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Comprehensive BIM Modeling Services

Our BIM modeling services are backed by Architecture Structural Engineering and Construction AEC experts. We facilitate the BIM coordination processes, standardized quality workflows, and simplified design and construction review.

BIM Data Services

Chetu provides custom Building Information Modeling (BIM) system solutions, including the development of powerful rendering engines, 360° VR/AR experiences, rich attribute libraries, intelligent data parameters, and automated workflows. We provide solutions for 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and CAD Software applications.

BIM Coordination Solutions

Our BIM (Building Information Modeling) coordination software solutions include custom configurations of clash detection protocols, which prevent design conflicts due to physical overlaps, building materials, building codes, and workflows. We also program Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) and audit trail databases to further ensure data integrity.

BIM Facility Management

By integrating BIM facility management software with Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and CAFM programs, building managers and stakeholders can maintain a database of licenses and certificates, accounting information, vendor contacts, maintenance histories, and operational manuals.

BIM Integration Solutions

We integrate BIM applications with project management systems and other AEC software construction used for cost estimation/takeoff, bid management, and ERP. Our third-party BIM integrations cover Unity, Autodesk Revit, Rhino, and other popular BIM platforms and services for construction industry.

4D Scheduling

We bring together a 4D model and add the time factor of the construction schedule to the 4D model. We directly link each activity of a Gantt chart (generated in project management software such as Primavera or Microsoft Project) to the BIM construction.

5D Cost Estimation

We bring cost into the virtual building life cycle creating a 5D cost estimation architectural design. We automatically generate construction cost estimation of material quantities from data generated within the bim models.

6D BIM Energy Efficiency

We utilize 6D building information modeling Software to analyze the energy consumption of a building and provide energy estimates at initial design stages. We Account for various life stages of a structural engineers, ensuring accurate prediction of energy consumption requirements.

7D Facility Management

We facilitate operations and facility construction management by building managers and owners with 7D BIM Models. We allow for the tracking of important asset data such as maintenance/operation manuals, warranty information, technical specifications, etc. to be used at a future stage.

LOD 100 - Computational Modeling

We provide conceptual models by defining parameters such as area, height, volume, location and orientation, using all information from real world.

LOD 200 - Quantity Management

We model elements with approximate quantities, size, shape, location and orientation. We also attach non- geometric information to the bim model elements.

LOD 300 - Specific Assemblies

We provide accurate modeling and shop drawings where elements are defined with specific assemblies, precise quantity, size, shape, location and orientation.

LOD 350 - Model Details

We use LOD 350 to show model details that represent how building elements interface with various systems and other building elements with graphics and written definitions in real time.

LOD 400 - Fabrication Modeling

We graphically represent elements within the model as a specific system, object or assembly by size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation with detailing, fabrication, assembly, and installation information.

LOD 500 - Maintenance and Operations

We mold elements as constructed assemblies for Maintenance and operations. In addition to actual and accurate in size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation, non-geometric information is attached to modeled elements.

Cloud Based BIM Modeling Solutions

Custom BIM Energy Analysis Software

We add energy management functionality to BIM software systems so architects and engineers can optimize fuel usage, natural light saturation, urban planning considerations, and solar panel plans. Our other energy solutions include landscape carbon emission algorithms and interactive temperature control models projects.

GIS and BIM Integration

Our developers integrate BIM applications process with proprietary and open-source Geographical Information Systems (GIS), ensuring data interoperability by facilitating the use of BIM files as comprehensive GIS features or converting individual BIM objects to GIS and IFC/ifcXML file formats.

BIM Modeling Services

Our Autodesk BIM solutions enhance MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) designs, fabrications, estimations and installation, which streamlines projects, and increases project collaboration and productivity.

Cloud-based BIM Services

Our experts provide cloud-based BIM services that allow project team members to connect and share the latest project data and models to contractors from anywhere in the world. This enables stakeholder to remotely oversee scheduling and coordination, and streamline workflows.


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