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Mortgage CRMs: Making Mortgage Campaign Marketing Easier

Written by Rajat Khattar Posted June 26, 2017 by Carolina

Rajat Khattar

All CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) have the same fundamental functions: automation, client data collection and analytics, and marketing. The functions that set them apart are those that cater to their unique purpose and industry. Mortgage CRMs are no different, with the software designed to help mortgage brokers run their front-end operations. The CRM enables lenders to keep detailed client data and maintain timely client follow up, as well as keeping proper contact and loan pipeline management to stay in control of their business.

Common Features of the Best Mortgage CRMs

Usually, the CRM for mortgage professionals includes applications for contact management. That allows them to organize their client information into one, easily accessible location. With it being specific to the mortgage industry, key features will include:

Regulation Compliance: Lenders can stay up-to-date on new regulations and compliances in the industry. There are integrated compliance modules available that will help keep businesses in line with rules and regulations put in place by organizations such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

Drip Campaign Marketing: Drip campaigns can be a big asset to mortgage companies. Coupled with campaign tracking, targeted messages can be sent to clients and referral partners, allowing brokers to know how to cultivate and nurture client loyalty.

Loan Management: With this mortgage CRM system integration, lenders can view loan reports at any time, as well as track loans as they go through the loan originating software (LOS) system. Data such as loan status values, and the Uniform Residential Loan application (Form 1003) are synchronized. Lenders can easily access contact information, communication history and loan information.

Virtual Secretary: Lenders are reminded of important upcoming dates, and are also given up-to-date industry information, such as changes in Upfront Mortgage Insurance Rates (UFMIP).

Things to Look for in Mortgage CRM Systems

Automation, marketing efforts and customer service are at the core of a mortgage CRM, but there are other things to consider when choosing the right mortgage broker CRM.

Mobile Functionality: The CRM should have mobile capabilities that will allow mortgage brokers to access it on the road. They will be able to respond to customer requests and questions anywhere, at any time. There should also be easy access to tasks, appointments andcustomer details.

Integration Capabilities: It is important to know if the mortgage CRM software is able to fully integrate with other systems. This includes existing LOS systems and legacy systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Integration can save the trouble of multiple set-ups and installation.

Social Media Component: The monitoring of online reviews and feedback function should be embedded in the social media tool of the mortgage CRM software. This will allow a company to be aware of what is being said about its service, and will also provide updates about the industry on social media networks.

Web-based Portal: Clients can post comments and make inquiries through a cloud-based system. They will also be able to fill out loan applications and retrieve forms without having toprint them.

Scalability: The software should be able to handle an increase of data and number of users, as well as added functions, as the business grows.

Why It's Important

As the mortgage industry continues to grow, it is finding mortgage CRM systems more crucial to its every day operations. It has made dealing with clients and the loan application simpler, as well as increasing the bottom line by automating daily marketing tasks.


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