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We’ve Got Experienced Stock Market Software Developers

We develop high-quality capital market & stock market software from scratch, or integrate custom features within existing systems to drive growth and innovation for capital market firms, exchange & wealth managers, asset managers, investment agencies, brokerages, and other financial institutions..

Stock Trading Software & Algorithms

We engineer powerful algorithmic trading tools to provide the power, precision, and speed to receive, organize, and react to market information as it presents itself. We develop our stock trading algorithms and replication mechanisms using VWAP, TWAP, pairs trading, and basket orders algorithmic strategies.

Stock Trading Platforms

We integrate industry-leading proprietary platforms that allow real-time transaction processing, trading, market monitoring, and more. We leverage our financial industry experience to build custom P2P trading platforms, as well as crowdfunding, single-dealer, multi-market, and enterprise-wide platforms.

Custom Dashboards & Reports

We engineer custom stock market dashboarding and reporting modules to display real-time streaming updates in share pricing, forex market data, and currency exchange rate reports. These dashboards provide easy access to a current market overview, predefined alerts & notifications, data panels, watchlists, and your entire stock portfolio.

AI & Machine Learning

We use AI and machine learning technology solutions to help you obtain, filter, and process market data and execute automated actions using trading bots. These trading bots render auto trading support, implement recent algorithms for forecasting, and automate different strategies like order placing and position closing.

Stock Market Software Development

We have vast experience in developing software for the trading and crypto markets. We engineer custom software solutions for capital market innovators & stock traders to engage the effectiveness of the trade’s lifecycle across all technological initiatives with respect to financial service firms and institutions.

Trading Security Software Development

We implement trading security software to automate bot protection, protect data, prevent bot threats, and improve site performance. Our custom trading security software incorporates AI and machine learning technologies that analyze data on an algorithm to protect websites, mobile apps, and APIs from security threats.

Stock Market Ticker Integrations

We integrate customizable real-time stock market ticker plugins and widgets from third-party stock ticker catalogs, like Macroaxis, to your existing website, application, investment portal, or financial forum to showcase a ticker display of stock market prices, currencies and commodities, and market indices.

Trading Mobile App Development

We develop stock trading mobile apps to help traders stay connected and respond promptly to the latest developments in current market events. Our robust mobile trading apps allow traders to manage their activities, gain fast access to financial accounts, and keep abreast of market changes quickly.

Personal Finance Management

We pull data from industry-leading data providers, like AlphaVantage, Xignite, or, to integrate into your existing Stock Market Software in a structured, predictable, and unified format. By pulling and integrating data from these stock market data providers, you’ll be able to search for signals to trade on and make accurate stock price predictions faster. 

These APIs have multiple endpoints that provide essential data, including:

Custom Capital Markets Software Solutions

We customize existing capital markets and trading system solutions by adding features, modules, and functionalities that focus on managing equities, derivatives, fixed income, liquidity management, OMS/EMSs, online trading & brokerage portals, currency exchange, and so much more.

Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Our developers leverage and integrate third-party trader APIs to engineer custom algorithmic trading solutions. Designed to help trading firms and investment bankers make trades based on fluctuating price quotes and market data feeds, our custom algorithmic trading solutions are the ideal way to enhance your existing trading workflows.

Cryptocurrency Solutions

Our cryptocurrency software developers create custom cryptocurrency exchange solutions that are GDPR-compliant with advanced security protocols, including 2FA, DDoS, and X-XSS, facilitating bitcoin transactions, security tokens, derivatives, P2P exchanges, centralized & decentralized exchanges, crypto wallets & coins, and more.

Investment, Risk, & Equity

We engineer custom trading system solutions for those who trade stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, currencies, and other equities. We incorporate investment management, risk management, and equities management modules within your existing trading platform to help investors manage and monitor accounts and place trades.

Stock Market Analytical Solutions

We deliver custom analytical solutions that empower traders to follow all of the processes within their trading platforms. We provide trading charting software development for increased visualization and technical analysis software development to assist in capital planning, risk management, and accurate forecasting.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Capital & Stock Market Software

Chetu’s Artificial Intelligence experts leverage this powerful, modern resource to enhance capital market software to enable end-users to access robust, customized solutions to enable data-driven decisions to further assist with successfully navigating the complexities of financial markets and investment strategies.

Enhancing Market Intelligence Through AI

Artificial Intelligence transforms capital management software by enabling data-driven decisions by gathering, monitoring, and processing large volumes of data to help end-users navigate market complexities by facilitating comprehensive insights to implement new investment strategies. Coupled with Chetu’s development and deployment of predictive modeling, our specialists work to offer end-users unique insights to protect assets and grow revenue, mitigating risks within volatile market conditions.

Navigating High-Frequency Trading with Advanced AI Algorithms

High-frequency trading always poses risks, but with Chetu’s customized AI algorithms, end-users can gain a unique insight into market conditions and successfully execute high-volume trades to capitalize on fluctuating market conditions in real time. Explore opportunities in a moment, implement aggressive trade strategies, and grow revenue utilizing Chetu’s customized algorithms, which are driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Sentiment Analysis in Capital Markets

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an invaluable tool that Chetu’s software specialists leverage to accurately identify sentiment and tone within contextual data to enable unprecedented insight into critical information disseminated to investors. Our NLP experts augment investors and traders to anticipate market conditions to help facilitate accurate decisions to preserve and grow capital.

