effective
Data Management

We leverage the power of AI to optimize CAD data management by employing ML algorithms and NLP. These tools can analyze and categorize CAD files, simplifying the search and retrieval of specific designs. AI can recognize redundant or similar designs, streamlining data organization and reducing storage space. AI can determine future design requirements based on historical data, expediting proactive resource allocation. By automating tasks like version control and data validation, AI elevates collaboration among design teams, raises productivity, and ensures seamless management of CAD data throughout the product development lifecycle.

Modernized Collaborative

We integrate AI-driven AutoCAD software solutions like Autodesk's Fusion 360 to advance collaborative workflows by streamlining design processes and supporting seamless communication between teams. ML algorithm integration powers automated design optimization, error detection, and real-time simulation feedback. With AI-powered generative design and intuitive insights, engineers and designers can prospect ground-breaking solutions and make informed choices. In addition, the software's cloud-based platform facilitates real-time collaboration, empowering teams to work collectively and effectively to achieve optimal results through improved coordination and productivity.

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AutoCAD drafting services by Chetu Engineers

Project: Unity Building Walkthrough

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Blog: Autodesk Forge – From API to 3D

Autodesk has been making way in the construction and engineering world with new innovative technologies that allows everyone to get access to the data they need through tools, specifically through a new platform of its own called Forge. Autodesk Forge, a cloud-based software platform of Autodesk Forge API's, allows users to integrate products into workflows and Autodesk Forge applications. 

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Blog: BIM vs. CAD (Why BIM Proves to be The Future of Design)

Both Building Information Modelling (BIM) and CAD systems offer users an alternative to manual, pen and paper drafting, giving them the opportunity to render electronically. BIM, a comparatively newer technology, seems to solve all of the problems above and more. BIM encompasses the physical and intrinsic properties of a design so users can toggle between 2-D and 3-D projections, scaling out or zooming in where necessary.

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News: Chetu Becomes Autodesk Forge Certified

Over the course of a recent architectural design and engineering project, the need to have real-time communication between developers, designers, and Chetu clients became paramount. By tapping into the Forge Platform, the teams were able to communicate project updates, operational successes, and workflow analytics, in real-time. The 3D application used is currently live and can be demoed on their website. The collaboration on this project spawned the perfect opportunity to form an official partnership and Autodesk extended an invitation for Chetu to become an official Autodesk Forge Systems Integrator. As a certified systems integrator, Chetu now assists other companies in creating integrations using the Forge Platform. 

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