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Civil 3D Designer Services

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Civil 3D Customization & Support

We provide Civil 3D support, programming, customization, and integrations, to enhance your workflow efficiencies from design to production.

Civil Infrastructure DesignCivil Infrastructure Design

Civil Infrastructure Design

The Civil Infrastructure System will improve the decision making process and enhance project outcomes across your organization. Utilizing this tool your team can visualize, evaluate and design concepts within a real-world environment.

Data ManagementData Management

Civil 3D Extensions

Enhance your software productivity with Civil 3D Extensions. Chetu helps to choose the best from a variety of pre-built solutions to suit your business needs. We also custom develop applications tailored exclusively for your company.

GIS Integration and AutomationGIS Integration and Automation

Civil 3D & GIS Integration

Access Esri’s ArcGIS Online data directly from your Civil 3D design model. Expedite completion of repetitive tasks with design automation. Our experts connect two powerful solutions to bring location intelligence and design together.

Autodesk Suite CompatibleAutodesk Suite Compatible

Autodesk Suite Compatible

Autodesk creation and design suites provide advanced product and building design tools to enhance Civil 3D design. Our certified developers help you improve the site and building design coordination with shared coordinate systems.

Civil 3D Programming

Civil 3D® civil engineering design software enhances collaboration and workflow efficiencies from design to production.

Relative Lines Elevation

Sync feature lines from any surface, to update your project with changes made to the feature lines. Relative feature line update behavior is different depending on whether the feature line was set to be relative to a surface when it wasformed, or it was formed at absolute elevations and then set to be relative.

Dynamic Offset Profiles

Create dynamic offset profiles using a default cross slope. The geometry of the profile is matched with the cross-slope you choose. For cases with a strong cross-slope from the parent profile, the structure is repeated. By using the Offset Parameters, you can change the defaults and add slope transition regions.

Connected Alignments

Create dynamically linked alignments and profiles that transition between 2 intersecting alignments and their profiles. Alignments may be stand-alone objects, or parent elements of profiles, segments, and corridors. When you modify an alignment, the adjustments are replicated automatically in every relevant object.

Pipe Sizing and Analysis

Change pipes dimensions, reset alters, and gauge the Energy and hydraulic standard lines as per H EC-22 2009 requirements. You may choose three types of analyzes: Resize Pipes and Reset Inverts (the flow analysis), Compute Energy and Hydraulic Grade Lines (energy and HGL), and Inlet Analysis (the inlet capacity).

Plan and Profile Sheet Generation

Create a plan and profile sheets by including multiple plan or profile views on a single sheet. Autodesk Civil 3D plan production feature allows you to quickly generate construction documents from drawings. Using this tool, engineering technicians will improve project efficiency, and create successful workflows.

Label Property Set Data

Add custom data to Civil 3D object labels by using the property sets. Civil 3D property sets allow engineering technicians and designers to assign custom attribution to any object in a Civil 3D drawing. If you create a property set definition and choose to apply it to alignments, the style will include a property set tab.

Traverse Editor

Using the COGO insights and editing technology, generate points, lines and shapes illustrating traverse data and side slots. Create 2D traverses by entering data or selecting a polyline from the drawing. You can then send the data to the Traverse Adjustment dialog box after entering the data to add an adjustment process.

Corridor Overlap Resolution

Improve your design projects by utilizing the Autodesk Civil 3 D Corridor Overlap Resolution feature. Resolve corridor bowties in daylighting conditions. Bowties occur when the links in the corridor cross each other, creating an overlap. There are 2 ways to clean bowties at set width and variable with corridors.

Additional Civil 3D Design Features

Drafting and Documentation

  • Property Set Definition
  • Property Data to Corridor Solids
  • Construction Documentation
  • Visual Analysis Development

Visualization and Analysis

  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Storm and Sanitary Analysis Software
  • Analyze Gravity Networks
  • Model Analysis

Civil 3D Designer tools

  • Corridor Design
  • Grading
  • Point Clouds
  • Parcel Design
  • Extract Corridor Feature Line Workflow
  • Surface Creation from Point Cloud Data
  • Gravity Pipe Networks


  • Corridor Data Shortcut (DREF)
  • Civil 3D with Revit
  • Cache DREF Surface
  • 3Ds Max Interoperability
  • Streamlined Reference Creation
  • IFC Import and Export
  • Civil 3D with Navisworks

Development Solutions for Civil 3D.

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