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Construction Equipment Maintenance Software


Construction Equipment Maintenance Software for Heavy Construction

You can quickly and effectively be on top of your heavy equipment with our construction equipment software development that will enable you to perform scheduling tracking, report tools for equipment and facilities management, and maximize your operations in your business to their fullest potential.


CMMS Software

We build state-of-the-art constructions management maintenance software (CMMS) to help ensure your maintenance work is completed efficiently, accurately, and adheres to regulations to maintain your organization’s safety and compliance. This powerful software enables you to easily manage work orders using automated alerts and integrated communications to increase productivity. A custom CMMS software will streamline operations with intuitive interfaces that are easy to implement and use resources.

Tracking and Management System

Our developers can create the best software to you manage heavy equipment construction easily. Software solutions for fleet maintenance, tool, and management data system for equipment and include modules for requisitioning assets, scheduling distribution and transportation, real-time tracking and parts inventory, analyzing telematics, and equipment maintenance management software. In addition, organize your work orders to track and schedule tasks easy, effectively and minimize costs & downtime for a more productive outcome.

Construction Equipment Management Software
Construction Job Cost Accounting Software

Equipment Tracking Software

We build centralized management platforms for track and trace equipment with GPS and IoT embedded software, and integrate third-party Geographic Information GIS application to develop custom mapping interfaces for locating all equipment in real-time, planning travel routes, and reviewing fleet telematics. Keep your equipment connected to prevent theft, streamline inventory management, and ensure equipment is utilized effectively with equipment tracking software.

Maintenance Scheduling System

We develop custom program for equipment maintenance software that includes traceable service archives and maintenance schedules for all tools, equipment, and vehicles. Our automation data solutions cover the scheduling of upkeep/repairs, regular maintenance, inventory management, preventive maintenance service dates, payment processing, and downtime/rescheduling planning. A tailored construction equipment management software is a specialized software designed to help constructions companies and contractors manage and maintain their equipment. This type of software helps to keep track of equipment usage, repair and maintenance schedules, and service records. System minimizes reactive work orders and repairs.

Construction Equipment Maintenance Software
Construction Tool Tracking Software

Work Orders Tool Tracking

Our experts develop tool-tracking software and cross-platform mobile app to streamline workflows for the on-site or off-site requisitioning, distributing, maintaining, and recollecting construction tools. Tools managers can assign tools to individual workers, work order management, organize reusable master lists, and schedule maintenance/devaluations.

Telematics Integration features

Our analytics dashboards track construction fleet telematics and generate reports of KPIs by OEM, contractor org, geographic location, project, or operator. Our custom Business Intelligence (BI) software aggregates telematics, including operational/idle time, team management, fuel efficiency, travel time, and time-to-work ratios with low costs.

Chetu Construction Telematics Solution
Asset Management Software Integration

IT Asset Management Integration

We integrate asset management tracking, equipment, and fleet management modules into project management platforms and contractor enterprise systems, and develop end-to-end construction management application with integrations for payroll, accounting, bid management, estimations and takeoffs, accounting, and more for team support and customer support.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software

Our expert developers can build a centralized platform for your mixed inventory of heavy equipment. Track assets and automate the maintenance process from end to end with streamlined operational workflows and data integrations. Learn of faults or diagnostic trouble codes in real-time from data provided by the vehicle’s ECU and transmitted via fleet GPS tracking devices. Gain insights into equipment reliability with easy and direct access to critical equipment data anytime, anywhere via an app on a mobile device. Field personnel can report damage, submit work orders, and log repairs directly from the field.

Preventative Maintenance Software

We develop preventative maintenance software so you can be proactive and avoid equipment downtime while extending the lifespan of every asset. Easily plan, complete, and optimize recurring work orders so that you can address potential issues before they take place and cause your equipment to fail. Manage all equipment information in one place, including maintenance and repair work, parts ordering and replacement cost history, and more. Robust reporting allows you to track all preventative maintenance tasks and provides valuable insights on key KPIs such as mean time between failures (MTBF), which measures equipment reliability and the projected amount of time between equipment faults.

Fleet Maintenance Software

We create an advanced maintenance module within this custom software solution that features a real-time dashboard that can be accessed from any mobile device. Labor allocations, parts inventories, and preventative maintenance can be tracked utilizing this multipurpose software. This software solution implements key features such as inspection checklists, fuel track assets, vehicle performance reports, warranty alerts, and document management.

Features and Solutions cloud based

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Frequently Asked Questions about Construction Equipment Software

Construction equipment maintenance software is a computer program designed to help construction companies manage and maintain their equipment more efficiently. It typically includes preventive maintenance scheduling, work order management, inventory tracking, and equipment history tracking.

The features you should look for in construction equipment maintenance software depend on your needs. Still, some key features include preventive maintenance scheduling, work order management, inventory tracking, equipment history tracking, mobile access, and reporting and analytics.

Yes, many construction equipment maintenance software solutions integrate with other software systems, such as accounting, project management, and ERP systems. This can help streamline data entry and improve overall business processes.

AI in construction maintenance refers to the application of artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, and data analytics to optimize and automate maintenance processes in the construction industry.

The benefits of using AI in construction equipment maintenance software include predictive maintenance, increased efficiency, improved safety, better decision-making, and reduced costs.

Construction equipment tracking involves using GPS technology to monitor construction equipment's location, usage, and status in real-time. This helps construction companies manage their equipment more efficiently and reduce the risk of theft or loss.


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