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What You Need to Know about Mortgage CRM Software

By: Brandon Mitchell


Discover the software that can improve your customer contacts, ease transactions and help you close more deals.

A Mortgage CRM Can Change Your Business

You might be familiar with customer relationship management (CRM) software for businesses that involve heavy customer contact. You may not realize, however, that a solid CRM can transform your real estate business if you use it correctly.

To get these great benefits, start by choosing the right mortgage CRM software package.

What Is a Mortgage CRM?

You might think a mortgage CRM is just a collection of customer contacts. It does gather customer information into one location, but it's much more than that.

A mortgage CRM lets you track every step of the mortgage qualification process from a customer's first contact to the final settlement.

You also get data analysis and easy-to-use reports in simple, clear language that update at the touch of a button.

A CRM makes it easy to improve your customer service and customer relations by automating most time-consuming tasks. It works for a company of any size. Whether you're an independent mortgage lender or a broker with dozens of lenders, your company can benefit from a CRM package.

What Are the Benefits of a Mortgage CRM?

What Are the Benefits of a Mortgage CRM?

Here are some features of a typical mortgage CRM software package. Working together, these features produce a seamless way to organize and track customer information.

Scripts: When you or your representative call a customer, do you wonder what to say? With a CRM, you'll have scripts you can follow for every situation and every customer concern. These scripts save time and keep you from feeling at a loss when dealing with difficult customers. You can customize them to better suit your needs.

Follow up: A good CRM automates responses to every customer question, phone call or email. For instance, when a customer submits a mortgage application, that customer gets an automatic email response with a list of the next steps. If a customer wants to know the status of their application, the CRM provides a simple chat feature that can answer basic questions. There are dozens of jobs the CRM can automate for you. When you're not handling these time-consuming clerical tasks, you can handle other aspects of your business.

Tasks and to-do lists: Your CRM provides an easy-to-use guide that gives you a daily to-do list and a way to track your progress on key projects. You can see all this in a dashboard that updates automatically when you complete tasks.

Templates: Like the scripts, these templates allow you to quickly create emails, texts and social media posts to your customers and your team.

Integration: Most CRM software integrates well with your existing software. You and your team members can instantly check the status of every loan applicant, update spreadsheets, create mailing lists, set calendar reminders, and more.

Organization: It's a central address book for all your leads, customers, real estate agents, brokers, referral partners and other key contacts.

Reports: One of a CRM's key functions is producing reports. These detailed, reliable reports can tell you exactly where your marketing and outreach efforts are having the most impact, who your customers are, which trends they're interested in and more.

Dashboards: Instead of hunting down databases or reports, you can set up a dashboard that shows only the data you're interested in seeing. Every member of your team can have a personalized dashboard showing the different matrices and data they want to track.

Visual presentation: If you're tired of putting data into a spreadsheet or similar manual report, it's time to let your CRM do it. Your CRM software can enter data, create summaries and show you a graphic representation of your numbers. This is another time-consuming task a CRM can automate for you.

Proactive service: You can use your CRM to create custom, proactive outreach to every customer. When you pull up a customer's information, the CRM keeps track of that customer's chief concerns and interests. You can tailor how you approach every customer on your list.

Communications: Your CRM program allows you to improve your communications with customers, team members and referral partners. You can set up a mass texting list, mass email list or one-on-one texting.

Key Takeaways about Mortgage CRM Software

Key Takeaways about Mortgage CRM Software

The right mortgage CRM makes your business more efficient.

The Right Contact Management Software Is Key

When you choose a CRM package for your company, how do you know you're getting the right one?

The right CRM mortgage software should have the following characteristics.

1. Customization

You won't get much benefit from a CRM that isn't tailored to your business and your industry. The mortgage business has unique needs. Your CRM software should address those needs directly.

2. Easy for Your Employees to Get On Board

If a software package isn't easy to use, your employees will resist using it. That defeats the purpose of using an integrated, collaborative system. If you're the only person in your organization, you don't have time for extensive training. You need software that's intuitive and easy to use.

3. Cloud-Based for Easy Storage

A cloud-based platform can expand as your business grows and as more people use the CRM.

4. Flexibility

You need software that can adapt to changes. It must be flexible and agile in every situation. Will your CRM grow with you or hold you back? Will it offer an expansion of storage, functions and service in line with your business growth? Your CRM should fit your present and future needs.

5. Affordable Price

All this functionality should come at an affordable price. A good CRM software package will include regular updates, service and maintenance. Make sure your CRM includes the features you need at a reasonable price.

Get Started with a Mortgage CRM

A mortgage CRM is more than a way to organize your contacts. If you use all its functions, it can become a powerful partner in your marketing and customer relations efforts.

For more information, visit our Mortgages page.


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