Risk Management in Capital Markets: Leveraging AI for Stability

Financial markets can be volatile, but Chetu leverages Artificial Intelligence to promote data-driven decisions and deploys predictive analytics customized to forecast future outcomes of investment products, mitigating risks involved with executing purchases of new products. Our customized risk management programs promote data-driven decisions to assist end-users in making informed decisions designed to protect assets and grow revenue.

Portfolio Optimization Strategies using Artificial Intelligence

Diversification is one of the key hallmarks of creating a successful portfolio. Chetu’s Artificial Intelligence specialists leverage this modern resource to study and forecast market conditions, create individualized investment strategies, and identify patterns in investment products to design customized portfolio optimization plans for end-users. Let Chetu’s AI specialists collaborate to design, program, and deploy portfolio optimization strategies, and start building your portfolio today!

AI-Powered Financial Forecasting Models

Empower financial forecasting with the latest in cutting-edge AI-powered tools. We build predictive models fueled by AI techniques, analyzing market trends, historical data, and economic indicators. Investors will benefit from leveraging more accurate predictions which enable informed data-driven decision making in the dynamic landscape of financial markets.

Support Services for Capital & Stock Market Software

Chetu provides clients with comprehensive support services for capital & stock market software. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled software support to optimize capital market software performance.

Back-Office Integration Services for Trading Platforms

Chetu’s integration experts seamlessly integrate customized solutions to help clients utilize the newest resources to elevate the performance of trading platforms. With no costly workflow interruption, our integration team incorporates cutting-edge programs designed to optimize your platform’s performance and with continuous monitoring, Chetu ensures optimum functionality.

FIX Protocol Implementation Support

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) is the universal standard for investment banks and brokers to determine price and trade information. Chetu’s financial software experts provide 24/7 support and guidance to ensure all resources designed to implement FIX are current and compliant, providing banks and brokers with real-time critical data for executing timely trades and sales.

Blockchain Trading Software Assistance

Navigating blockchain technology can be daunting, but Chetu’s blockchain experts provide continuous support to clients seeking to use this resource. Our software specialists offer 24/7 technical support and work to ensure optimal functionality of all customized blockchain trading software resources, ensuring no system downtime or workflow interruption.

Compliance and Regulatory Software Guidance

Financial trading platforms and investment institutions are subjected to rigid regulatory protocols. Let Chetu’s compliance experts ensure all executed trades adhere to all regulations and your organization remains in compliance. Don’t allow your compliance certifications to lapse, avoid all penalties, and let Chetu monitor your operations and remain in compliance without losing focus on priorities critical to your daily routines.

Multi-Asset Trading Platform Support

Multi-asset trading platforms facilitate multiple financial actions within one convenient platform. Chetu designs and implements intuitive, multi-asset trading platforms to provide robust end-user experiences that streamline asset purchases. Our developers design user-friendly platforms customized to your parameters to provide expert troubleshooting and guidance to promote a seamless end-user experience with our robust, customized software solutions.

AI-Powered Trading Algorithms Support

Chetu leverages cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms to identify and study patterns, monitor historical investment performances, and forecast future outcomes to promote data-driven decisions to support end users. Our dedicated support services team provides continuous tech support to ensure all users successfully utilize this modern resource to assist their investment strategies best.

We Ensure Your Compliance with the SEC & Dodd-Frank

Chetu’s investment software development experts comply with regulatory standards, including specifications put forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Custom Capital Market & Stock Market Software Integrations

We integrate stock trading software with your existing capital market and stock market software platform to improve live trading, stock screening, backtesting & forecasting, technical analysis charting, and more.

Market Analysis

We integrate the best market prediction, forecasting, and backtesting software to provide traders with a unique advantage.

Market Analysis

Real-Time News Feeds

We integrate real-time news analysis and social trading software for traders to share and analyze their ideas on a centralized platform.

Real-Time News Feeds

Brokerage Trading Platforms

We integrate with third-party brokerage trading platform APIs to gather updated equities, options, futures, and FOREX trading data.

Brokerage Trading Platforms

Algorithmic Trading

We integrate sophisticated automated stock trading algorithms for forex and futures traders to monitor markets for certain conditions.

Algorithmic Trading

Our Financial Software Development Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions for Capital & Stock Market Software

Artificial Intelligence enables unprecedented insight into market performance and investment product risk analysis and forecasts future outcomes based on historical benchmarks. AI facilitates data-driven decisions to assist end-users in creating customized investment planning strategies.

Investing always carries inherent risk, but leveraging Artificial Intelligence automates tasks, provides error-free data analysis of products and strategies, and facilitates the creation of personalized, intuitive interfaces to guide end-users in real time by providing expert insight into market performance, even during times of market volatility.

Our financial software services team is well-versed in all compliance protocols, including FIX. Chetu’s dedicated support services team ensures all executed financial actions comply with FIX protocols. By guiding to ensure the investment strategies of all end-users adhere to required FIX protocols, Chetu elevates client relationships with unparalleled support services.

Chetu is committed to providing continuous support to troubleshoot capital market software and ensure all end-users have a robust, seamless experience with our custom software solutions.


Learn more about our Capital Market Software development services and drop us a line or give us a ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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